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Thread: Otaku Theater Information and Guidelines

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    Otaku Theater Information and Guidelines

    Otaku Theater:

    Otaku Theater is Mangahelpers Anime, Asian Television and Cinema forum. Threads about individual shows or movies are welcome, as are related general discussion threads.

    • Rules: Prefix Used For Forum Guides.
    • Info: For Anime News Threads.
    • Hangout: For the Hangout Thread.
    • Anime: For Televised Anime or Original Video Animation.
    • Movie: For Any Anime Movies.
    • TV Drama: For Drama, Live Action Television Shows, or Movies.
    • Special: For Special Episodes or other One Offs
    • Discussion: For Any General Discussion Threads.

    • Only One Thread Per Title Please.
    • Please Make Thread Titles Clear and Easy To Read. Adding Anything Other than the Title of the Series or Movie Will Not Be Necessary.
    • Do Not Create Threads For Adaptions of Manga if They Have a Series Sub-Forum. Discussion of Any Adaptions is Permitted in the Sub-Forum of the Original Manga.
    • Please Do Not Exchange Anime Raws.
    • Completed Series Can be Found in the Retro Theater.

    Retro Theater:
    • Classic and Previously aired anime and drama can be found in the Retro Theater.
    • Threads are moved from the Otaku Theater to Retro Theater shortly after a series ends.
    • Discussion will remain open, fans can always come discuss favorites.
    • New threads may be started in Retro Theater. If a favorite series does not have a discussion thread anyone is welcome to start a new one!
    • Anime Preview Threads are moved to Retro Theater and prefixed Info after the season has begun.

    Some Useful Links:
    • Nyaa: BT tracker. Anything new is available. The first place to go to download new anime
    • Anime News Network: News, reviews, and articles. Also covers manga.
    • My Anime List: Catalog and rate what you're watching, watched, plan to watch, and dropped. Includes summaries and reviews. Also for manga.
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