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Thread: Bleach Playground Guide and Information

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    Bleach Playground Guide and Information

    Welcome to the Bleach Playground a forum to play games, relax, unwind, and have fun. Here are the discussions that can be found in the Bleach Playground:
    1. Game Threads: Word games and fun threads similar to the Fun Forum but with a Bleach theme.
    2. Favorites: Any discussion of favorites more expansive than allowed on the main board or La Biblioteca de Bleach. Favorite page, favorite art, favorite chapters, or anything similar.
    3. What-If: Any discussion that focuses on what might have changed if things happened differently.
    4. Design: Any verbal or graphical design related to the Bleach world. New Bleach characters, new abilities or new styles for new and existing characters, new places, or anything similar.
    5. Discussion: Any discussion that takes liberties with or expands on the Bleach world.

    • Games: For Bleach themed game threads.
    • Favorites: For lists and favorites topics.
    • What-If: For alternative scenarios.
    • Design: For new character, ability, environment designs etc.
    • Discussion: For threads which don't fit into any of the above.

    Due to the nature of the discussion in the Bleach Playground, posts will not count towards postcount.
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