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Thread: New generation, old battles

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    New generation, old battles

    With the new Ninja Storm game, generations, coming out I was imaganing what it would like if the newer generation engaged in the battles from before. For example, what if sage mode or even kyubi mode Naruto was in the battle with Haku on the bridge? Can't you imagine if he went all 6 tailed form on Haku? I just thought it would fun to talk about newer generation characters in the same situations as before.
    Some fun match ups would be new generation Sasuke vs. old generation Garaa
    New generation Hinata vs. old generation Neji
    or any of the chuunin exam match ups with newer generation peeps.

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    Re: New generation, old battles

    I'd like to see the new Naruto vs Orochimaru...

    that'd be fun

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