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Thread: Dota/ Dota 2 Beta

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    Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member joshua019's Avatar
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    Dota/ Dota 2 Beta

    Dota 2 Beta is out its been out since September last year...

    I have been playing dota 1 since 2005 I think it about time someone appreciate Icefrog's work and hire him to legitimise his own game. So that people from S2 stop ripping off his hard work and providing a mediocre game(HON) as a replacement.

    So please discus Dota hope you also like it as well as I do.

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    MangaHelper 九千以上だ! / Kyuusen Ijou Da! / It's Over 9000! Farfalla's Avatar
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    Re: Dota/ Dota 2 Beta

    Irk, dead thread D:

    I only checked Dota2 like 2 weeks ago, and haven't played Dota 1 for... I dunno, over 6 months xD
    And! Last week we finally got Spiritbreaker for Dota2! He's so awesome T.T
    I gotta say, overall, Dota2 skins are really good. New aditions to the game are cool as well (you being able to 'draw' on the mini map, 'voiced' senteces to let you know when you denied an unit, the new shop that helps you to buy itens, etc).

    I'm gonna miss the hero's names, though XD They used to be so funny...

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner Lexxie's Avatar
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    Re: Dota/ Dota 2 Beta

    Just started playing Dota2 recently...
    Though the new one is pretty cool, I think I still prefer the old interface.
    Somehow, effects seemed to be much more obvious in Dota1.
    Hope things will improve after I've gotten more used to the new design

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