Oooh, love this thread. It's so interesting reading what people like. Especially since, despite my normal dedication to pairings. I don't strongly root for a lot of pairings in TV show's, even though I always end up doing it in books and comics. Maybe it's my way of pouting about the times things didn't go my way so many times, and because shows I really get into have a nasty habit of getting cancelled.(Firefly, Farscape, etc)

Castle & Beckett from Castle
This is the only one that jumps to mind lately.

The only other ones I can recall are some of the older ones, which I can probably only remember due to a lingering sense of anger and betrayal.

Angel & Cordelia from Angel
I really liked this pairing and was not at all pleased with that way it ended. Pretty much the worst case scenario for a shipper. I'd describe what happened in a spoiler tag, but even after all this time, I don't think I have the heart.

John Crichton & Aeryn Sun from Farscape
One of the problems with liking Sci-Fi is when it takes a perfectly good pairing and throws a little bit too much "weirdness" at it. A situation where you get involved in a prolonged love triangle between your girlfriend and a exact duplicate of yourself should just never occur. Ever.


I feel like there should be more but apparently I have somehow erased the rest from my memory somehow, which is probably for the best.