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Thread: The Fantasy World

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    The Fantasy World

    It is getting bigger with the newest saga huh? Well, we saw almost every creature one can imagine when Griffith founded Falconia, in those chapters I mean, though the sea monster and mermaids are a filling to all of that, and surely Miura will keep this up in Elf island, not just elves but much more! We barely saw the Fantasy World in Berserk imo, it is by far the thing with the most potential after the dramatic effects of the Tragic eclipse and the religious effects of Conviction. Are we up for some awesome monster is what I am saying?

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    Re: The Fantasy World

    I think Miura's imagination is the limit to where the story goes. What about those last pages of Fantasia? Do those weird places the Godhand inhabit exist in the physical realm? If so, the story just got a whole lot more interesting.
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