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Thread: Liar Game Chapter 149 Discussion/150 Prediction

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    Re: Liar Game Chapter 149 Discussion/150 Prediction

    Bidding on discarded cards would only serve to funnel even more money into the hands of the Liar Game Officials as players without 5 cards would become more and more desperate to get back to 5 cards and would thus be likely to bid higher and higher amounts of money.

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    Re: Liar Game Chapter 149 Discussion/150 Prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by kkck View Post
    Well, there is something I find strange... isn't it kinda weird that akiyama and the girl could so easily type without being noticed? That kinda seems like something which can be pulled off solely because this is a manga. I really can't imagine no one noticing someone is working the tablet in a real life situation lol. The whole thing was brilliant however I still think it was somewhat poorly executed by the author considering it is plain stupid that people would so easily believe haritomo has magic rather than immediately keep their eyes on everyone around him.
    Well, the blind spot was the key to understanding that. Well I suppose even when Harimoto made the blind spot only Akiyama was smart enough not to get too distracted. Though as I said the stupidity of the players and their emotion amazes me, I mean they have not learned anything. Plus if someone more than Akiyama saw think of the chaos?

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