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Thread: Hitsugime no Chaika by SAKAKI Ichirou (author) and SAKAYAMA Shinta (artist)

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    Hitsugime no Chaika by SAKAKI Ichirou (author) and SAKAYAMA Shinta (artist)

    Hitsugime no Chaika
    By: SAKAKI Ichirou (author) and SAKAYAMA Shinta (artist)
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    Serialized In: Shounen Ace
    Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten

    The main character is Toru Acura whose daily life is filled with despair and laziness. A certain day, he is sent out by Akari to do something instead of being lazy. Toru walks around in a forest where he finds a girl with a coffin on her back being lost in the forest. He offers the girl a guidance to the city of Delsorant. On their way they are attacked by a monster, during the attack Toru and the girl fight together and both unfold their secret. This meeting between Toru Acura and Chaika Trabant will change the world...

    The art really reminds me Esuno Sakae's art because Toru looks like Eiji from Big Order. The story is really interesting because it is still shrouded by a lot mysteries. This is definitely an interesting read with some potential.
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    Re: [NEW]Hitsugime no Chaika by SAKAKI Ichirou (author) and SAKAYAMA Shinta (artist)

    It was okay, but nothing special...

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    The characters weren't overly interesting, the plot and setting weren't really unique or anything, and a lack of explanation of really anything in the early chapters didn't lend itself to a positive beginning.

    I mean, this isn't a manga that I see going places. It could, and I could turn out to be 100% wrong, but I just don't see it happening.

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