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Thread: What's your result?

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    Re: What's your result?

    This sounds interesting! Let's see...

    Best Friend: Satotz (i always love architecture... especially how to blow them up without getting caught)
    Rival: Lippo (he's just jealous because he's stuck on a high-end prison watching criminals unlike me who blows stuff outside)
    Interested in you: Gon (we're of the same age when i started reading manga back in 99. now, you're too young for me and i'm interested in Leorio and your dad... together :P)
    Your Target: Mike (what a cute puppy!)
    Targeting You: Todo (he's a good pillow)

    Nen ability: Specialist (interesting as based on an online test, i have great affinity for Enhancer - 100% - and Specialist - 98%)

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    Re: What's your result?

    Best friend : Beans (My best freind is myself T_T)
    Rival : Gittarackur
    Interested in You : Leroute (Oh yeah)
    Your target : Kurapika
    Targeting you : Menchi
    Result : Passed

    I think that chairman Netero helped me passing the test.
    Nen type : Emitter

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