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Thread: LEGEND OF ZELDA live action movie

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    LEGEND OF ZELDA live action movie

    hey i dont know if anyone as seen this movie yet and posted it but its hilarius basically its a two hour parody of zelda

    so heres a link the first couple of minutes are kinda slow but fifteen minutes into it, it starts to pick up with ganon playing halo2 and zelda pwns him

    it basically stars most of the zelda characters
    of course link who doesnt talk
    an incompetent gannon
    and a bipolar tinkle
    oh and kokiri army of one(no seriously its just one asian guy and a stick)
    and bunch of random ones like
    and yugi from yu-gi-oh and todd and of course bill gannon's right hand man
    so heres
    part1 gannon gets pwned at halo 2 by zelda and plays a life or death game of operation with the winner

    Part2 in this part gannon tries to put the moves on zelda in the hot tub also link begins to cloolect his tools to fight gannon but more importantlytheres a hot tub

    Part 3 with an epic battle between link and Yugi and that in the first thirteen minutes
    oh yeah and conclusion where zelda fights gannon...... ddd dd dd dduel

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    Re: LEGEND OF ZELDA live action movie

    I'm a big fan of Zelda games so I'll definitely check this out!


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    Re: LEGEND OF ZELDA live action movie

    I will definitely go check this out... when I have 2 free hours!

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