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Thread: Udon no Hito by est em

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    Udon no Hito by est em

    Udon no Hito
    By: est em
    Genre: Romance
    Serialized In: Feel Young
    Publisher: Shodensha

    An artist-in-training starts falling in love with the lady who serves udon at the cafeteria. But then she turns out to be his professor's ex wife?!

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    Re: [Josei] Udon no Hito by est em

    I just read the first four chapters of this today. I'll be looking forward to chapter 5.

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    I just finished this. I thought that as a half, it was just fine, but as a whole, I really ended up liking it a lot. I kind of wish it was longer though. Kino is a type of character that you could get a lot more out of. I really liked the semi awkward interactions between characters.

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