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Thread: Ten Tails Madara is the most powerful shinobi of all time in the Naruto universe.

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    Ten Tails Madara is the most powerful shinobi of all time in the Naruto universe.

    Hagoromo was said to be strong because he was able to seal the Ten Tails inside his own body, but it was with the help of his brother, and Madara was able to do the same alone and with ease. Also, Hagoromo and his brother had chakra in a time when no one else did, so obviously they were stronger than everyone, but not necessarily strong by modern shinobi standards. However, to be able to seal the Ten Tails, they were probably fairly strong, but then again, Madara did the same with ease.

    So it pretty much comes down to either Hashirama or Madara. During their lifetimes, Hashirama had more raw power, but Madara was craftier, smarter (Hashirama said so himself), not only in the way he used his abilities, but also because he was also to see far into the future and bring himself back to life, something that Hashirama could have never done.

    Also, when Madara came back to life, not only with Hashirama's power but also with the Ten Tails', he became infinitely more powerful than Hashirama. Hashirama said that Obito with the Ten Tails was stronger than him, so imagine Madara, who was pretty much on his level without it...

    My point is, Ten Tails Madara is pretty much as good as it can get in the Naruto universe. He has the strongest Sharingan, the strongest Rinnegan, the strongest Jinchuriki transformation, the strongest Fire release, a Wood Release that is on par with that of Hashirama, he is a taijutsu master, and he is extremely intelligent and highly knowledgeable of the shinobi world.

    Madara will still be defeated somehow because this is Shounen, but no single individual will ever surpass the level of power that Madara has attained in the present time.

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    Re: Ten Tails Madara is the most powerful shinobi of all time in the Naruto universe.

    Madara didn't fight the full power of the juubi. He was controlling the mazou since he awaken his rinnegan.

    So that's make your post as kinda out of place.

    Do you really think madara can defeat the juubi alone? I doubt that. Controlling and defeating are two different things.

    This manga is called naruto. So from the very beggining, naruto is destined to become the strongest ninja of all time. Madara maybe the strongest right now, but naruto will become more stronger than him. That's certainly a fact.
    No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all your POWER/STRENGTH is no more useful then a squirt gun. And if you cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at will?

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