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Thread: Dress Rosa and the Fall of Joker- Implications and Actions

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    Dress Rosa and the Fall of Joker- Implications and Actions

    Given the current state of affairs on Dress Rosa, now seems the best time to share my theory about what is possibly the beginning of the war that will engulf the whole world, as stated by Whitebeard during the MF arc.

    Do not deceive yourself, this arc is definitely the begging of a world changing event in one piece. Follow along with my(sometimes broken)view of how things have and will play out;

    For 2 years the world powers(shichibukai, Marines, Yonkou) have been idly standing on the sidelines building their forces, while the Worst Generation has continually made attempts to dethrone the stability in the world by over throwing one of the Yonkou(Kid's attacks on Big Mom being the most immediate example). The Shichibukai have replenished their forces and once again stand at 7 warriors strong, six that we know of(unmentioned 7th member) currently.

    There is a very subtle similarity in this building of power between the marines and (specifically) Kaidou, while Kaidou has depended on Joker to supply him with smiles to build his army of Artificial Zoan beast(500 strong), the marines too have depended on Vegapunk to build and produce Pacifista to bolster the ranks of the Marines(Akainu's speech to Colby about weak warriors who can not take orders comes to mind-Pacifista would seem to be an ideal choice for him).

    Almost a year ago(actual time), Law stated on PH that he had destroyed a Gear. I think too little of value was given to his words.

    The image of that metaphor is very powerful. Imagine how catastrophic a single gear failing in a clock would be. Immediately it would become apparent that what was once working (the clock/the way things have been in the world of op when it comes to power struggles) is no longer a viable option and that something new must fill the void(new gear/power/force).

    What happens when a clock stops working? simple. You go investigate why it stopped.
    (the underworld had a pay-per-view of the Alliance taking down CC and know-from cc's rants-that he is directly connected to DD and Kaidou)

    That is what we are seeing now, everyone is attempting to investigate what is going on, they all have something to loose if that gear really is broken.

    That is why we have seen CP0, Admiral, Yonkou(not the expected one), and the revolutionaries on this island. Not to mention the various other countries that have arrived on DR to investigate DD's underworld supplies and weapons distribution under the rouse of being there for participation in the coliseum event.

    Given that Joker is the head of the underworld transgressions, the vacuum created by his vacancy would be very similar to pulling out the bottom floor of a building-everything else will come crashing down.

    Big Mom-has made a move on Dress Rosa and is (to the best of our current knowledge) currently positioned off shore. Possibly she feels as if her revenge can be two fold, she knows Luffy has captured CC and possibly is attempting to make a move to eliminate both of them in one try.

    CP0-smartest bunch of dumb guys ever-sugars ability has most likely kept them in the dark, and it is not apparent how the WG will respond to Jokers past actions considering he was once a WN.

    Revolutionaries-lost many to sugar's ability in the past. Now have their second in command, Sabo, on the island to assess and act in the best interest of Dragon.

    Kaidou(??)-assumed he should be on the move to protect his supply of Smile, either to re-obtain CC or to kill Joker.

    WG/Marines-Knowing Kaidou's supply to ever increase his army has been interrupted, may make a move on him. also possible, Akainu's desire to kill Luffy may mean he has have the marines heading to Dress Rosa.

    In the end, it seems as if the domino effect has already begun.

    I know this is not a complete theory, but I do see the Chaos Law has created by destroying that gear, nothing will ever be the same.

    The most perplexing thing I can not understand is why is MOMO one of the 3 cards? CC makes SAD, the factory makes smile, MOMO ate a fruit created by Vegapunk...what puts his importance in line with those two cards? Is the distribution center for Smile in Wa no Kuni? if so how does MOMO matter?


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    Re: Dress Rosa and the Fall of Joker- Implications and Actions

    Well, the implications of what is going to happen after these arcs have been made somewhat clear since the punk hazzard events. Even back then, when vergo learned of law going to the sad room, he made the point that law intended to destabilize the new world. Overall I would argue the punk hazard and doflamingo arcs intent on having a similar purpose to the crocodile arc except with a much larger scale and the strawhats having a more active role. The strawhats triggered the past war from the indirectly and from the sidelines, this time oda intents on keeping them right in the middle of everything up until the actual next great war. Think about it.... Crocodile being defeated caused all the major powers to move, it made luffy into BB's target and it all connected to the duel in banaro island which actually triggered the war.

    The dressrosa arc takes everything to a much greater scale and it involves a much greater number of people. The amount of fire right next to the powder keg is asinine so to speak. Each and every development since the punk hazard events adds to the fire in a way which no one could ever really measure. Just trying to put everything in context is hard:

    - Doflamingo: He is perhaps the most influential man in the new world, more so that the yonko perhaps even if he does not have the power of one. He is extremely powerful, perhaps even able to fight on par with an admiral and easily able to beat the likes of law or sanji. His influence as joker extends far and wide. He is connected perhaps to every yonko, sells weapons to god knows how many sides of how many wars, he funded ceasar who has been making multiple weapons of mass destruction. He has contributed with 500 DFs to kaido and who knows who else. He is also the actual king of a nation, former tenryubito and seems to still maintain deep connections to them.

    - Kaido: A yonko who is about to loose his most trusted associate and weapons provider. His influence is obvious and the fact that he has been gathering weapons to the extent of his capacities make him perhaps the most immediately dangerous yonko.

    - Law: A shichibukai who is hellbent on destroying the balance of power and doflamingo. His very presence as shichibukai is something every pirate in the world considers before making a move. The same goes for doflamingo.

    - The colloseum fighters: Doflamingo was reckless enough to gather hundreds of powerful fighters and made every single one of them have a grudge against him. The sheer amount of military might he gathered is astounding as there are plenty of people there who would actually make decent potential level six prisoners at ID. Burgues, cavendish, chinjao.... They are people with actual power. Chinjao even got back his power from the fight with luffy, he is actually stronger than he was.Aside from them you have kings (a powerful one at that, his king punch seems to actually live up to the hype so far), military commanders.... Bounty hunters and other powerful warriors. The stakes at the tournament alone were entire nations and armies.

    -Whoever else was turned into a toy. Who knows how many powerful pirates, marines and important people were turned into toys. It will only add to the fire...

    -Sabo: Perhaps the single most important development. Sabo is the second in command of the revolutionary army. As a kid perhaps equal to ace and likely shared the same potential as him, meaning that when he first appeared he was at least as strong as ace would have been had he been alive. Sabo was a powerful martial artist and I would think he showed that he is indeed the strongest person in his colloseum fight. After proving he was the strongest there, he went on and freaking ate the fire fruit. So you have someone that could perhaps even be trouble for an admiral get a powerful logia added to his arsenal. This is a development incredible importance, it actually makes a significant difference in the balance of power in the world and adds a powerful asset to the RA. The marines are without a doubt going to react to this development and certainly the rest of the world will follow.

    The new world is already chaos and even one of this developments is already enough to trigger a war. The war that is coming is not just going to involve the marines, its going to involve everyone everywhere. All the yonko, the entire might of the marines, the RA.....

    Perhaps what we also have to consider is the fact that from this arc alone luffy has already become a powerful military force. Ussop saved everyone at the harbor, every toy in dressrosa. In other words the strawhats just made friends with multiple kings, powerful fighters and multiple armies and governments. The manga has not particularly made a point of it just yet however ussop's single act of bravery turned luffy into a legitimate military threat that every yonko, pirate and the world government should fear. This is not going to be immediately obvious to the world government perhaps but they are certainly going to find out about it and they are going to suffer every bit of it. We are talking about luffy being friends with powerful pirates, kings and armies. Chinjao even already attempted to put his army (and perhaps himself) at luffy's service.

    Its too much, no single arc has ever been so important and influential in the manga. This arc is setting the tone for the rest of the manga, it is this arc that breaks whatever balance the world had achieved in the past two years and it is this arc that will be the direct or indirect cause of every important manga event that is to follow.

    To boot there is more more, something has not been made obvious in the manga so far. Remember kid, appoo and hawkins? Their crews are powerful, the strength of their captains considerable and their deeds foul. And they are making an alliance to take out a yonko. Perhaps they are also going for kaido to boot (25% chance). Whatever they are doing will spectacularly clash with what luffy and law are doing which will add further chaos to what is already brewing. In a worst case scenario they target another yonko and to succeed which means you will have yet another party with world class influence wounded and hungry for power and weapons.

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