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Thread: Anyone Else Notice This About M-21 and M-24?

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    Question Anyone Else Notice This About M-21 and M-24?

    The Union's henchmen at the beginning of the story were M-21 and M-24... just like in Venture Bros. with the Monarch's henchmen 21 and 24 who are always hanging out together.

    In both stories, #24 dies

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    Re: Anyone else notice this about M-21 and M-24?

    Haha, that is hilarious! I can't believe I never noticed that until you mentioned it; despite me being a huge Venture Bros fan.

    I guess we'll know if Noblesse is really doing a nod to the Venture Bros if it's ever animated and Yontsu sounds like Dr. Girlfriend.

    Spoiler: For any who don't know what that sounds like... show
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    Re: Anyone else notice this about M-21 and M-24?

    Oh! How could I have realized this before, my mind has been blown.

    I've always thought they just picked "21" because of the Korean group 2ne1 lol
    It's a pretty far fetched theory but I had a good laugh about it.

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