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Thread: JR in da house, yo!

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    Registered User 初心者/ Shoshinsha / Beginner James Rye's Avatar
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    JR in da house, yo!

    Finally I made my debut here!

    Just kidding. James Rye's my name and I'm a huge Otaku/nerd/geek/whatever you wanna call me, as long as it is no insults.^^

    I have read my first manga with ten, Detective Conan, and it was also the first manga I brought with my money. I have now 500+ volumes in my room at home and I stopped only because I needed the money more for my studies than my mangas.

    My first anime was DBZ and damn was that a joy to watch. XD
    Compared to what kids are "allowed" to see today there is a difference between heaven and earth though. Glad I was born earlier than those kids.

    Well from there I started to read tons of mangas and watched tons of animes. Never kept track of those adn I'm kinda glad I didn't or my mom might get me therapy for all the hours I have spend daily readying mangas, comics, books, watch anime, cartoons, movies.^^;

    As kid my fav mangas were DC, OP, Naruto, School Rumble (Harima might be my fav male protagonist of ALL TIMES!!), Bleach, Gintama and a couple more who weren't big hits but still managed to get translated into german.
    After a couple more years, I got disappointed with Naruto and Bleach and stopped buying them. DC and co are still on my list once my studies are finished. I also brought the whole series of GTO, fun crazy shit that was. XD

    Btw I am the reason that my two little brothers became Otakus as well as I let them read my mangas or I have read it to them. They loved them and brought some mangas on their own.

    What I cannot wait for is that WT gets translated into german so that I can buy that stuff and start collecting it on my own.

    I hope to find lots of interesting and fun conversations here and that I won't step on too many toes with my opinion.

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    The Viennese Pixie 九千以上だ! / Kyuusen Ijou Da! / It's Over 9000! Josef K.'s Avatar
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    Re: JR in da house, yo!

    Hello James! Nice to meet you, I already see you are finding your way around the forums, nice to have you on board with your contributions.

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