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Thread: batltle royal......The Eleven Supernovas vs Shichibuka..

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    WSJ Pirate batltle royal......The Eleven Supernovas vs Shichibuka..


    Eustass Kid,Monkey D. Luffy, Basil HawkinsX Drake,Trafalgar Law

    Scratchmen Apoo,Killer,Jewelry Bonney,Capone, Bege Roronoa Zoro..


    Dracule Mihawk, Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartholomew Kuma,Boa Hancock

    Crocodile,Marshall D. Teach(blackbeard) Gekko Moriah.. and admiral
    Aokiji,Kizaru,Akainu, supporting shichibukai.

    Trafalgar Law is with the supernovas while jinbe support the supernovas.


    location: little garden..
    they can use any power so far that had showed im the manga..
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