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Thread: [Discussion] What is Soma's biggest challenge in Tootsuki?

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    [Discussion] What is Soma's biggest challenge in Tootsuki?

    For 2 years since the manga title has been published, I have found the series is more interesting. As the 2 year anniversary of the manga, I begin this thread about Soma Yukihira, the Yukihira Genius and our hero in this series, and his journey and rigors he had endured in the Tootsuki. Although you might though he is a tough cookie, but even he had to faced his troubles and failures for constant improvement. Before he entering the prestige academy, all he ever focus is to surpass his legendary father for the best cook in Restaurant Yukihira. However, his Tootsuki Culinary Academy has made him see a different view about cooking, right after his ambitious speech: rivals attempts to prove their superiority, impossible missions tends to weaken him, and even Shokugeki that once put his reputation at risk . Regardless the troubles and woes, the Yukihira Genius managed to take them all and survived them in every term .

    So hereby I asked everyone in this forum about the debate. In your opinion, which moment of Soma's challenge in the manga do you like so far? If that is one, do give us the reason why.
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