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Thread: Manga/Comic publishing platform

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    Manga/Comic publishing platform

    Hi Guys,
    My name is James and I am a web/mobile developer. I have some free time on my hands and I wanted to ask you guys something: What do you guys think about a digital publishing platform for amateur writers (well, anyone is welcome, not necessarily amateurs)? In other words, you guys write content and the platform will handle publishing to iPhone/iPad/Android/Web and the authors takes a cut from sales.

    Think of it as an app-store (like iTunes or Google Play) for Mangas, instead of apps. Anyone can create content and put it out there - I am sure you guys have tons of content lying around and imagine putting it out there...who knows? maybe it can gain traction?

    I would love to know this is something really needed in the amateur community and what are your general thoughts on it. Also, if anyone out there would like to help me out building it (from a non-technical perspective), please do let me know.


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    Re: Manga/Comic publishing platform

    This is a nice idea and for the longest time I thought of doing it, and I thought it could be a manga magazine ran through the Internet and it would be released weekly, with the series being bi weekly or monthly, so every week it would have different series. The idea was that the creators' schedules could be less chaotic than professional manga artists, and the readers would still get weekly content.

    Anyway, as it turns out, it's not the EXACT same thing as your idea and it's not the EXACT same thing as my idea but this HAS been done. (personally, compared to my idea, it is much less organized and much more community based, which is great)

    The site is

    You might want to make whatever you're making anyway, but be aware that most people involved in the community would already know mangamagazine, so the demand for your service might not be very high (and the community is already really really small anyway, so that's not good.)

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    Re: Manga/Comic publishing platform

    Oh, that's a really cool idea. I saw some ideas about a place for amateurs to publish their mangas in the internet, but adding mobiles to that is something new to me. Totally fit the times we're living. I would only recommend that you think about a way of selecting the materials, somehow. 'Cause some people might not have the consistency to be publishing something periodically (unless people will be offering short stories/one shots often).

    Deviant Art is also a great place to locate amateur/independent manga artist/writes, but, dude, blade, that community you showed is just awesome! xD Thanks for sharing.

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