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Thread: Magi Favorite Pairings!

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    Re: Magi Favorite Pairings!

    Shipping is going wild lol, and yes I don't think we'll get yaoi pairings lol. Nothing wrong with it but it's up to Ohtaka =p And I love that sig image lawlett. Only known image of Gyokuen looking badass and not deranged. Everyone getting Magi sigs and avatars and I'm sitting on an image I've had since Code Geass was still airing new...

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    Re: Magi Favorite Pairings!

    I follow the Manga “Magi – the Labyrinth of Magic“ a longer Time and i love it.

    My Favorite Pairs, they are can be come Canon or are Canon, are:

    1. AlibabaXMorgiana - Since the beginning of the manga, I found that they fit together perfectly and I love it to this day still, even though I must admit that is not really clearly their relationship at the moment. Because Morgiana, both as well as Alibaba must in my opinion yet to find out exactly what they feel for each other and get to know better, because then the pairing could work quite well. But the confession of love by Alibaba has somehow made me worry, because I had the feeling he was too driven to get a girlfriend (But well...Morgiana had asked him to give her some time to think, so if the sign is not is). I hope this will emerge in the course of time more Alimor. However, I don't think that Morgiana would ever come along with Hakuryuu, for the reason, because Hakuryuu has changed and also the love is somehow one-sided. The same as Alikou, I accept those who like this pair, but I feel as the Kougyoku and Alibaba really just good friends.

    2. SharrkanXYamuraiha - I can only agree with actually there. Sharrkan have really seems an eye on Yamuraiha and I hope that Yamuraiha the feelings of Sharrkan recognizes and can reciprocate. In general I'm a big fan of pairings, put this in the opposites. These two just need to come together.

    3. SolomonXSheba
    4. WahidXFalan
    5. HassanXZaynab

    So now I have some pairs open, but this I may indeed think that they could be reality never (or maybe?)

    1. JudalXKougyoku - I'm a big fan of this couple and think it's a shame that can't see any hints in the manga, except the Omakes I find this just too sweet and amusing. Maybe it is time to give any suggestion then, but I think probably it will look it up so that Kougyoku left alone or they might die ;___; She ends with Sinbad, as I have also so slow my doubts, for the reason, because Sinbad Kougyoku exploits.

    2. UgoXArba - I like this pairing and would not really exactly know why, but even if I really like this pairing, it will be very unlikely that there is reality to one that I think the Arba and Ugo for a romantic relationship is not the Typ are. Ugo is unfortunately extremely shy and Arba...I don't know what to think of such a crazy woman, as it is, it just speaks more to ensure that she is Gyokuen.

    3. OlbaXBirgit (one of his friends from the pirate crew) - Now this is explained somehow by itself why this pairing might not work, because Olba along with Toto. But nonetheless it could do with the case that the relationship could also go some way apart, because me personally, it has very surprised that Olba and Toto came together so quickly, even though they are (I guess) don't know really, I can be wrong lie, but somehow it seems to me all this very suspect and I don't quite know what to make of OlbaXToto. But is because I have always been drawn OlbaXBirgit in consideration, even if there are hardly any chances there.

    PS: sorry for my really bad English Dx

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    Re: Magi Favorite Pairings!

    I'm neutral with Toto x Olba, Hassan x Zaynab, Fahlan x Wahid, and as for the ones I ship... Here are they XD

    1. Solomon x Sheba : I just love them so much X"D they are my favorite pairing ever~
    2. Alibaba x Kougyoku : At first I liked AliMor but after some scenes involving Alibaba and Kougyoku and that Hakuryuu x Morgiana scenes, I began to prefer AliKou pairing instead XD
    3. Hakuryuu x Morgiana : I hope Morgiana will bring back Hakuryuu and then finally she will be an empress *slapped*
    4. Sharkan x Yamraiha : Come on, be true already~
    5. Kouen x Hakuei : Somehow I think they will make good couple... their chemistry is good XD

    I wonder where Ohtaka is going with Alibaba and Morgiana... Will they end up with each other or will my ships sail? Either way, I will still love all of them~
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    Re: Magi Favorite Pairings!

    Kouen/Hakuei (EnEi). The hottest and most mature couple in Magi IMO. One of their charms is that they used to be princess and retainer, and then their positions was swapped and their bond seems to have only gotten stronger. I loved that part in volume three where Hakuei was talking about her ideal world to Aladdin and how she was referring to Kouen:

    "A single ruler of righteous strength and heart can unite the world, and make it so no one will die."

    Hakuei also thinks Kouen will make an even better ruler than her father, which annoyed Hakuryuu.

    The following part is a copypasta of posts that I made on them on this forum and other ones:

    Beside AliMor, Kouen/Hakuei is the pairing that received the most endorsement from the author:

    Spoiler show

    A Magi chapter also emphasizes on Hakuei's ability to read Kouen's mind, to Aladdin's surprise:

    Spoiler show

    In the opinion of the EnEi shippers in Japan, the ability of a woman to read a man's mind like that is something only gained by a couple who have a strong connection who have been married for many years.

    We also got these official drawings by Ohtaka:

    Spoiler show

    Hakuei knits a stomach warmer with the En character, the second character in Kouen's name.


    Spoiler show

    This drawing emphasizes on the first meeting between Kouen and Hakuei.

    The Sadeik guidebook also had a section to expand on their relationship. It described Hakuei as one of the few people allowed into Kouen's private space, she knows what goes inside his head and sometimes there's a good air about them (いい雰囲気, I've seen this word used a lot to denote romance or intimacy between a couple). In Hakuryuu's character interview, there's a question on Kouen and how recently there's a good vibes between them (いい感じ), which quite angers Hakuryuu. The EnEi fans in Japan calls it 'the character guide development'.

    Here are the guidebook scans:

    Kouen's relations
    Hakuei's relations

    This is during the battle with the medium in the Japanese version of the manga. It wasn't as clear in the English scan, but Ohtaka made the panels where Kouen and Hakuei feared for the other's life similar, bolded kanji and exclamations. Also, this is the first time in the series Kouen showed such an expression:

    Spoiler show

    The next part is subjective:

    There have been theories among EnEi fans why Hakuei has yet to be married off to someone even though she's the first princess. Kouen's sisters got married off one by one, and even during the marriage talk with Alibaba Kouen gave Alibaba a choice between Kougyoku and Kourin and left Hakuei out. Some readers who don't care about romance in Magi questioned why Hakuei wasn't brought up even though she's single, and some Kougyoku fans got enraged that Kouen and Koumei are giving Hakuei special treatment. Some people also joked that Alibaba should've said "neither, gimme Hakuei!" And watch Kouen's reaction to it. It could all indicate that Kouen shelving Hakuei and intending to make her his empress at some point.

    Other pairings I like:

    Sharrkan/Yamraiha: it's one-sided at this point and I remember a death flag being raised for Yamu when it was stated that the borg she's casting is draining out her life or something. Hope she notices Sharrkan at some point.

    Drakon/Serendine (Sinbad manga): looking at who Drakon ended up marrying, it looks like this ship was sunken at some point before the start of the main manga. But still, I find their relationship beautiful. I hope Drakon gets to convey his feelings to her at some point and it turns out Serendine feels the same about him, even if they weren't meant to be together.

    Kouha/Jun-Jun: I came to like them thanks to this omake and this tegaki manga.

    Solomon/Sheba: to be honest, Solomon is my least favorite of the key characters introduced in Alma Toran, I even care for him less than Momo and the djinns. However, I mainly like it because I find Sheba's love and loyalty for him rather beautiful. The latest chapters brought a tear to my eye. I hope she hangs in there until the end.
    EnEi crazy fangirl<3

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    Re: Magi Favorite Pairings!

    Ah yes I was wondering about the lack of shipping talk in this forum
    Well anyway, my ships have changed multiple times throughout watching the anime (since I watched it first before reading the manga)
    So here's a sort of timeline of the pairings I shipped and stuff:

    During the dungeon arc, I was really big on alimor since it was either her or elizabeth...

    Then in the kouga clan arc I was shipping that leader guy (I think his name is dolge or something) and toya.

    So then I got a confidence boost in the shipping department!
    In the balbadd arc I shipped mor with both alibaba and masrur... And probably nothing else because I hated both kougyoku and judal at the time and I thought sinbad was already married and cheating on his wife xD

    In the sindria and zagan arcs, I could actually tolerate kougyoku and I attempted to ship her with hakuryuu, but it turns out he wants to start a civil war against her brother so I though yeah this won't work...
    And so the next best thing was kakoubun or whatever his name was!!!!
    I was also about to ship aladdin with yamu but then there was sharrkan, so yeah...
    When I watched this arc in the anime I started shipping alimor really hard, but when I read the manga I liked masrurxmor better especially when he saved her from those fodder dark djinn users.

    Oh, and I still hated judal! No ships for him in my book

    I paused a bit after watching season 1 and around this time I discovered how popular sinbadxjafar was, but I didn't like it at all because honestly I really don't see jafar as housewive like the shippers try and make him out to be.

    Anyway in the second season, I almost instantly started shipping alikou and hakumor, but then I quit hakumor after the head slicing and mom issues and forcefull kissing etc...
    During the world exploration and magic country arcs, I kinda started shipping kouenxhakuei, but Idk I feel like they have more important things to take care of in their country
    *cough*al thamen/rebellious fourth prince san *cough*
    Moving on, I really couldn't really decide between alikou and alimor
    So then I shipped koumor!!! No I'm just kidding, but I really want to see them actually interact sometime, they're my two favourite girls in magi.
    I also vowed to ship titusxmarga when she gets old enough.

    Well that's pretty much it for now

    As for alma toran, I had a few ships in mind at first namely arbaxugo but nah
    I was also under the impression that sheba was gyokuen throughout the arc so I couldn't properly ship her with solomon unfortunately

    Other small pairings that I like but are either not gonna happen or are barely relavent:


    ... Yeah ok I'm gonna stop here before things get out of hand
    And sorry for any misspelled names.

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