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Thread: ARINA NO TANE by Tanemura Arina

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    ARINA NO TANE by Tanemura Arina

    [Tanemura Arina] [2008] ARINA NO TANE (有菜の種) / Seed of Arina / Arinas Sammelsurium

    This is a special from the well known author of Fullmoon wo Sagashite &
    Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne among others.

    It's about the start of her: career, day to day live, likings, fears, friends,
    holidays & average chapter creation all in a cute slice of life manga
    about herself (in chibi form).
    It also includes chapters describing the creation of the
    intro music accompanied with a 4panelgag-like part.

    I really enjoyed reading it but became rather disappointed when
    looking online I found very little: MAL hasn't got a review and when
    searching with google and here i didn't find anything about it
    it's not even listed under her works on wikipedia I didn't
    find any chapters either so if it's OK i will upload a few pages
    I scanned and translated from my german volume besides that


    Password is: ARINA.rAr

    so far i got 9 pages the back/preview and the essay - contents page translated:
    Spoiler show

    the manga is about 180 pages total (350MB as PNG)
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    Re: ARINA NO TANE by Tanemura Arina

    Added a few translated pages to give you a better idea about the manga
    and discovered a few errors after uploading them fixed, well enjoy the art.

    update 2014-06-11:
    I'll do my best to upload the whole German Volume
    till 2014-06-26 quality will be 300dpi scans.
    I'll try my best to provide some translation as well.
    Real filehoster of course the link link provided for
    now is just a teaser so the images were downscaled
    by the website...
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