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Top Rated Manga

# Name Demographics Author Magazine Year Rating
1 The Breaker Sonyeon JEON Keuk-jin Young Champ 2007 4.7
2 Immortal Regis Sonyeon GA On-Bi Young Champ 2006 4.6
3 Nephilim John Sonyeon RYU Kum-Chel Super Champ 2007 4.6
4 Ping Sonyeon LEE Chong Kyu Young Champ 2007 4.5
5 Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Sonyeon YEO Beop-Ryong Comic Champ 1999 4.5
6 Ares Sonyeon RYU Kum-Chel Comic Bang 2001 4.4
7 Zero Sonyeon IM Dal Young x PARK Sung woo No Magazine Listed 2000 4.4
8 Monk! Sonyeon HONG Dong-Gi None: Tankouban Only 2007 4.4
9 Player Kill Sonyeon LEE Jong-Kyu Comic Champ 2001 4.3
10 Shin Gumiho Sonyeon HAN Hyun-Dong Super Champ 2002 4.3
11 Change Guy Sonyeon EUN Ho Son Comic Champ 1998 4.3
12 Shade: The Other Side of Light Sonyeon CATTY IQ Jump 2006 4.3

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