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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 575 (0 comments)
Battle 575: the kuremisago’s revolt\\
Inserted: miu’s mother, shizuha. What is her past?\\
side: the third level of ryuusui seikuuken has been activated before kajima used if fierce attack versus kenichi!! First disciple, his fighting spirit doesn’t disappear!!\\
kaji: the ultimate move of the sei, huh…\\
kaji: it is like you are manipulating all the ki in my body.\\
ken: I have gained control of how you will move next with my ki, and then integrated it within my flow…\\
ken: this is the third level of the ryuusui seikuuken!!\\
kaji: this is interesting!!\\
?: hey.\\ … hey.\\
shi: … since a while ago your master are fighting to the death…\\
shi and yet, aren’t you concerned... Read More " "
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Naruto 685 (0 comments)
Chapter 685: all of my…\\
kaka: it is really difficult to jump like that without any notice\\
kaka: but he did it perfectly!\\
sfx: para\\para\\
saku: even I… want to walk in front of the others!\\
inserted: obito and sakura have infiltrated into kaguya’s space…!!\\
saku: now that we have come to this\\
saku: we have to obtain greater results than naruto!\\
obi: I will find sasuke and bring him to you without fail\\
obi: naruto… and sakura I think\\
obi: touch my body… we must be ready to jump to the other space at any time\\
naru: naruto space combo!!!\\
sfx: suuu\\
naru: dammit!!\\
sfx: suya\\
obi: kamui went well…\\
naru: it noticed us!\\
naru: I will draw its attention in the meantime... Read More " "
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Naruto 684 (0 comments)
Chapter 684: he should be killed\\
Saku: … I see…\\
Saku: … this man…\\
Saku: cannot be saved… anymore\\
Saku: so he is prepared to die…\\
Obi: naruto…\\ and sakura, I think\\
Obi: touch my body… we must be ready to jump in the other space at any time\\
Saku: yes\\
naru: she… saw us…\\ after all\\
obi: even if we are able to jump into her space with kamui,\\ we should consider that she could be able to perceive us…\\
kaka: … so she doesn’t care about us, huh…\\
naru: good, come here!\\
naru: you want my chakra after all!\\
naru: there’s no meaning in using a big ass technique if she will absorb it anyway\\
naru: just like the others, the things that work the best against... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 232 (0 comments)

Night 232: solomon’s world\\
inserted: Solomon and his friends finally stand in front of god, but…?\\
b1: we finally meet, our father…!!\\
b2: in what pitiful state you are because of david…!!\\
b1: t-that right, david continued to steal power from god. He was such an arrogant man.\\
b1: david…\\
b1: sooner or later you will know too…\\
b2: that everything has been already decided…\\
b1: what did you want to show me…\\
b2: by bringing me into this place?\\
b1:_ wha…!?\\
b1: in that moment,\\
b1: we understood everything.\\
b2: the truth about the so called god’s “agenda”.\\
b3: in other words…\\
b1: “destiny”.\\
b1: it was not some kind of... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 574 (0 comments)
Battle 574: I believe\\
inserted : don’t lose.\\
side: saiga and senzui, kenichi and kajima. Everyone of them is fighting to the death while putting their pride for martial arts on the line… in the meantime the missile’s launch approaches!?\\
?: eight minutes to the missile’s launch.\\
niji: d-dammit!!\\ I couldn’t shut down the missiles completely!!\\
niji: we don’t have much time left! We have to find a working terminal!!\\
tou: chu~~~\\
shi: pc… pc…\\
miu: uuuh….\\
ka: kah kah\\
ka: you are extremely hard!!\\ it seems that you have a body capable of continuing to fight even after suffering several special moves!!\\
ken: guah!!\\
ka: shirahama kenichi… you masters… no, your... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 573 (0 comments)
Battle 573: the true identity of the one shadow\\
side: the one who appeared in front of kenichi who is fighting to the death against kajima to stop the eternal sunset is the one shadow, fuurinji saiga!?\\
ken: what is he talking about, miu-san?\\
miu: … this man… fuurinji saiga…\\
miu: is my father! and…\\
miu: he killed…\\
miu: my mother with his hands!!\\
ken: the man who helped us in tidat did that…?\\
ken: impossible…\\
ken: w-who are you…!?\\
sai: the one shadow who controls yami, the father of that girl.\\
sai: and…\\
sai: a man who would kill his wife…\\
sai: for a greater cause.\\
miu: kaah!!\\
ken: mi-\\
kaji: what!?\\
sai: and the same thing is valid,\\
sai: for my... Read More " "
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Naruto 683 (0 comments)
Chapter 683: I saw the same dream as you\\
inserted: they have been divided…!!\\
naru: sasuke!!\\
naru: kuh!\\
sfx: zuuu\\zuuu\\
naru: uooooh!!\\
naru: dammit!!\\
sfx: su\\
zetsu: and with this\\ you cannot seal my mother anymore\\
zetsu: and now we will absorb all of you chakra first\\
sfx: zuuu\\
zetsu: those are good reflexes\\
naru: … in any case I have to find sasuke…!\\
kagu: that boy is quite fast\\
naru: In other words I will not know from where you will attack me, huh…\\
naru: what the hell is this!?\\
naru: kuh!!\\
naru: uwaaah\\
saku: could it be that we were the only one dragged into this world?\\
naru: no… my real body is also in this world…\\
naru: but I cannot perceive... Read More " "
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Stealth Symphony 20 (0 comments)

Chapter 20: about that invisible man 5\\
Side: souya’s blade that cuts everything concludes the story of the heroic black dragon!!\\
Slice: so it was his head that was sent flying, huh\\
Slice: you narrowly escaped with your life, yabusame toroma\\
Sou: long time no see, toroma-san\\
Toro: why did you…\\
Sou: I received a request\\ is there any other reason for me to do that?\\
toro: a request…?\\ who in the world did…\\
sou: it’s a secret\\
sou: well\\ that’s what I would like to say, but…\\
sou: the commissioner requested that I would say everything to toroma-san\\
toro: i-t cannot be…\\
dir: aaaaaaaaaaaaah\\
dir: the black dragon\\... why!?\\ why…!?\\
sou: it is... Read More " "
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Naruto 682 (0 comments)
Chapter 682: did you see that?\\
inserted text: confronting the “great evil”…!!\\
sasu: that technique…?\\
naru: yeah…\\
naru: sasuke… listen to me for a bit\\
zetsu: I don’t know what you are scheming, but\\ my mother absorbs all the techniques\\
zetsu: you actions are useless\\
kaka: how are things?\\
saku: … they are just glaring at each other right now…\\
kaka: I see…\\
kaka: … this is not a genjutsu, this is a power that forcibly pulled us into this space…\\
kaka: she is on a total different dimension… it is like…\\
kaka: she is a god\\
saku: … how are you going to fight against something like that, naruto…?\\
naru: maybe this is the last time but…\\ you have to... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 231 (0 comments)
Night 231: toward the world into another dimension\\
Side: what happened to Solomon now that he wakes after the clash…?\\
B1: Solomon!!\\
B1: your wounds are deep, you cannot move! We were barely able to hold your body together in a way or another with magic!\\
B1: you slept for 2 days straight.\\
B2: it’s alright, david and the others are all dead.\\
B1: what about…\\
B2: the magicians!?\\
b1: we don’t have to live inside of a barrier anymore!\\
b2: we are free!!\\
b1: did we fight until now…\\
b2: just for such a thing…?\\
b1: if I knew that my family would die… I would not have fought for the other species…\\
b2: hey, stop saying those things…\\
b1: but… we are... Read More " "
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Naruto 681 (0 comments)
Chapter 681: kaguya’s tears\\
Inserted: what happened after sasuke’s attack!?\\
Naru: kuh!\\
Naru: sasuke!!\\
Naru: dammit! I cannot stop!\\
naru: uwaah!!\\
naru: sasuke!!\\
sasu: not even susanoo works…\\
naru: this is the right time to take obito!\\
naru: I forgot that you could use that technique similar to the body flickering\\ you made me worry!\\
sfx: step\\step\\ tan\\
sasu: I can use this as a footstep…\\ we can both benefit from the rikudou sennin’s powers\\
sasu: … but there is no meaning for us to have received those power if we don’t seal her\\
naru: yeah!\\
sfx; su\\
naru: I cannot move…\\
sfx: zuuu\\ pucha\\pucha\\
naru: she is…\\ absorbing our chakra, sasuke!!\\
zetsu:... Read More " "
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Stealth Symphony 19 (0 comments)

Act 19: the world is lies\\
Side: a sad sieg versus toroma!!\\
Ali: toroma-san!\\
Sfx: *shake*\\
Toro: … no need to worry…\\ I was… created so that I would be resilient to pain…\\
Dir: it is a useless struggle, yabusame toroma\\ the only thing that can destroy the body of a completely transformed black dragon\\
Dir: is the power of the black dragon itself\\
Dir: … only the descendants of that slave with which our founder mixed his blood just for fun\\
Dir: only that annoying little hero can do it\\
Box: at the same time\\ the capital\\
boss: oh man, I’m getting too old for this\\
boss: to think that I would burn my hair a little while fighting against these little brats\\
ver:... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 22 (0 comments)

Match 22: once again on the chessboard\\
side: A night passed since the fierce battle…\\
Kuro: it’s morning…?\\
Kuro: eh…? I was playing a match against Mozart and…?\\
Reb: (ahahahah) stop doing that anton!\\
an: “you fucking insect”\\
an: “you are boring”\\
an: ah, the real one woke up!\\
reb: good morning kuro!\\ you slept for an entire day after the match.\\
reb: you really relaxed yourself after you won, huh.\\
kuro …? Did I won?\\
an: … so, what do you think?\\
kuro: eh?\\
an: about your imitation.\\
kuro: (eeeh!?) I never make that face!!\\
reb: it is the turk, you were in such an high spirit yesterday that you created a totally new character.\\
reb: I’m really... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 21 (0 comments)

Match 21: hot ripples\\
side: the reason because Mozart, the genius, is going to throw music away…\\
box: a few month ago, Italia\\ “academia filarmonica*”\\
note: it is an Italian music organization where Mozart performed once during his tour.\\
mo: … yes,\\
mo: again.\\
mo: once again I wasn’t able to hear the sound (heartbeats) coming from the people of the audience…\\
?: it was incredible, Mozart!\\
?: let us prepare a banquet you are hungry, right?\\
mo: even if I amuse myself with alcohol and mundane events\\
mo: even if I play with girls\\
??: he is still 13 years old you know?\\ more importantly why don’t you have a date with me?\\
mo: their heartbeats are not changed…... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 20 (0 comments)

Match 20: my past self\\
side: what is happening in Wein during the fierce match…?\\
box: Schonbrunn imperial palace.\\
ka: you are looking at lady antonia’s portrait once again…\\
ka: are you worried? She will be married soon.\\
te: yes sure, but…\\ I was remembering that little musician who asked to marry her a some time ago.\\
ka: Mozart, huh,\\ the most likely Austrian representative for the “monochrome”…!\\
te: exactly… if Mozart will become our representative,\\ the fate of this country will fall totally into “their” hands.\\
te: we have to prevent such a thing no matter what…!!\\
ka: and then the turk enters into play…\\
ka: but your majesty…\\
ka: are you... Read More " "
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Stealth Symphony 18 (0 comments)

act 18: about that invisible man (4)\\
side: everything was because of the director’s miscalculation\\
box: it is always a tragedy when I open my eyes\\
box: 5 years ago everything was going according to the plans\\
box: we were a step from the completion of the key (the black dragon)\\ and my brain was knocked down by a single tragedy while I was celebrating\\
box: 5 years ago\\ jinbou-chou \\
dir: ahahaha!\\ did you look at that explosion!? The mercenary soldier school is in pieces!\\
mask: but we have lost one of our brethren\\
dir: yeah, we should be sad about that\\
dir: but it was a necessary sacrifice so that he would become familiar with the wings\\ it is not just problem of... Read More " "
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Naruto 680 (0 comments)
Chapter 680: once again\\
Inserted: Falling… in the scorching heat!!!\\
Saku: impossible!!\\
Kaka: there is lava below…!?\\
Kaka: is this some kind of genjutsu!?\\
Kaka: no… this feeling\\
Kaka: it is real!!\\
Sasu: summoning technique!\\
Naru: that way, sasuke!!\\
Sfx: pah\\
Naru: what are you doing!? Not me…\\
inserted: of an hair’s breadth!!\\
kaka: fuuuh…\\haa\\haa\\
naru: how did he!?\\
sasu: kakashi tied his kunai to an extremity of that scroll\\ using it as a rope\\
sasu: and stopped obito by just stabbing his hand on the wall…\\
kaka: sorry of the rough way of handling it… obito\\
saku: ah!\\
sfx: suru\\
kaka: so it wasn’t a genjutsu after all…\\
kaka: impossible…\\
kaka: could... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 230 (0 comments)
Reserved for sense

Night 230: david and Solomon\\
Inserted: what is Solomon thinking while looking at the ruins of his lost people?\\
B1: listen to me everyone!\\
b1: we have to pursue david immediately.\\
b2: if we leave him alone, even more of our friends will be attacked.\\
b1: Solomon… where is david…?\\
b1: I’m sure he is in the “cathedral district”. Our remaining comrades are all in there.\\
b1: t-they are back!!\\
b2: they want to attack us next, what should we do!?!?\\
b1: why did you attack our base!?\\
b2: you shouldn’t have had any reason to even abandon the “cathedral district” in order to kill them!!\\
b1: reason? I have it. They were offerings.... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 572 (0 comments)
Battle 572: a cruel reunion\\
side: shiba let niijima run away in order to stop the missile system, but!?\\
sai: is this finally over?\\
shi: I already told you, I’m quite persistent!!\\
shi: nuaaah counter left hand!!\\
sai: heh, you are good.\\
sai: it’s me mikumo, ok I see.\\
sai: control room…\\
sai: begin with the countdown\\
sai: … you really are persistent…\\
?: ten minutes to the launch, open the missile’s hatch.\\
shi: ikki… and also his friends!!\\
shi: destroy his ambitions…\\
ni: this is impossible, now that I think about it, it is obvious that there should be the security if I try to get to the control room alone.\\
ni: h-how should I infiltrate? And besides, how do I put... Read More " "
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Stealth Symphony 17 (0 comments)

act 17: about that invisible man (3)\\
inserted: the man called yabisame toroma…!!\\
box: yabusame toroma does not have any form\\ for just that reason, he does not have any ideal nor belief\\
box: therefore he will accept everything\\
box: even when a vampire appeared in order to obtain his power\\
box: even when an assassin appeared because he wanted to oppose him because he has the power of a dragon\\
box: yabusame toroma accepted those people and their bounds as “contents inside of himself”\\
box: he grew older in those few decades sharing joys and sorrow together with them, with people who then passed away\\ with people who he met just once\\
box: and he continued to accept all... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 19 (1 comments)

Match 19: inside of kuromu\\
?: the turk captured mozart’s queen…!\\
reb: continue like that!\\ all the way to the check mate!\\
wolf: it is too early for the end game, he is just pushing Mozart back.\\ you can say that they have lost the same number of pieces…\\
bi: you can see that they are struggling once again for supremacy,\\ but this is the first time I see…\\
bi: that expression on mazart’s face…!!\\
mo: there no doubt… this sound is…\\
mo: anger!!\\
mo: why can I hear such a thing from an automata…!?\\
mo: could it be that…\\
mo: hey, tur…\\
turk: you insect.\\
sfx: paku\\
?: the turk just spoke!?\\
??: incredible!!\\
bi: wow… so playing chess is not the only... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 18 (0 comments)

Match 18: a doll’s feelings\\
side: kuromu’s heart pounds because he is fighting against a strong opponent!!\\
?: Mozart is…\\ a player that “you have never seen commit a mistake”…!!\\
kuro: an opening that stars from h6 is irregular…\\
kuro: furthermore those reactions he had in e2 and d5\\
kuro: it is like a scenery that I have never seen before is now spreading in front of my eyes.\\
kuro: this is so fun…!!\\
?: turk!\\turk!\\
??: kick mozart’s ass~~!!\\
reb: this is so frustrating because I still don’t understand all the rules completely~~!\\ is he winning? Is the turk winning!?\\
bi: … they seem to be equal.\\
wolf: indeed…\\ it is true that Mozart is not making... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 229 (0 comments)
Reserved for sense

Night 229: the world’s strongest magic\\
side: david raids the rear base killing the civilians! What is his real objective!?\\
b1: mama!! Mama!!\\
b2: I’m so scared, help me…\\
b1: what the hell is happening!?\\
b2: the base is being attacked by david!! He abandoned his headquarter and attacked our base!!\\ the only magician who can properly fight there is basically lord setta, right!? how the hell will he be able to fight alone against 12 “divine staves”!?\\
b1: we have to get out of here immediately!!\\
b2: that’s impossible, ithnan!!\\
b3: why!?\\
b1: no magician is capable of breaking the borg that is surrounding this city! Because it has been created by... Read More " "
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Naruto 679 (0 comments)
Chapter 679: she of the beginning
inserted text: madara’s scream…!!\\
mada: ooooh!!\\
naru: what’s wrong with him!\\ such an incredible chakra!!\\
sasu: his shadows around us are all disappeared!\\ something is happening!\\
naru: uoooh!!\\
sasu: this is chakra!\\
saku: kyah!\\
kaka: kuh!\\
kaka: he is gradually absorbing…\\
kaka: the chakra that sprout from the earth?\\
saku: where is this… dense and plenty chakra coming from!?\\
sasu: it is probably from the people entrapped in the infinite tsukiyomi…!\\
mada: gyaaah!!\\
naru: things will get bad like this, sasuke!!\\ this chakra is on a totally different level than the juubi!!\\
sau: we will stop him before he begins to move!! Let’s go,... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 571 (0 comments)
Battle 571: the battle around niijima\\
inserted text: the first disciple, now in a continuous series of critical moments!!\\
side: niijima moved in order to stop the missile activation system, but he was found out by the one shadow. The one who came to his rescue in such critical moment is hongou!!\\
sai: nunh!\\
hon: shi!!\\
ni: I-I cannot move. I can generally ignore any kind of mood around me and escape, so why!?\\
niji: higuh!!\\
niji: he is watching me!? he is observing me while fighting such a fierce battle!!\\
sai: because you are covering that young man you are one move… no 1000000 moves behind.\\
hon: jinetsuken hien nejiri nukite!! (god fist: flying swallow screw nukite)\\
hon: one... Read More " "
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