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Hinomaru-Zumou 6 (0 comments)
Reserved for fallen Angels.

From time to time I will release chapters that are still not scanlated, but if someone steals this I will stop. So dear fans, help me against those online readers hungry for views and money.

Round 6: the king’s teammates\\
inserted: a solemn history…\\
box: in the past the sumo wrestlers had the same social positions of warriors and were engaged by the daimyos\\
box: in professional sumo, that was preserved by the Japanese country in the ages as part of its traditional culture\\ remain only few vestiges of the samurai period in the memories of the Japanese people\\
box: for some reason or another… the people who were expected to become the “yokozuna” who... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 5 (0 comments)
Round 5: king\\
inserted: siblings at the entrance!!\\
sis: ?\\ hey yuuma, where are you going?\\
sis: I thought that you would accompany me to do some shopping\\
yuu: ...\\ there is a tournament for my club today…\\
sis: eh? Did you enter into a club, yuuma?\\ what is it? Karate?\\
yuu…\\ s-\\
yuu: sumo…\\
sis: … what!?\\
sis: sumo!?\\
on the board: sumo tournament\\
ushi: uheheh…\\
ushi: a long time passed since my last tournament!\\
ushi: I’m itching for a fight!!\\
yuu: … these are just the district’s preliminaries, so I imagined that the competition here would be shabby, but…\\ there are a lot of sumo clubs out there…\\
ushi: around here sumo is more popular than other... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 4 (0 comments)
round 4: the sumo club of oodachi high school\\
inserted: size and weight do not affect him…!!\\
?: … he won against captain kanamori \\ with a throw…\\
?: with that height…!!\\
?: this is… onimaru…\\ ushio hinomaru, huh…\\
sada: wait onimaru…\\
sada: fight\\
sada: with me next\\
?: sada!?\\
punk: …? What’s wrong with him…? The atmosphere he had around him until now changed…\\
sada: and obviously…\\ without that “if I lose I will quit sumo” bet of yours\\
ushi: I don’t mind, but\\ your loincloth is loose…\\
ushi: if you wrestle then…\\
sada: don’t worry…\\
sada: you will not be able to touch my loincloth\\
sada: if you go against my sumo\\
punk: what... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 3 (0 comments)
Third round: hinomaru’s sumou\\

Yeah I picked this up, it has so much man-ass that I couldn't resist.

oo: geez…\\ what the hell is ushio doing…?\\
oo: could it be that he really went to ishigami high?\\
oo: I was really looking forward to this, because I could finally look at his sumo, and yet…\\
glas: what? Is that new guy in your club so strong…?\\
oo: ah… well, I don’t know a lot about him but…\\ his name is ushio hinomaru\\
oo: he is more or less tall like this, but he is no ordinary person…\\
?: ushio…\\ hinomaru…?\\
glass: I have the feeling that I heard that name somewhere before\\
?: eh…?\\
?: could it be that kid is…\\
?: ushio hinomaru\\ also know as... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 40 (0 comments)
Board 40: the representative who puts his life on the line\\
Side: The life is difficult not only for those on the stage but also for those who support them, especially in battles where an entire country is at stake.\\
Reb: kuro and kempelen are too reckless!\\
Reb: not only it is difficult to hide the real identity of the turk, but they also play matches where they put their life at risk…!\
Near reb: it is difficult to run in this dress~~\\
An: the master has made his decision and we don’t have any other choice.\\
Reb: you are quite calm.\\
Near reb: that’s unusual.\\
An: that’s because I am not clever.\\ I didn’t understand well what’s happening even after you told me that it is a... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 39 (0 comments)
No one likes Chrono (T_T)

Board 39: the move that I have chosen\\
side: siting there kuromu can see his trauma itself! That moment is carved in his memories!!!\\
kuro: the other chess master from the future…\\ siros!!!\\
kuro: to think that I would meet my rival from the future in the past…!!\\
inserted: the black and the white’s destinies… blend into each other.\\ a turning point… in the story about the past and the future.\\
reb: hey isn’t siros…\\
reb: that person you were talking about, that you fought in the past…? Why is he in Versailles…!?\\
TLN: I’m guessing he is a man\\
Fed: what are you doing there siros.\\
fred: to act without permission is an unworthy and foolish... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 38 (0 comments)
Still free if people are interested in scanlating it.\\

Board 38: the determination for the monochrome\\
inserted: kuromu unexpectedly reacts to something kempelen said! What is the nature of that connection…!?\\
phil: k-kuromu\\ you mother is called francisca!?\\
kuro: ah… yes…\\
kuro: but she was a non Japanese of Japanese descent, however she just looked like a japanese.\\
kuro: she gave birth to me and raised me as a Japanese and…\\ ah…\\
reb: kuro!!\\
inserted: the chain and collar that connects them, their relationship is formed by strong bonds… well… maybe…\\
box: a few days later\\
reb: it is the first time I see a coach with 4 horses!\\
phil: it is something used only by... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 37 (0 comments)
Still searching for a group who would pick up this manga. I have everything, I just need a mopper and a typesetter.

Board 37: the chess connected to the future\\
side: kuromu’s unexpected move was good or bad!? Chaos and excitement mix in the final match!!\\
kem: just like during his training and his match against Mozart…\\
kem: also francisca in the past was like that…\\
phil: I was surprised when first I saw his expression at the regence…\\
phil: the same expression I have seen countless times in the monochrome…\\
phil: those are the eyes of a beast dwelling on the battlefield!!!\\
phil: to think he would destroy his chance for a stalemate, and play F8N…\\
phil: was is the meaning of... Read More " "
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Break Blade 70 (0 comments)
Chapter 70: dissonance 3\\
mama: cleo
Mama: the thing you want to do…\\
Mama: is betrayal toward\\ Athens…\\
Mama: if you are resolved to do what you just said\\ you will not able to set foot on Athens anymore\\
Mama: even in that case…\\
Mama: will do it?\\
gra: oh…\\
gra: y-you…\\
mama: shut up, mom\\
mama: this is the first time I have hit you, huh…\\
mama: only because I didn’t need to do that until now…\\
mama: because you\\ didn’t ever worried me until now even once…\\
mama: do you understand the reason why I hit you?\\
cleo: because…\\
cleo: I was a bad girl…\\
mama: wrong…\\
mama: I will ask one again… will you really…\\
mama: do it?\\
cleo: yes!\\
mama: … don’t... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 583 (1 comments)
Finally the last chapter.
I have to be honest, I generally do a translation in one day, no matter how long the chapter is, but I had great troubles to finish this last chapter yesterday because while I was translating my heart was heavy with sadness for one of my favourite series to end.

Anyway, now that it is finished I would like to tell my opinion on the series.
The manga was good, especially the ragnarok arc, all the way to the despair island arc. Then around the 300~ or something chapters the rithm became really slow and it wasn't enjoyable like before. I think we can mark the begining of the slow descent of kenichi around the Diego Carlo's arc on the ship.
Then we got a lot of memorable... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 582 (1 comments)
Battle 582: the things he persisted to\\
side: senzui tenacity is on the realization of the “eternal sunset”. He was finally able to launch the missiles! But who did appear on the scene…!?\\
hon: kuh…\\
hon: you!!\\
haya: I don’t understand the situation of the battle here!!\\
hon: stop the missiles!!\\
haya: is it really fine to trust your words!?\\
haya: that pure look in your eyes…\\
haya: I will believe you!!\\
ken: elder~~~~!!\\
miu: grandfather!!\\
saka: hey, did you see that, he went against that missile…\\
ma: kuh, the elder really clung to that missile!!\\
apa: apapapah!!\\
aki: the elder has…\\
aki: passed away!!\\
sai: f-\\
sai: father!!\\
ren: chowa!!\\
?: heh… disciples,... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 581 (0 comments)
Battle 581: the fate of the missiles\\
side: kenichi sticks to katsujinken to the end… he brilliantly defeats kajima!!\\
ken: … uh…\\
miu: kenichi-san!!\\
miu: kyah!!\\
sen: this is strange…\\
sen: things are a little different from what I have calculated…\\
sai: maybe I should have killed you sooner…? I cannot know that until I try.\\
sai: and your wounds are a little deeper than mine. If you make a mistake from now on you will die.\\
miu: f-father!!\\
ken: uuuh…\\
sai: cough\\
sai: don’t come, miu!!\\
shi: he is right… stop miu…\\
shi: they have both only the strength for one final attack… left.\\
shi: if you get too close you will be reduced into a piece of… meat.\\
tou:... Read More " "
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Naruto 692 (0 comments)
Chapter 692: revolution\\
inserted: goodbye father…\\
saru: I leave the rest to you all\\ kakashi, sakura, sasuke and naruto!\\
tobi: brother… you have finally settled things here with madara\\ let's leave the rest to them just like saru said… let's entrust the future to those who came after us\\
hashi: yeah…\\
hashi: in your case you will probably settle things differently from us…\\
hashi: … no… I'm sure you will, uzumaki naruto… uchiha sasuke\\
goku: and with this I am once again free\\
goku: I will be back to the suiren cave now, ukikih!\\
5: I will seclude myself into a forest\\
7: finally we can go back to our birthplace…\\ this looks like a dream!\\
kura: hachibi\\ what... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 36 (0 comments)
Guys at substitute scan will drop the series after chapter 5. Therefore if someone else is interested in this manga, he can contact me. I have the raws, and the proofed translation (credits to juubuntaitaichou like always), so the group should only clean the raws and typeset.
The most important thing is that you have interest in the series.

Board 36: the proof of growth\\
Side: they take each other’s hands as part of a team, toward the battlefield!!\\
Reb: … do you want to try to not put the bandages for today?\\
Reb: the wounds have almost vanished.\\
Kuro: because I’m not using the turk’s levers in a while…\\
Kuro: I want to ride into it as soon as possible…\\
Reb: in that case we... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 580 (0 comments)
Battle 580: ki seizing\\
inserted: her back was always dazzling.\\
inserted: kajima replied to kenichi’s new move with an even newer move!!\\
ken: hah!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi lump!!!\\
ken: t-to think that he would cast the shinogi tachi on his entire body!!\\
ken: uh!!\\
ken: m-my hands!!\\
ken: my legs too!!?\\
ken: I cannot move… guaaah!!\\
shi: this is bad!!\\
miu: the flow of the ki in his blood…\\
miu: has been completely…\\
miu: cut!!\\
kaji: this is the end!!\\
kaji: ryouzanpaku!!!\\
niji: k-\\
niji: kenichi!!\\
shi: kenichiiiii!!\\
miu: noooooo!!\\
kaji: I have stopped your heart!!\\
kaji: but as disciple of senzui of kuremisago and furinji saiga…!!\\
kaji: I will not leave any loose... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 579 (0 comments)
Battle 579: a new move\\
inserted: who is the strongest disciple!?\\
side: while the fight between ryouzanpaku and yami reaches its heroic peak, our first disciple is fighting against kajima to stop the missile’s launch!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi!!\\
ken: ryuusui seikuuken, third level!!\\
kaji: guoh!!\\
miu: i-incredible!!\\
miu: he totally shifted the opponent’s flow and throw him without using any strength!!\\
shi: yeah.\\
shi: as expected from our… disciple.\\
kaji: ooooh!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi!!\\
kaji: ooooh!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi!!\\
ken: what furious attacks!!\\
kaji: hoah!\\
ken: I cannot completely stop him!!\\
ken: ah!!\\
kaji: misago drop!!\\
ken: shi-…\\
miu: k-…\\
miu:... Read More " "
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Naruto 691 (0 comments)
Chapter 691: happy…\\
Inserted: naruto and the others returned safely in their world, but…!?\\
Sfx: suuu\\
Saku: the rikudou granpa?\\
Naru: yeah!!\\
Kaka: … could it be\\
Kaka: that you are the legendary…\\
Hago: my name is ootsutsuki hagoromo…\\also known as the rikudou sennin\\
Saku: …\\ I guess he is the real deal, he is floating in the air after all\\
Saku: it is difficult for me to be surprised after all the things I have seen today\\
Kage: it seems\\ that things went well\\
Kage2: terrible things have happened to the shinobi world while I was dead\\ geez\\
Kage3: it is the first time I see so many bijuu together\\
Kage: rikudou sennin… it is like I ended up into a fairy tale\\
?: I... Read More " "
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Naruto 690 (0 comments)
Chapter 680: the ninja’s…\\
inserted: finally…!!\\
inserted: the union of the two powers…!!\\
both: rikudou\\
both: chibaku tensei!!!!\\
kagu: once again…\\
kagu me, the source of all chakra…\\
kagu: has been defeated by these particles of chakra that I have dispersed…\\
kagu: why…!!!??\\
hago: … so they did it!\\
hago: the only thing left is to bring you back!!\\
kagu: guoooh!!\\
kagu: guoooooh!\\
saku: uwah!\\
kaka: the earth itself is being sucked in!?\\
sfx: puchi X3\\
sfx: puchi\\
son: we are finally out!\\ kurama…!! Your jinchuuriki… is good\\
kura: heh…\\
rabbit: urgh…\\
kagu: guooooh\\
sasu: this way\\
saku: sasuke-kun!!\\
kaka: what happened to naruto!?\\
sasu: he had... Read More " "
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Naruto 689 (0 comments)
Chapter 689: I really like you\\
inserted: they put their power together to seal the calamity…!!\\
?: it’s coming!!\\
saku: uwah!\\
kaka: what about this…\\
kaka: put the kamui’s power…\\
kaka: into these shuriken!!\\
kaka: kamui shuriken!!\\
kaka: just as I thought\\ My eye power grew because I have earned the power of the six paths!\\
saku: obito’s sharingan!?\\ why does kakashi-sensei have them!?\\
naru: wow, he is way better than sasuke!!!\\
sasu: this chakra is…!!\\
zetsu: this origin sphere dimension is mother’s special domain, where she can directly absorb the chakra of the people in the infinite tsukiyomi!\\
zetsu: the bijuu are already stabilized! … and finally... Read More " "
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Naruto 688 (0 comments)
Chapter 688: the sharingan’s…!!\\
Inserted: a tear falls on his check…\\
obi: rin…\\
obi: could you wait for me a little more?\\
rin: obito…?\\
obi: just wait a little more… before going to the other world…\\
obi: there is another errand I want to do\\
rin: who are you going to help this time?\\
obi: kakashi\\
obi: we are finally alone together\\ and he would ruin things if she shows up here too soon\\
obi: furthermore…\\
obi: now he is unable to do anything and he is standing on the battlefield like a scarecrow, just like name says…\\
TLN: just for those who don’t know, but kakashi means scarecrow in Japanese\\
Oni: I cannot stand such a thing!\\
rin: a lot of things happened,... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 35 (0 comments)
Board 35: the flames of resentment\\
side: philidor in the past has trained francisca… what happened to her?\\
phil: I like to raise things.\\
phil: and the thing I hate the most are the people who break what I have raised.\\
phil: I have enough of losing my precious disciples.\\
phil: I have the right to know how francisca passed away.\\
kemp: … after we went back to Austria, there were a series of monochromes…\\
box: 16 years ago\\ Italy basilica di San Pietro\\
inserted: a move with a country on stake!!\\
box: they were a difficult battle boards for her, because of her shallow training.\\
box: and yet she managed to continue to protect Austria,\\
box: what she saw really hurt her.\\
box: I... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 34 (0 comments)
Board* 34: chance meeting rondo\\
TLN: I think this is more suitable than match\\
side: a dancing evening in Vienna… the guests are all peeking to…\\
box: 20 years ago\\ Austria, Schonbrunn imperial palace\\
?: congratulation for the birth of her majesty new son…\\
?: finally the Czech administration is under her rule.\\
?: Prussian are increasing their forces… that’s quite suspicious.\\
?: I don’t know that person.\\
??:well…\\ he is the son of Engelbelt of the custom house.\\
??: he was allowed to visit Schonbrunn only recently…\\
?: he shows here his face a lot, considering that he is a countryman from hungary\\ he must be desperately trying to make connection in the imperial... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 33 (0 comments)
Match 33: Francisca\\
Side: in the 18th century kuromu is being trained by the strongest chess master of the time, philidor!\\
Box: three days later\\
Phil: ottoman bench\\ cushions.\\
Phil: and almond milk.\\
Phil: furthermore hot water!\\
Near kuro: ah, it is an hot bath just like in my time!\\
Phil: they were selling water earlier, so I brought it!\\ it is also getting colder, you can take a bath after Rebecca returns from shopping.\\
Phil: I’m really expecting great things from you in the next match.\\
Kuro: … yes!\\
Kuro: ah! She is back!\\
kuro: welcome back!\\ rebe-\\
kemp: oh my…\\ I hit something short so I thought it was a mop.\\
kuro: eh…? This voice is…\\
kemp: why are you so... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 32 (0 comments)
Match 32: the secret agreement in the lord room\\
inserted: what is happening to kuromu’s sworn enemy, Prussia, while he is growing…?\\
box: Nederland federation, Den bosch*, saint John’s Cathedral\\
note: now it belongs to Holland\\
?: who the hell is this guy!? He is using moves I have never seen one after another…\\
?: as if…\\
?: he has the strength of a demon!!!\\
fed: things from the prussia’s side are all in order…\\
fed: urbes* and the others should have laid the trap by now…\\
TLN: it should be shwaltz von nahat, Joseph’s attendant\\
fed: those gooses from the Bourbon family…\\ should eat the bait as whole…!!\\
box: france kingdom, Nancy\\
lui: make philidor crush... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 31 (0 comments)
Match 31: I can see it\\
phil: Rebecca, you will move kuromu’s pieces.\\
kuro: philidor will alternate with Rebecca…\\
kuro: I wonder what kind of strategy will be created…\\
phil: well then…\\ let’s begin the match!!\\
box: kuromu Vs philidor & Rebecca\\
inserted: an heterogeneous combo… for an heterogeneous battle!!\\
kuro: e4!!\\
phil: it is your turn, mademoiselle.\\
reb: eh?\\ hum then…\\
reb: e5…\\
kuro: it is a defensive formation that stresses balance over the possibility to counter attack…\\
kuro: it is a board without any openings.\\
kuro: Rebecca has learnt the theory, so she is making few mistakes.\\
kuro: this is the level we have reached after so much effort.\\
kuro:... Read More " "
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