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Chrono Monochrome 32 (0 comments)
Match 32: the secret agreement in the lord room\\
inserted: what is happening to kuromu’s sworn enemy, Prussia, while he is growing…?\\
box: Nederland federation, Den bosch*, saint John’s Cathedral\\
note: now it belongs to Holland\\
?: who the hell is this guy!? He is using moves I have never seen one after another…\\
?: as if…\\
?: he has the strength of a demon!!!\\
fed: things from the prussia’s side are all in order…\\
fed: urbes* and the others should have laid the trap by now…\\
TLN: it should be shwaltz von nahat, Joseph’s attendant\\
fed: those gooses from the Bourbon family…\\ should eat the bait as whole…!!\\
box: france kingdom, Nancy\\
lui: make philidor crush... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 31 (0 comments)
Match 31: I can see it\\
phil: Rebecca, you will move kuromu’s pieces.\\
kuro: philidor will alternate with Rebecca…\\
kuro: I wonder what kind of strategy will be created…\\
phil: well then…\\ let’s begin the match!!\\
box: kuromu Vs philidor & Rebecca\\
inserted: an heterogeneous combo… for an heterogeneous battle!!\\
kuro: e4!!\\
phil: it is your turn, mademoiselle.\\
reb: eh?\\ hum then…\\
reb: e5…\\
kuro: it is a defensive formation that stresses balance over the possibility to counter attack…\\
kuro: it is a board without any openings.\\
kuro: Rebecca has learnt the theory, so she is making few mistakes.\\
kuro: this is the level we have reached after so much effort.\\
kuro:... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 30 (0 comments)
Match 30: fragment of memories\\
side: what is the destiny of kuro and Rebecca who were captured by philidor!?\\
an: a letter for me from philidor!?\\
leo: it says that it is addressed to the people who were together with kuro. What is written in there?\\
an: I cannot read…\\
leo: ah, this is french. Let me see…\\
near leo: and here I thought that something important happened\\
leo: well…\\ “because of a certain development, I will train those two in chess”\\
leo: “the time they will spend here depends on kuromu!\\ give my regards to your papa”…?\\
leo: … papa?\\
leo: maybe he means your master?\\
reb: we will cover the fact that we work for kempelen in order to hide the turk’s... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 29 (0 comments)

Match 29: their trial\\
side: they have to win with a combo-play! Are they troubled by the mysterious task assigned to them by the genius chess master Philidor!?\\
kuro: one will play a move and the next one will be played by the other, you say…\\
kuro: that means that half of the moves will be made by Rebecca, right…?\\
reb: no no no no, that’s totally impossible!!\\
reb: not even kuro alone is unable to win, if I interfere things will only get worse!\\
reb: furthermore I came here only to accompany him…\\
reb: why do I even have to train with him!\\
near reb: take it back!!\\
phil: well, the more the better, right?\\
phil: furthermore female chess players are really rare, therefore... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 28 (0 comments)
Match 28: at philidor’s mansion\\
Side: he was defeated by the strongest chess master of the 18th century…\\
Box: one week later\\
Sfx: gyun\\
Reb: are you really going?\\
Kuro: yes.\\ kempelen is not coming back either. This could be the best course of actions.\\
Kuro: it is fine for you to wait for me here at the regence together with anton and the others, right Rebecca?\\
Over leo: go anton!!\\
Reb: forget it! What will you do if he will discover your secret!?\\ once you get involved with chess you forgot about everything else!\\
reb: and things will become even worse for us if they discover your secret and kempelen gets in troubles!\\
reb: in any case I will come with you!\\
kuro: ok… in... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 27 (0 comments)

Match 27: Versus philidor\\
kuro: I wanted to meet you after all.\\
reb: eh…?\\
reb: kuro…\\ why do you know this person…?\\
kuro: after coming here at the regence I remembered, when I was a kid…\\
kuro: prepare yourself!\\ chess monster!\\
kuro: black sword activate! You will fall by kuromu’s sword*!\\
tln: kuro means black in japanese, so there is a double meaning here.\\
near the guy: where did you get that wrap…?\\
?: come one, stop, kuro!\\
kuro: the new technique I saw yesterday on the TV was incredible!\\
kuro: I want to become an hero too!!\\
kuro: that’s why you have to buy me the real black sword!\\ otherwise I will not stop my attacks!\\
?: that’s how a villain would... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 26 (0 comments)

match 26: the strongest chess master\\
side: café de la regence. The principal attraction in this café where you can play chess is…\\
leo: sorry guests!\\ we are full right now…\\
?: leo! Bring 3 milk coffees at table 18!\\
leo: yes!\\
?: they are quite popular.\\
??: there is a boy strong at playing chess,\\ there are a lot of guests because they want to witness his matches.\\
?: could he be the rumoured…?\\
??: yes…\\
kuro: Rd1…\\
??: the new star of the regence..\\ inubuse kuromu!!\\
kuro: check mate!!!\\
leo: ooh…\\
an: ooooooooooh!!\\
both: oooooh~~~!!\\
?: Mirabeau lost again, huh?\\
mira: shut up!!\\
leo: the café is really popular thanks to kuro!\\ I’m sorry that I had... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 578 (0 comments)
Battle 578: the battlefield of the gods\\
inserted: what happens if you put together 4 masters…?\\
side: on one side kenichi’s death match to stop the launch of the missiles is unfolding, on the other side, what’s happening to the masters?\\
jen: stop the attack from the ship’s guns! You will hit our allies!!\\
?: it’s useless, guns do not work!\\
??: uwaah!!\\
jen: get back.\\
jen: in any case, if you hit them a lot they will fall at the end.\\
jen: Jennifer grey of the ready to death unit, we are not rushing toward point x.\\
?: u-uwaaaah, what the hell is that!!\\
?: wow, what incredible ki!!\\
jen: are we able to see it!? No what we feel is the full extent of the masters’... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 25 (0 comments)

Match 25: café de la regence \\
box: kingdom of france, Paris\\
box: a great metropolis of the world counting a population of 650000* habitants\\
TLN: we are in the 1770\\
Box: fashion, art and philosophy, all the aspects of civilization here are at their utmost limit\\
Box: this city gives birth to numerous fashions and never sleeps under the light of the lanterns…\\
side: big cities are… quite frightening.\\
box: it was called the Ville Lumière, object of great admiration.\\
reb: … well it wasn’t written in guidebook…\\
an: that you cannot make your stomach full with fashion~~\\
reb: if they don’t have bread, maybe they could give us some cakes at least…\\
kuro: I have... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 24 (0 comments)

Match 24: all for this moment\\
Maria: because you have lost an important person to you…\\ in the previous monochrome…\\
side: finally the turk became the monochrome representative. But it was a bitter decision for the empress…\\
maria: I am really sorry…!\\
maria: you lost that boy during the monochrome,\\ it must still feel painful for you…\\
kem: you majesty!!\\
maria: … but even considering that,\\
maria: I still desire the power of your turk.\\
maria: the state of affairs is once again unstable… I don’t know when we will sink into war again.\\
maria: every time a new monochrome is started, we need a superior chess master in order to cope with it.\\
maria: furthermore I... Read More " "
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Naruto 687 (0 comments)
Chapter 687: you will surely…\\
inserted: uchiha obito, he became a shield for… tomorrow’s hope…!!\\
kaka: w-why!?\\
kaka: we were both ready to die…\\
kaka: you strength is still necessary here!\\ why would you do such a thing for someone useless here like me!?\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
zetsu: you have to mould the chakra for the time being, huh…\\
zetsu: mother… let’s go back to the original space… you will heal faster there\\
obi: leave that aside… and focus on the enemy…\\ kakashi\\
obi: haa\\haa\\haa\\
sfx: su\\su\\
obi: … naruto… sasuke… and sakura, huh…\\
obi: this is a really important moment for them\\
naru: … obito!!\\
saku: what happened!?\\
obi:... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 23 (0 comments)

Match 23: emperor joseph\\
side: they are leaving Salzburg, and the place where they are heading is…\\
box: dear baron kempelen…\\
box: it is me, Maria Teresa.\\
box: I have received a letter from the arch-bishop, congratulations for the turk’s victory.\\
box: I hope that we can use this chance to become more friendly.\\
box: well then… the next stop of the tour is…\\
kuro: I wonder if the front and the inside match each others…?\\
an: just open the front. To not show the vest is one of the last fashion’s trends.\\
kuro: a narcissus perfume?\\
near an: here, the gloves\\
an: it belongs to the master.\\ just put a little bit of it.\\
kuro: like this?\\
reb: nooooooooooo!!\\
reb:... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 577 (0 comments)
Battle 577: disciples Vs masters\\
inserted: we are connected with our fists, those are our bounds.\\
side: the shinpaku alliance and yomi are fighting against the armed division, but…!?\\
ber: ooooh||
ber: uraaaah!!\\
kana: fuh!! You are strong, berserker!!\\
kana: you are dealing with all these so called executioner soldiers!!\\
her: that way, freya!\\
kana: ok, leave it to me!!\\
take: it seems that the situation is having a turn around, isn’t it!!\\
rach: I will be the one in front of everyone!!\\
blonde: the situation changed.\\
blonde: I will take the command. Do you have any objections!?\\
take: let’s finish this in one go!!\\
kana: what’s wrong, takeda!?\\
boris: their aura... Read More " "
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Naruto 686 (0 comments)
Chapter 686: the one left behind and the successors\\
inserted: the historical hokages and the rikudou sennin… different part of history meet each others…!!\\
saru: I see…\\ naruto, sasuke, sakura and kakashi were brought into a different space\\
hago: naruto and sasuke became the part of the core and now they are fighting\\
tobi: I would have like to have received this kind of advices earlier\\
hago: this half body is a part of madara’s body after he became the juubi’s jinchuuriki…\\
hago: in other words after the juubi, madara and hashirama… no… after the kyuubi, indra and ashura’s chakra…\\ were put together I could finally come out\\
mina: … so… about the technique you... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 233 (0 comments)
Night 233: the rebellion against the light\\
inserted: what is happening to the people while the world has been changed…?\\
b1: what in the world did king Solomon… just do!?\\
b1: the rukh… our souls and originally “il illah” were the aggregation of these particles.\\
b2: king Solomon tore many of them from “il illah”, and shared them equally among the sentient species in the world.\\
b1: that’s right, he did that in order to create an equal world.\\
b1: equal you say?\\
b2: look at how we are reduced now!\\
b1: we will never be able to use magic as before. Now that “il illah” has been sealed, we cannot receive magoi from him anymore.\\
b2: it is true that now we are... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 576 (0 comments)
Battle 576: the darkness of the kuremisago\\
Side: senzui and saiga and also shizuha began to move for the kuremisago’s liberation. But the fight against the traditionalist faction is reaching its peak?\\
?: saiga-dono, we attacked this base of the traditionalist faction as you told us!\\
??: luckily, the women and the children of our liberation faction have been evacuated according to the orders!!\\
sai: right now, the two factions are struggling for supremacy.\\
sai: to think that they would show their opposition to this extent…\\
?: what are you saying? There is no hesitation in our hearts.\\
??: the strongest man among the kuremisago senzui-sama, and you a member of the so called... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 575 (0 comments)
Battle 575: the kuremisago’s revolt\\
Inserted: miu’s mother, shizuha. What is her past?\\
side: the third level of ryuusui seikuuken has been activated before kajima used if fierce attack versus kenichi!! First disciple, his fighting spirit doesn’t disappear!!\\
kaji: the ultimate move of the sei, huh…\\
kaji: it is like you are manipulating all the ki in my body.\\
ken: I have gained control of how you will move next with my ki, and then integrated it within my flow…\\
ken: this is the third level of the ryuusui seikuuken!!\\
kaji: this is interesting!!\\
?: hey.\\ … hey.\\
shi: … since a while ago your master are fighting to the death…\\
shi and yet, aren’t you concerned... Read More " "
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Naruto 685 (0 comments)
Chapter 685: all of my…\\
kaka: it is really difficult to jump like that without any notice\\
kaka: but he did it perfectly!\\
sfx: para\\para\\
saku: even I… want to walk in front of the others!\\
inserted: obito and sakura have infiltrated into kaguya’s space…!!\\
saku: now that we have come to this\\
saku: we have to obtain greater results than naruto!\\
obi: I will find sasuke and bring him to you without fail\\
obi: naruto… and sakura I think\\
obi: touch my body… we must be ready to jump to the other space at any time\\
naru: naruto space combo!!!\\
sfx: suuu\\
naru: dammit!!\\
sfx: suya\\
obi: kamui went well…\\
naru: it noticed us!\\
naru: I will draw its attention in the meantime... Read More " "
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Naruto 684 (0 comments)
Chapter 684: he should be killed\\
Saku: … I see…\\
Saku: … this man…\\
Saku: cannot be saved… anymore\\
Saku: so he is prepared to die…\\
Obi: naruto…\\ and sakura, I think\\
Obi: touch my body… we must be ready to jump in the other space at any time\\
Saku: yes\\
naru: she… saw us…\\ after all\\
obi: even if we are able to jump into her space with kamui,\\ we should consider that she could be able to perceive us…\\
kaka: … so she doesn’t care about us, huh…\\
naru: good, come here!\\
naru: you want my chakra after all!\\
naru: there’s no meaning in using a big ass technique if she will absorb it anyway\\
naru: just like the others, the things that work the best against... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 232 (0 comments)

Night 232: solomon’s world\\
inserted: Solomon and his friends finally stand in front of god, but…?\\
b1: we finally meet, our father…!!\\
b2: in what pitiful state you are because of david…!!\\
b1: t-that right, david continued to steal power from god. He was such an arrogant man.\\
b1: david…\\
b1: sooner or later you will know too…\\
b2: that everything has been already decided…\\
b1: what did you want to show me…\\
b2: by bringing me into this place?\\
b1:_ wha…!?\\
b1: in that moment,\\
b1: we understood everything.\\
b2: the truth about the so called god’s “agenda”.\\
b3: in other words…\\
b1: “destiny”.\\
b1: it was not some kind of... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 574 (0 comments)
Battle 574: I believe\\
inserted : don’t lose.\\
side: saiga and senzui, kenichi and kajima. Everyone of them is fighting to the death while putting their pride for martial arts on the line… in the meantime the missile’s launch approaches!?\\
?: eight minutes to the missile’s launch.\\
niji: d-dammit!!\\ I couldn’t shut down the missiles completely!!\\
niji: we don’t have much time left! We have to find a working terminal!!\\
tou: chu~~~\\
shi: pc… pc…\\
miu: uuuh….\\
ka: kah kah\\
ka: you are extremely hard!!\\ it seems that you have a body capable of continuing to fight even after suffering several special moves!!\\
ken: guah!!\\
ka: shirahama kenichi… you masters… no, your... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 573 (0 comments)
Battle 573: the true identity of the one shadow\\
side: the one who appeared in front of kenichi who is fighting to the death against kajima to stop the eternal sunset is the one shadow, fuurinji saiga!?\\
ken: what is he talking about, miu-san?\\
miu: … this man… fuurinji saiga…\\
miu: is my father! and…\\
miu: he killed…\\
miu: my mother with his hands!!\\
ken: the man who helped us in tidat did that…?\\
ken: impossible…\\
ken: w-who are you…!?\\
sai: the one shadow who controls yami, the father of that girl.\\
sai: and…\\
sai: a man who would kill his wife…\\
sai: for a greater cause.\\
miu: kaah!!\\
ken: mi-\\
kaji: what!?\\
sai: and the same thing is valid,\\
sai: for my... Read More " "
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Naruto 683 (0 comments)
Chapter 683: I saw the same dream as you\\
inserted: they have been divided…!!\\
naru: sasuke!!\\
naru: kuh!\\
sfx: zuuu\\zuuu\\
naru: uooooh!!\\
naru: dammit!!\\
sfx: su\\
zetsu: and with this\\ you cannot seal my mother anymore\\
zetsu: and now we will absorb all of you chakra first\\
sfx: zuuu\\
zetsu: those are good reflexes\\
naru: … in any case I have to find sasuke…!\\
kagu: that boy is quite fast\\
naru: In other words I will not know from where you will attack me, huh…\\
naru: what the hell is this!?\\
naru: kuh!!\\
naru: uwaaah\\
saku: could it be that we were the only one dragged into this world?\\
naru: no… my real body is also in this world…\\
naru: but I cannot perceive... Read More " "
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Stealth Symphony 20 (0 comments)

Chapter 20: about that invisible man 5\\
Side: souya’s blade that cuts everything concludes the story of the heroic black dragon!!\\
Slice: so it was his head that was sent flying, huh\\
Slice: you narrowly escaped with your life, yabusame toroma\\
Sou: long time no see, toroma-san\\
Toro: why did you…\\
Sou: I received a request\\ is there any other reason for me to do that?\\
toro: a request…?\\ who in the world did…\\
sou: it’s a secret\\
sou: well\\ that’s what I would like to say, but…\\
sou: the commissioner requested that I would say everything to toroma-san\\
toro: i-t cannot be…\\
dir: aaaaaaaaaaaaah\\
dir: the black dragon\\... why!?\\ why…!?\\
sou: it is... Read More " "
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Naruto 682 (0 comments)
Chapter 682: did you see that?\\
inserted text: confronting the “great evil”…!!\\
sasu: that technique…?\\
naru: yeah…\\
naru: sasuke… listen to me for a bit\\
zetsu: I don’t know what you are scheming, but\\ my mother absorbs all the techniques\\
zetsu: you actions are useless\\
kaka: how are things?\\
saku: … they are just glaring at each other right now…\\
kaka: I see…\\
kaka: … this is not a genjutsu, this is a power that forcibly pulled us into this space…\\
kaka: she is on a total different dimension… it is like…\\
kaka: she is a god\\
saku: … how are you going to fight against something like that, naruto…?\\
naru: maybe this is the last time but…\\ you have to... Read More " "
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