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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 580 (0 comments)
Battle 580: ki seizing\\
inserted: her back was always dazzling.\\
inserted: kajima replied to kenichi’s new move with an even newer move!!\\
ken: hah!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi lump!!!\\
ken: t-to think that he would cast the shinogi tachi on his entire body!!\\
ken: uh!!\\
ken: m-my hands!!\\
ken: my legs too!!?\\
ken: I cannot move… guaaah!!\\
shi: this is bad!!\\
miu: the flow of the ki in his blood…\\
miu: has been completely…\\
miu: cut!!\\
kaji: this is the end!!\\
kaji: ryouzanpaku!!!\\
niji: k-\\
niji: kenichi!!\\
shi: kenichiiiii!!\\
miu: noooooo!!\\
kaji: I have stopped your heart!!\\
kaji: but as disciple of senzui of kuremisago and furinji saiga…!!\\
kaji: I will not leave any loose... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 579 (0 comments)
Battle 579: a new move\\
inserted: who is the strongest disciple!?\\
side: while the fight between ryouzanpaku and yami reaches its heroic peak, our first disciple is fighting against kajima to stop the missile’s launch!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi!!\\
ken: ryuusui seikuuken, third level!!\\
kaji: guoh!!\\
miu: i-incredible!!\\
miu: he totally shifted the opponent’s flow and throw him without using any strength!!\\
shi: yeah.\\
shi: as expected from our… disciple.\\
kaji: ooooh!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi!!\\
kaji: ooooh!!\\
kaji: shinogi tachi!!\\
ken: what furious attacks!!\\
kaji: hoah!\\
ken: I cannot completely stop him!!\\
ken: ah!!\\
kaji: misago drop!!\\
ken: shi-…\\
miu: k-…\\
miu:... Read More " "
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Naruto 691 (0 comments)
Chapter 691: happy…\\
Inserted: naruto and the others returned safely in their world, but…!?\\
Sfx: suuu\\
Saku: the rikudou granpa?\\
Naru: yeah!!\\
Kaka: … could it be\\
Kaka: that you are the legendary…\\
Hago: my name is ootsutsuki hagoromo…\\also known as the rikudou sennin\\
Saku: …\\ I guess he is the real deal, he is floating in the air after all\\
Saku: it is difficult for me to be surprised after all the things I have seen today\\
Kage: it seems\\ that things went well\\
Kage2: terrible things have happened to the shinobi world while I was dead\\ geez\\
Kage3: it is the first time I see so many bijuu together\\
Kage: rikudou sennin… it is like I ended up into a fairy tale\\
?: I... Read More " "
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Naruto 690 (0 comments)
Chapter 680: the ninja’s…\\
inserted: finally…!!\\
inserted: the union of the two powers…!!\\
both: rikudou\\
both: chibaku tensei!!!!\\
kagu: once again…\\
kagu me, the source of all chakra…\\
kagu: has been defeated by these particles of chakra that I have dispersed…\\
kagu: why…!!!??\\
hago: … so they did it!\\
hago: the only thing left is to bring you back!!\\
kagu: guoooh!!\\
kagu: guoooooh!\\
saku: uwah!\\
kaka: the earth itself is being sucked in!?\\
sfx: puchi X3\\
sfx: puchi\\
son: we are finally out!\\ kurama…!! Your jinchuuriki… is good\\
kura: heh…\\
rabbit: urgh…\\
kagu: guooooh\\
sasu: this way\\
saku: sasuke-kun!!\\
kaka: what happened to naruto!?\\
sasu: he had... Read More " "
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Naruto 689 (0 comments)
Chapter 689: I really like you\\
inserted: they put their power together to seal the calamity…!!\\
?: it’s coming!!\\
saku: uwah!\\
kaka: what about this…\\
kaka: put the kamui’s power…\\
kaka: into these shuriken!!\\
kaka: kamui shuriken!!\\
kaka: just as I thought\\ My eye power grew because I have earned the power of the six paths!\\
saku: obito’s sharingan!?\\ why does kakashi-sensei have them!?\\
naru: wow, he is way better than sasuke!!!\\
sasu: this chakra is…!!\\
zetsu: this origin sphere dimension is mother’s special domain, where she can directly absorb the chakra of the people in the infinite tsukiyomi!\\
zetsu: the bijuu are already stabilized! … and finally... Read More " "
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Naruto 688 (0 comments)
Chapter 688: the sharingan’s…!!\\
Inserted: a tear falls on his check…\\
obi: rin…\\
obi: could you wait for me a little more?\\
rin: obito…?\\
obi: just wait a little more… before going to the other world…\\
obi: there is another errand I want to do\\
rin: who are you going to help this time?\\
obi: kakashi\\
obi: we are finally alone together\\ and he would ruin things if she shows up here too soon\\
obi: furthermore…\\
obi: now he is unable to do anything and he is standing on the battlefield like a scarecrow, just like name says…\\
TLN: just for those who don’t know, but kakashi means scarecrow in Japanese\\
Oni: I cannot stand such a thing!\\
rin: a lot of things happened,... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 35 (0 comments)
Board 35: the flames of resentment\\
side: philidor in the past has trained francisca… what happened to her?\\
phil: I like to raise things.\\
phil: and the thing I hate the most are the people who break what I have raised.\\
phil: I have enough of losing my precious disciples.\\
phil: I have the right to know how francisca passed away.\\
kemp: … after we went back to Austria, there were a series of monochromes…\\
box: 16 years ago\\ Italy basilica di San Pietro\\
inserted: a move with a country on stake!!\\
box: they were a difficult battle boards for her, because of her shallow training.\\
box: and yet she managed to continue to protect Austria,\\
box: what she saw really hurt her.\\
box: I... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 34 (0 comments)
Board* 34: chance meeting rondo\\
TLN: I think this is more suitable than match\\
side: a dancing evening in Vienna… the guests are all peeking to…\\
box: 20 years ago\\ Austria, Schonbrunn imperial palace\\
?: congratulation for the birth of her majesty new son…\\
?: finally the Czech administration is under her rule.\\
?: Prussian are increasing their forces… that’s quite suspicious.\\
?: I don’t know that person.\\
??:well…\\ he is the son of Engelbelt of the custom house.\\
??: he was allowed to visit Schonbrunn only recently…\\
?: he shows here his face a lot, considering that he is a countryman from hungary\\ he must be desperately trying to make connection in the imperial... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 33 (0 comments)
Match 33: Francisca\\
Side: in the 18th century kuromu is being trained by the strongest chess master of the time, philidor!\\
Box: three days later\\
Phil: ottoman bench\\ cushions.\\
Phil: and almond milk.\\
Phil: furthermore hot water!\\
Near kuro: ah, it is an hot bath just like in my time!\\
Phil: they were selling water earlier, so I brought it!\\ it is also getting colder, you can take a bath after Rebecca returns from shopping.\\
Phil: I’m really expecting great things from you in the next match.\\
Kuro: … yes!\\
Kuro: ah! She is back!\\
kuro: welcome back!\\ rebe-\\
kemp: oh my…\\ I hit something short so I thought it was a mop.\\
kuro: eh…? This voice is…\\
kemp: why are you so... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 32 (0 comments)
Match 32: the secret agreement in the lord room\\
inserted: what is happening to kuromu’s sworn enemy, Prussia, while he is growing…?\\
box: Nederland federation, Den bosch*, saint John’s Cathedral\\
note: now it belongs to Holland\\
?: who the hell is this guy!? He is using moves I have never seen one after another…\\
?: as if…\\
?: he has the strength of a demon!!!\\
fed: things from the prussia’s side are all in order…\\
fed: urbes* and the others should have laid the trap by now…\\
TLN: it should be shwaltz von nahat, Joseph’s attendant\\
fed: those gooses from the Bourbon family…\\ should eat the bait as whole…!!\\
box: france kingdom, Nancy\\
lui: make philidor crush... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 31 (0 comments)
Match 31: I can see it\\
phil: Rebecca, you will move kuromu’s pieces.\\
kuro: philidor will alternate with Rebecca…\\
kuro: I wonder what kind of strategy will be created…\\
phil: well then…\\ let’s begin the match!!\\
box: kuromu Vs philidor & Rebecca\\
inserted: an heterogeneous combo… for an heterogeneous battle!!\\
kuro: e4!!\\
phil: it is your turn, mademoiselle.\\
reb: eh?\\ hum then…\\
reb: e5…\\
kuro: it is a defensive formation that stresses balance over the possibility to counter attack…\\
kuro: it is a board without any openings.\\
kuro: Rebecca has learnt the theory, so she is making few mistakes.\\
kuro: this is the level we have reached after so much effort.\\
kuro:... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 30 (0 comments)
Match 30: fragment of memories\\
side: what is the destiny of kuro and Rebecca who were captured by philidor!?\\
an: a letter for me from philidor!?\\
leo: it says that it is addressed to the people who were together with kuro. What is written in there?\\
an: I cannot read…\\
leo: ah, this is french. Let me see…\\
near leo: and here I thought that something important happened\\
leo: well…\\ “because of a certain development, I will train those two in chess”\\
leo: “the time they will spend here depends on kuromu!\\ give my regards to your papa”…?\\
leo: … papa?\\
leo: maybe he means your master?\\
reb: we will cover the fact that we work for kempelen in order to hide the turk’s... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 29 (0 comments)

Match 29: their trial\\
side: they have to win with a combo-play! Are they troubled by the mysterious task assigned to them by the genius chess master Philidor!?\\
kuro: one will play a move and the next one will be played by the other, you say…\\
kuro: that means that half of the moves will be made by Rebecca, right…?\\
reb: no no no no, that’s totally impossible!!\\
reb: not even kuro alone is unable to win, if I interfere things will only get worse!\\
reb: furthermore I came here only to accompany him…\\
reb: why do I even have to train with him!\\
near reb: take it back!!\\
phil: well, the more the better, right?\\
phil: furthermore female chess players are really rare, therefore... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 28 (0 comments)
Match 28: at philidor’s mansion\\
Side: he was defeated by the strongest chess master of the 18th century…\\
Box: one week later\\
Sfx: gyun\\
Reb: are you really going?\\
Kuro: yes.\\ kempelen is not coming back either. This could be the best course of actions.\\
Kuro: it is fine for you to wait for me here at the regence together with anton and the others, right Rebecca?\\
Over leo: go anton!!\\
Reb: forget it! What will you do if he will discover your secret!?\\ once you get involved with chess you forgot about everything else!\\
reb: and things will become even worse for us if they discover your secret and kempelen gets in troubles!\\
reb: in any case I will come with you!\\
kuro: ok… in... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 27 (0 comments)

Match 27: Versus philidor\\
kuro: I wanted to meet you after all.\\
reb: eh…?\\
reb: kuro…\\ why do you know this person…?\\
kuro: after coming here at the regence I remembered, when I was a kid…\\
kuro: prepare yourself!\\ chess monster!\\
kuro: black sword activate! You will fall by kuromu’s sword*!\\
tln: kuro means black in japanese, so there is a double meaning here.\\
near the guy: where did you get that wrap…?\\
?: come one, stop, kuro!\\
kuro: the new technique I saw yesterday on the TV was incredible!\\
kuro: I want to become an hero too!!\\
kuro: that’s why you have to buy me the real black sword!\\ otherwise I will not stop my attacks!\\
?: that’s how a villain would... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 26 (0 comments)

match 26: the strongest chess master\\
side: café de la regence. The principal attraction in this café where you can play chess is…\\
leo: sorry guests!\\ we are full right now…\\
?: leo! Bring 3 milk coffees at table 18!\\
leo: yes!\\
?: they are quite popular.\\
??: there is a boy strong at playing chess,\\ there are a lot of guests because they want to witness his matches.\\
?: could he be the rumoured…?\\
??: yes…\\
kuro: Rd1…\\
??: the new star of the regence..\\ inubuse kuromu!!\\
kuro: check mate!!!\\
leo: ooh…\\
an: ooooooooooh!!\\
both: oooooh~~~!!\\
?: Mirabeau lost again, huh?\\
mira: shut up!!\\
leo: the café is really popular thanks to kuro!\\ I’m sorry that I had... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 578 (0 comments)
Battle 578: the battlefield of the gods\\
inserted: what happens if you put together 4 masters…?\\
side: on one side kenichi’s death match to stop the launch of the missiles is unfolding, on the other side, what’s happening to the masters?\\
jen: stop the attack from the ship’s guns! You will hit our allies!!\\
?: it’s useless, guns do not work!\\
??: uwaah!!\\
jen: get back.\\
jen: in any case, if you hit them a lot they will fall at the end.\\
jen: Jennifer grey of the ready to death unit, we are not rushing toward point x.\\
?: u-uwaaaah, what the hell is that!!\\
?: wow, what incredible ki!!\\
jen: are we able to see it!? No what we feel is the full extent of the masters’... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 25 (0 comments)

Match 25: café de la regence \\
box: kingdom of france, Paris\\
box: a great metropolis of the world counting a population of 650000* habitants\\
TLN: we are in the 1770\\
Box: fashion, art and philosophy, all the aspects of civilization here are at their utmost limit\\
Box: this city gives birth to numerous fashions and never sleeps under the light of the lanterns…\\
side: big cities are… quite frightening.\\
box: it was called the Ville Lumière, object of great admiration.\\
reb: … well it wasn’t written in guidebook…\\
an: that you cannot make your stomach full with fashion~~\\
reb: if they don’t have bread, maybe they could give us some cakes at least…\\
kuro: I have... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 24 (0 comments)

Match 24: all for this moment\\
Maria: because you have lost an important person to you…\\ in the previous monochrome…\\
side: finally the turk became the monochrome representative. But it was a bitter decision for the empress…\\
maria: I am really sorry…!\\
maria: you lost that boy during the monochrome,\\ it must still feel painful for you…\\
kem: you majesty!!\\
maria: … but even considering that,\\
maria: I still desire the power of your turk.\\
maria: the state of affairs is once again unstable… I don’t know when we will sink into war again.\\
maria: every time a new monochrome is started, we need a superior chess master in order to cope with it.\\
maria: furthermore I... Read More " "
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Naruto 687 (0 comments)
Chapter 687: you will surely…\\
inserted: uchiha obito, he became a shield for… tomorrow’s hope…!!\\
kaka: w-why!?\\
kaka: we were both ready to die…\\
kaka: you strength is still necessary here!\\ why would you do such a thing for someone useless here like me!?\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
sfx: poro\\poro\\
zetsu: you have to mould the chakra for the time being, huh…\\
zetsu: mother… let’s go back to the original space… you will heal faster there\\
obi: leave that aside… and focus on the enemy…\\ kakashi\\
obi: haa\\haa\\haa\\
sfx: su\\su\\
obi: … naruto… sasuke… and sakura, huh…\\
obi: this is a really important moment for them\\
naru: … obito!!\\
saku: what happened!?\\
obi:... Read More " "
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Chrono Monochrome 23 (0 comments)

Match 23: emperor joseph\\
side: they are leaving Salzburg, and the place where they are heading is…\\
box: dear baron kempelen…\\
box: it is me, Maria Teresa.\\
box: I have received a letter from the arch-bishop, congratulations for the turk’s victory.\\
box: I hope that we can use this chance to become more friendly.\\
box: well then… the next stop of the tour is…\\
kuro: I wonder if the front and the inside match each others…?\\
an: just open the front. To not show the vest is one of the last fashion’s trends.\\
kuro: a narcissus perfume?\\
near an: here, the gloves\\
an: it belongs to the master.\\ just put a little bit of it.\\
kuro: like this?\\
reb: nooooooooooo!!\\
reb:... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 577 (0 comments)
Battle 577: disciples Vs masters\\
inserted: we are connected with our fists, those are our bounds.\\
side: the shinpaku alliance and yomi are fighting against the armed division, but…!?\\
ber: ooooh||
ber: uraaaah!!\\
kana: fuh!! You are strong, berserker!!\\
kana: you are dealing with all these so called executioner soldiers!!\\
her: that way, freya!\\
kana: ok, leave it to me!!\\
take: it seems that the situation is having a turn around, isn’t it!!\\
rach: I will be the one in front of everyone!!\\
blonde: the situation changed.\\
blonde: I will take the command. Do you have any objections!?\\
take: let’s finish this in one go!!\\
kana: what’s wrong, takeda!?\\
boris: their aura... Read More " "
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Naruto 686 (0 comments)
Chapter 686: the one left behind and the successors\\
inserted: the historical hokages and the rikudou sennin… different part of history meet each others…!!\\
saru: I see…\\ naruto, sasuke, sakura and kakashi were brought into a different space\\
hago: naruto and sasuke became the part of the core and now they are fighting\\
tobi: I would have like to have received this kind of advices earlier\\
hago: this half body is a part of madara’s body after he became the juubi’s jinchuuriki…\\
hago: in other words after the juubi, madara and hashirama… no… after the kyuubi, indra and ashura’s chakra…\\ were put together I could finally come out\\
mina: … so… about the technique you... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 233 (0 comments)
Night 233: the rebellion against the light\\
inserted: what is happening to the people while the world has been changed…?\\
b1: what in the world did king Solomon… just do!?\\
b1: the rukh… our souls and originally “il illah” were the aggregation of these particles.\\
b2: king Solomon tore many of them from “il illah”, and shared them equally among the sentient species in the world.\\
b1: that’s right, he did that in order to create an equal world.\\
b1: equal you say?\\
b2: look at how we are reduced now!\\
b1: we will never be able to use magic as before. Now that “il illah” has been sealed, we cannot receive magoi from him anymore.\\
b2: it is true that now we are... Read More " "
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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 576 (0 comments)
Battle 576: the darkness of the kuremisago\\
Side: senzui and saiga and also shizuha began to move for the kuremisago’s liberation. But the fight against the traditionalist faction is reaching its peak?\\
?: saiga-dono, we attacked this base of the traditionalist faction as you told us!\\
??: luckily, the women and the children of our liberation faction have been evacuated according to the orders!!\\
sai: right now, the two factions are struggling for supremacy.\\
sai: to think that they would show their opposition to this extent…\\
?: what are you saying? There is no hesitation in our hearts.\\
??: the strongest man among the kuremisago senzui-sama, and you a member of the so called... Read More " "
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