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Translations: Gintama 516 (2) , Bleach 602 by BadKarma

Buyuden 43

Chapter 43: world champion

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 6, 2012 14:42 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 43: world champion\\
inserted text: the school has ended, let’s go to the gym\\
side text: isamu was defeated! What’s left is hyoma’s match against wataru on which he bet his own retirement\\
in any case I’m weak when it comes to receiving hits\\
I intend to quit boxing after this tournament\\
To be honest I don’t have the predisposition to be a boxer\\
What I want is that at the end my father doesn’t still think that I’m a loser\\
I intend to don’t have regrets in my last match\\
Ah! They are about to begin!\\
Ah, take-kun!\\ My little brother match just started, right!?\\
how was your second match!?\\
ah…\\ sorry, I lost…\\
I-I see\\
Sorry, we will talk about that later!\\
I have to be the second for my brother\\
Akina-san… where is moka!?\\
She is outside… she said that she didn’t want to watch the match…\\
Treat her kindly\\
ah… take-kun…\\
how went you match?\\
sorry…\\ she wasn’t so indulgent that I could surprise her and win the second match…\\
… I see…\\ but if you did your best, it is ok\\
I cannot practice boxing anymore…\\
… sorry…\\ I’m going to retire first, even if I invited you and said that we should do our best together…\\
… I’m really sorry…\\
what are you apologizing for!?\\
stop it,\\ I-I’m ok with that!\\
dammit what should I say to her in a time like this!!?\\
I cannot find the right words!!\\
Let’s go to see hoshi-kun and watari-kun’s match\\
To be honest I don’t want to watch a boxing match for a short while but…\\
this will probably be the last time I do something like this, plus…\\ as last time I should make sure to cheer for my friend in his match\\
you idiot! Hyouma don’t fall back so directly!!\\
rise your guard!\\
is back!!\\
near hyouma: haa\haa\\
that was the conclusion of the first round, huh...\\
I thought watari would have trashed him while I was away but…\\ Hyouma is doing his best against him!\\
Harumi, why don’t you sit?\\
No, I’m fine like this\\
… what’s wrong? Isn’t he giving you much more trouble than we thought?\\
your opponent is a piece of junk that will retire after this\\
if you don’t win this with a KO, something like championship will be probably impossible\\
y-yes\\ I will defeat him in this round… for sure!!\\
seconds out\\
I have to defeat him…!!\\
the boss is beginning to concentrate himself on take-kun\\
like hell I will let him take the boss from me!\\
hyoma, attack him!!\\
I will win this tournament… I will show the boss the difference in our ability…\\
down! Go to the neutral corner!!\\
I-I suffered a down…!!\\
I cannot lose!!\\
The boss is like a father to me!\\
If I didn’t met him, I probably would not be here now!\\
you have good muscles, boy\\ from tomorrow onward come to this gym, I will take care of you\\
the boss was the first adult to praise me…\\
and from that moment onward my path was decided\\
I’m different from hyouma-kun and take-kun that are just half serious about this!!\\
I will be the first world champion from the star gym for sure!!\\
Inserted text: natural predisposition + tenacity!!\\

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