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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 114

Night 114: high king

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 25, 2012 13:57 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

-> RTS Page for Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 114

Yesterday I noticed that earth's utopia is using my magi translations without my permission. Plus they put it into a scan without proofreading it, even if I explicitly stated that it needed a proofread. Please stop using other people's work without permission.

Plus I don't understand the need to scanlate this series with such ridiculous quality, using someone else’s work without permission, when sense-scan releases it in good quality and does 4/5 chapters a week.

Raw by magicbulletgirl

Night 114: high king\\
Inserted text: Sinbad suddenly appeared in the sky!?\\
Isnan: why… are you here!?\\
Sin: release the magic on alibaba-kun\\
Isna: that’s impossible.\\ that’s “the will of our father”, it is already inpidendent from me\\
Sin: I see\\
Sin: spirit of rule and submission “focalor”\\
Sin: dwell in my body\\
inserted text: Sinbad with full body djinn equipment. He posses a frightful power…\\
sin: in that case we don’t need you anymore\\
isnan: eh…\\
isnan: don’t be conceited, Sinbad. You even pursued me till here all alone…\\
isnan: even if you survived until today because you were protected by those household vessel users and that magic barrier…\\
sin: that barrier\\
sin: is not something used to just protect me\\
al: transfer magic square?\\
yamu: that’s right\\ you asked were did king Sinbad disappear. This is the answer\\
yamu: two kinds of barriers are cover this country\\
yamu: one is used for the identification our enemies and to hinder them…\\ that is the “defensive barrier”\\
yamu: and the other one is…\\
yamu: the barrier that tracks the position of the enemy that was able to trespass in our kingdom and that transfers anyone to the enemy’s location for a range of 200 kilometres around the main island…\\
yamu: that’s the “transfer magic square”\\
al: is something like that even possible…!!^\\
yamu: it is something the me and the king completed to protect sindria…\\
yamu: it is a magic I have a great pride in…!\\
isnan: you play petty tricks…\\
sin: uh!?\\
black ruck: biiih…\\
isnan: hahahaha\\
isnan: in the moment you were given that curse, you became a doll I can manipulate at will!!\\
isnan: look!!\\
isnan: the black rukh that propagate in that bruise are my servants!!\\
sin: urgh…!!\\
isnan: let’s see… how many black rukh were raised inside of you body…?\\
mask: jiiin\\
sfx: zuzuzu…\\
isnan: what? That’s…\\
isnan: t-the black rukh did…!!?\\
sin: so that was a “curse” huh?\\
sin: unfortunately this body was already cursed. They were not enough to gain control of it…\\
isnan: impossible…!?\\
isnan: impossible…\\
isnan: impossible, you…!?\\
isnan: you are already half…\\
isnan: dege…!?\\
sin: I didn’t want to use my power but…\\
sin: folaz zora(beheading wind)\\
sin: al-samen can’t be left alone\\
matrioska: guu…\\
sin: you are not needed in the future of this world \\
al-samen: zawa zawa\\
guy: damn that Sinbad…\\
girl: no? it hasn’t finished yet\\
finger: su\\
girl: look\\
ali: urghhhhh!!\\
al: alibaba-kun!!\\
yamu: this is bad…\\
yamu: the magoi of the caster took shape and is going wild inside of his body…\\
al: …!\\ can’t we do something…!?\\
yamu: it is difficult…\\
yamu: because the magoi emitted by our enemy’s rukh is spreading even into every corner of his vital organs…\\
yamu: if we are not skilled enough when we make our move… he could die!\\
yamu: because there isn’t a way to remove just the enemy’s rukh from his body…!\\
al: but…\\
yamu: it would be different if we could enter directly into his body…\\
sin: what is alibaba-kun’s situation!?\\
al: Sinbad…\\
sin: I see\\
sin: but the advance of the "curse”… are you suppressing it, yamuraiha?\\
yamu: yes… but tha’t not the only thing. Alibaba-kun’s own body…\\
yamu: power to reject the “curse” is stronger than normal. I wonder what is it…?\\
yamu: but if the situation continue like this things will get bad… the curse is growing by sucking alibaba-kun’s magoi.\\
yamu: if we are not careful, that man could be revived by feasting on his body…!\\
sin: Aladdin\\
sin: you can help alibaba-kun, right?\\
sin: you are a magi\\
sin: you have a special power when it comes to things regarding the rukh…\\ plus…\\
sin: you still have mysterious power that you didn’t showed us, right?\\
sin: try to use it\\
sin: to save your friend!\\
al: yes\\
al: solomon’s wisdom!!\\
inserted text: in the next issue, what will happen inside of alibabba…!?\\

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#1. by mira (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 3, 2012
thank you for your hard work!

that was shocking! so now sindbad is actually half human and half djinn?? or have I mixed things up :S??

#2. by aegon-rokudo (Translator)
Posted on Mar 5, 2012
No you got it wrong. He perfomed a full body djinn equip, that's why he seems like an half djinn, plus he is able to use both the white and the black rukh
#3. by mira (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 10, 2012
oh I see! thank you for clearing that up!

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