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Translations: Gintama 490 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 116

Night 116: turning point

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 28, 2012 18:35 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Raw by magicbulletgirl

Night 116: turning point\\
box: balbadd’s national territory, kou empire’s western expedition army’s base\\
inserted text: judar appeared in balbadd, but…\\
guards: welcome priest\\
?: aaah… you are late, judar-kun…\\
box: kou empire, third prince\ ren kouha\\
kouha: hey isn’t this country sultry? I’m really sweating here…\\
jud: in that case you can get away from me… you are really sweating a lot!\\
?: priest!\\
box: kou empire second prince\ ren koumei\\
koumei: where have you been until now?\\
koumei: we could not contact you and I was worried\\
jud: hey koumei! You gloom face doesn’t eve change. Take this, as apology for my lateness\\
koumei: what’s is this?\\
jud: it is a smoked abareyaika, a speciality from sindria\\
kouha: what is that mei?\\
koumei: s-sindra!? I thought you were late but, why did you go to such a place!?\\
jud: oh man…\\ it is all right, let’s go!\\
jud: your brother is waiting right?\\
right box: kou empire right general\ ri seiryuu\\
left box: kou empire left general\ shuu kokuhyou\\
seiryuu:, priest, why did you make him worry?\\
kouen: let it be\\
box: kou empire first prince “western expedition general commander”\ ren kouen\\
kouen: but… to make we wait… I hope you brought me some interesting present, right?\\
kouen: judar\\
jud: yeah\\ I told something to sinbad\\
jud: why don’t you fight a war\\
jud: against us(kou empire)\\
koumei: … what!?\\
koumei: impossible… you made not only sindria but the whole “seven seas alliance” into our enemy without the emperor’s permission…!?\\
kouen: heh\\
kouen: hahahaha\\
kouen: interesting\\
kouen: that’s very befitting for the magi of my empire\\
kouen: listen everybody!\\ for my empire that will rule the east,\\
kouen: the day in which it will obtain in its hands the whole world is imminent…\\
box: sindria kingdom\\
ja’far: well then, I will announce the result of the last dungeon conquest to the eight generals\\
ja’far: around 24 labyrinth’s tool \\
ja’far: the total amount of the treasure is around the 3 millions dinar\\
ja’far: but the great spoil of war is…\\
ja’far: probably this\\
drako: oooh! Is this…!?\\
ja’far: yes…\\
ja’far: this is a dark metal vessel from the organization\\
ja’far: plus, one of the users of such tool, that princess from the “mustashim kingdom”, is presently confined inside of the royal palace\\
drako: oooh…!\\
sin: everybody…\\
sin: I need you attention…\\
sin: a big ordeal…\\
sin: will probably visit this country before long…\\
sin: but I don’t fear it.\\
sin: because I gathered so much strength to overcome such ordeal… to protect sindria\\
sin: and now,\\
sin: we are continuing to gather even more strength\\
sin: I’m sure\\ that we will be able to get it with our hands as well\\
sin: because the world we continued to wish for…\\
sin: is our destiny\\
sin: itself!!\\
rukh: piih piih\\
TLN: I vote for Sinbad as final villain of the manga!!!\\
kougyoku: I wonder what Sinbad-sama is doing right now…?\\
ka: … princess…\\
ka: princess!!\\
ka: we received the order to return home from the empire for several times.\\
ka: we come back soon…\\
kougyoku: I…\\
kougyoku: don’t want to go home anymore…\\
ka: … what!!?\\
kougyoku: it was a lie, I tricked you kakoubun!\\
kougyoku: because we cannot stay here… for long anymore…\\
kougyoku: ah!!?\\ hey you pay attention to where you put you feet!\\
ali: eh!?\\ a sorry!\\
kougyoku: ah…\\
kougyoku: you are…\\
kougyoku: I hear that you collapsed but, are you alright now?\\
ali: ah, yes\\
kougyoku: now that I think about it…\\
kougyoku: if I wasn’t careful in balbadd… I would end up marring this man…\\
ali: here\\
ali: I’m sorry to have stepped on the flowers\\
near ali: this is for apologize\\
kougyoku: … how did you do this?\\
ali: eh?\(this?)\\
ali: hum… like this\\
kougyoku: wow, you are skilful…\\
mor: I have…\\
mor: to become stronger…\\
mor: are you alright!? Hakuryuu-san!!\\
mor: you lost one arm.. don’t overdo yourself…\\
ryuu: that’s why I don’t have the spare time to rest!!\\
ryuu: ah… no…\\
ryuu: thank for worring about me…\\
ryuu: w-with a single arm I cannot wield my spear as I want…\\ I finally obtained a djinn and yet… how should I fight from now on!?\\
mor: w-what was that!?\\
ryuu: this power…\\
ryuu: If I’m able to use it well…!?\\
ryuu: that’s right… to have an arm tore off is nothing!\\ It is not like I can give up…\\
ryuu: I have to accomplish my mission\\
al: ugo-kun\\
al: I really like this world that you showed me\\
al: but…\\
al: sometimes it is really cruel…\\
(isnan): we will never do as destiny says!!\\
(isnan): come one, erase me!! magi!!\\
al: I will not…\\
al: let this world end\\
box: the ones loved by the rukh are beginning to move, and the journey of the people urging for the mystery of this world is accelerating\\
box: magi appear during history’s critical juncture…\\
box: the world is now is approaching a big turning point like never seen in the past\\

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#1. by Lawine (Registered User)
Posted on Feb 28, 2012
Thank you so muck for the fast release =D
But I don't want Sinbad as a villain T.T

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