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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Omake 31

Kenichi Volume 31 omake


volumes extras:

Volume 31 omake
Author’s comments on the cover: I wonder why I have just one body even if I have so many things I want to do. If only I could clone myself and work on different things…\\
TLN: I see that matsuena is into naruto…\\

kanji on the upper left: extra story\\
title: his first submission\\
next near matsu: young matsuena\\
box: my first submission was when I was 19 years old. The season was… well I don’t remember, but I was wearing a jacket so I think that it must have been cold.\\
black sfx: kata\goto\\
sfx around matsu: dokiX3\\
niji: the heart of this guy is too noisy\\
box: as you could expect, the previous night I was too nervous and I didn’t sleep, and while I was on the train, I continued to think about the route to get to shougakukan* that I checked several times.\\
TLN: shogakukan is shonen Sunday’s publisher, the magazine where matsuena’s work are generally published\\
Box: The thing I still remembers is that the envelope where I jammed my manuscript was really heavy.\\
Box: by narute, I have a strong body, but for some unknown reasons, I began to feel the nausea because I rode on several different vehicles\\
On the car: car xx\\
On the train: train xx\\
On the bus: bus xxx\\
On the ship: ship xx\\
Matsu: to think that I don’t have any problems when I ride on the roller coaster.\\
box: I was there wondering if I would arrive to destination soon, when someone pulled my jacket…\\
box: I was tired for the lack of sleep, nervous and had nausea, everything was so hazy that at first I thought that I was my imagination, but…\\
matsu: there is no one here.\\
girl: nana-chan doesn’t feel well!!\\
box: there was someone in my same situation near me\\
box: there were two students that should have attended the first years of the elementary school at the time, and from what they said, one of them was betting sick because of the train…\\
nana: uurgh… I have when there are a lot of people around me…\\
matsu: I understand you too well, young girl…\\
matsu: it is alright, we will arrive soon(relax!!)\\
matsu: that’s right, if you look outside of the window you will get distracted!!\\
box: I rarely sit on the train because I want to see the scenery outside the window.\\
box: that’s right, we were in the middle of a gallery in that moment\\
sfx: bueeeh\\
girl: uwaaaah!! Nana-chan threw up!!\\
matsu: here the tissue!!\\
near the blonde girl: nana-chan threw up\\X 2
box: the other passenger get away from there, and I was the only one remaining. The inside of the train became noisy and I panicked. And the little gild B panicked even more!!\\
box: I intended to get down the train and leave things to the station attendant, But he seemed really busy. I didn’t have any other choice and searched for a little of water and handled the situation as I could\\
right of matsu: It happens that people throws up, don’t worry\\
above matsu: here an handkerchief\\
officer: thanks\\
box: in the mean time the station attendant returned and I was finally free to go.\\
box: so, I ptook a peek to my watch.\\
matsu: fuuh, this is what they call the “worst timing ever”\\
box: I was facing the worst situation in my life\\
sfx: *looks around*\\
above matsu: where is the connection train?\\
box: it is really bad to be late on the day of your first submission after all!!\\
box: I was totally confused when I had to take the subway connection train.\\
sfx: gaaaah\\
box: country guy that is born in tokio!\\
matsu: I have to take the connection train for just one station~~\\
matsu: just one station…\\
on the paper: notes\\
matsu: could it be\\ that if it is just one station, it would be faster if I run!?\\
box: he is at the limit.\\
box arrival to shougakukan!!\\
matsu: i-I’m late…\\
matsu: a simple excuse will not be enough!!\\
box: then I checked the time of the appointment.\\
matsu: kuh, it is 3 and 20 minutes now, the appointment is…\\
matsu: at five!!?\\
one paper: five o’clock\\
black bubble: I mistook the appointment time of one hour!!\\
matsu: plus I totally forgot that since the beginning I took one hour in order to do things without being in an hurry!!\\
box: this is a true story.\\
box: and then matsuena waited for almost two hours outside of shougakukan’s building.\\
near matsu: I cannot enter while I’m still this early\\
side note: from that day onward I took the habit to walk from that station to the shougakukan building\\
box: the end.\\

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