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Translations: Gintama 490 by kewl0210

Buyuden 87

Chapter 87: miyako Vs Watari

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 20, 2013 10:10 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 87: miyako Vs Watari\\
Inserted text: he swore on his fists that he would “come back”… after a period of absence, watari returns on the ring!!!\\
inserted text: watari is standing on the ring in order to exact revenge for azuma!\\
nishi: kukuku…\\
nishi: you say that you will defeat me?\\
wata: I cannot forgive that you purposely make into a sandbag an opponent clearly weaker than you only because you wanted to hurt him.\\
wata: it is not like that we from keyaki-dai can admit defeat and go back while we are underestimated like this!\\
nishi: like I care.\\
nishi: this is the minimum hospitality you should show toward a guy who comes here and pretends to defeat everyone.\\
nishi: ring the bell.\\
??: kick his ass, miyako!!\\
??: kill him!!\\
??: ah…\\
nishi: heh, you can even use feints, it seems that you are better than that idiot, huh.\\
wata: uh…\\
perm: yahoo!\\
??: serves you right!\\
nishi: you talk big, but now look at yourself.\\
nishi: well, it is not like there would be such a strong guy in keyaki-dai.\\
nishi: you still want to go at it, huh.\\
nishi: it’s too early for a newly established boxing club like yours to go to challenge others clubs.\\
nishi: Don’t blame me if you die!\\
azuma: that bastard, he is using dirty tricks close to foul play!\\
azu: what the hell are you doing!?\\
azu: fight back!!\\
azu: hey, stop!!\\
nishi: oh man, try to bear it a little longer.\\ you are such a cheap sandbag.\\
nishi: hey, hurry up and throw them out!\\
wata: … wait…\\
wata: I’m still not finished yet…\\
wata: I’m still alive.\\
wata: like hell you would kill me with that cat-like punches!!\\
nishi: I will kill you!!\\
??: stop!!\\
take: we were worried and came…\\ what the hell are you doing!?\\
take: watari! Didn’t you come here to stop azuma!?\\
take: why did you arbitrarily decide to spar and have you face reduced into a pulp!!?\\
azu: w-watari is not at fault here!\\ he only decided to fight back after seeing that they got me…\\
take: shut up!!\\
take: the only thing that changed since the time you were delinquents is that you are wearing gloves now!!\\
take: let’s go.\\
moka: sorry for troubling you, everyone!\\
wata: dammit, this is a complete defeat…!!\\
wata: I was easily defeated by his rough fighting style!\\
wata: shit, to think that I would be handled in such unsightly way…!!\\
take: ah, that’s right.\\
take: moka.\\
take: If I remember well, you said that this was the school you want us to spar for training, right?\\
moka: eh…\\
moka: ah,\\yes, it was this place.\\ if the teacher overlooks the situation…\\
take: it’s alright.\\ in that case let’s make a proposal.\\
take: hum~~~ nishikou-san~~ do you want to have a formal match with us?\\
take: it seems that the member of my club became quite affectionate with you…\\
take: as the ace of the keyaki-dai I cannot leave things like this, right?\\
nishi: it’s alright.\\ we can meet here next Sunday.\\
sidetext: isamu and moka rushed to meet watari and azuma who were defeated because of the difference in strength! Will the inter-school match be their revenge…!?

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