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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 185

Night 185: the last power

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 15, 2013 18:17 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 185: the last power\\
inserted text: what will titus do now that he is facing mogamett?\\
moga: a light magic membrane…\\ he is using it to protect that little girl from the magoi dissipation…\\
moga: why is he protecting her…? She is part of those who makes this world a worst place…\\
moga: with this power I will eradicate all the goi…\\ I should be able to do such a thing… if I use all the magoi from the 200000 gois in the “fifth level authorization district”…\\
moga: just a little more…\\
moga: and I should be able to obtain “something” even more powerful… that’s the sensation I have…\\
ti: I will not allow such a thing.\\
ti: chancellor…\\ I like you. You told me that you would become enemy to reim in order to protect me.\\
ti: but you did such a thing only because I am a magician.\\
ti: that’s the only reason.\\
moga: you are right…\\
moga: why do you hate it? It’s the same bound that there is between real parents and their children.\\ you are my brethren, you belong to my same species.\\
moga: however,\\ the goi are different.\\
moga: we will never be able to understand each other with the “goi”!\\
ti: … I don’t believe…\\
ti: such a thing!\\
ti: I’m different from you,\\ different from malga, aladdin and lady Scheherazade…\\
ti: but…\\ everyone is…\\ dear to me!\\
moga: dear, huh…\\
moga: in the past I thought the same thing…\\ the period I helped those who could not use magic…\\
moga: I don’t want to admit it, but\\ it was the most happy period\\ in my entire life…\\
moga: however,\\ the heart of people changes.\\
moga: for the only reason,\\ that there is not someone born with your same natural abilities…\\
moga: you tend to drag him down to the place where you are.\\ or to manipulate him by using flattery.\\
moga: if you do such a thing, you end up despising,\\ ridiculing\\ and degrading him.\\
moga: it will take time, but the heart of this world will also be changed into something ugly…\\
moga: humans cannot live together equally…\\
moga: with other people who have too many different things from them.\\
moga: and I noticed that… such a thing is always true.\\
moga: no matter who…\\
moga: is the other person.\\
ti: chancellor…\\
ti: don’t give me such a sad face.\\
ti: that’s the proof.\\
ti: the proof that in truth you…\\
ti: wanted to be equal with them, right?\\
ti: you are probably just sad of the fact that you couldn’t realize such a thing!\\
moga: you are wrong.\\
ti: you have to realize it, please, chancellor!\\
ti: you don’t hate the goi…\\
ti: what you hate is the “nature of the relationship” you have with them…\\
ti: you own “fate” is that of someone who was born to not be allowed to live an equal life with the others he loved, and he was not allowed to get close to them!!\\
moga: shut up!!\\
moga: …!? What are you doing…!?\\
ti: I will save you from there.\\ if I do such a thing I will stop the creation of black djiins\\ and aladdin,\\ lady Scheherazade and the others around them will stop fighting and they will not be hurt more than they already have…\\
ti: furthermore I will be able to protect the lives of the 200000 humans in the “fifth level authorization district”!!\\
ti: this is… the last thing I can do…\\
ti: the best thing I can do!!\\
moga: s-\\
moga: stop!!!\\
sche: titus…!!\\
moga: why…!? \\ why such an enormous quantity of black rukh is being rejected by the magoi he is releasing!?\\
sche: in titus’ body there is accumulated an incredible quantity of magoi that I continued to pour on his body for more than 14 years.\\ the act of releasing that magoi is a “scheherazade’s replica body” biggest aberrant magic, but…\\
sche: in a single instant…\\
sche: titus’ life will…\\
boy_ h-help…\\
boy: I feel cold… I cannot breath…\\
?: stop, please!\\
?: please don’t kill me, chancellor!!\\
mage: t-the absorption of magoi from the “fifth level authorization district” stopped!? Someone stopped the furnace…\\
mom: I’m so glad…\\
moga: sorry…\\
moga: titus…\\
moga: the furnace… doesn’t need me as an intermediary anymore.\\
moga: it seems that… it already became independent from me…\\
moga: you still… want magoi…!?\\
moga: for what reason…?\\
moga: didn’t you need it…\\ because you desired to create black djiins?\\
moga: to create them from the black miasma…\\
moga: who are you…\\ on the other side of the hole!?\\
gyouku: we finally meet…\\ “father” !!\\
inserted text: the hell’s Pandora box opens…\\

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