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Translations: Gintama 490 (2)

Naruto 639

Chapter 639: assault

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 22, 2013 02:41 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 639: assault\\
inserted text: overwhelming…!!\\
naru: what!?\\
mina: so fast…!\\
tobi: saru! Fourth! Jump!!\\
saru: yes!\\
saru: this is the second’s technique!!\\
tobi: brother!!\\
hashi: yes!\\
saru: get away from them, minato!\\
mina: the second doesn’t lose time!\\
mina: hiraishin technique\\
tobi: this isn’t enough to kill you after all, huh…\\
tobi: I am the one who created the edo tensei\\
tobi: and there is a technique that work well together with it…\\ this is the first time I will use my body for it\\
saru: so he is using it…\\
saru: that technique that the second devised…\\
saru: gojou kibaku fuda!! (Mutually Multiplicating Explosive Tags)
tobi: this is how you do it\\
tobi: every tag continues to summon another one and the explosion continue to repeat again and again…\\
tobi: it is a continuous explosion concentrated into a single point…\\
sfx: fuhn\\
naru: what the hell is happening here!?\\
sasu: don’t lose your cool! Calm down and asses the situation!\\
sfx: jump\\
?: no matter if it is the juubi’s jinchuuriki, the hokages are fighting\\
?: we have to fight as well!!\\
darui: calm down! Right now…\\
hashi: everyone!\\ don’t get near him carelessly!!\\
around darui: haa\\haa\\haa\\
saru: not only he is fast, he is also tough\\
saru: also he is capable of an attack that pulverizes you in matter of seconds!\\
saru: shuriken kagebushin!!\\
sfx: shuru\\
sfx: sun\\
saru: it resembles oonoki’s dust release\\
saru: it’s like a fluid and its shape changes according if he is attacking or defending, also he is able to maintain it continuously\\
saru: probably it’s formed by even more than 4 chakra nature manipulations…!! It’s even above than the… Blood line limits or the bloodline selections…\\
saru: but it seems that there is a latent time between every shape manipulation\\
naru: dad!\\
naru: why didn’t you use your technique to make the third get away from him!?\\
mina: I cannot use that technique on something or someone who is not in direct contact with me or my chakra…\\
sasu: be silent, naruto…\\
sasu: the hokage are all edo tensei summons…\\
sasu: they know that they will not die and in order to analyse the enemy’s way of moving and abilities\\ they are making him hit them\\
sasu: … you should watch the fight not to get worried but to analyse your enemy\
mina: sasuke-kun is… and excellent boy\\
mina: but it will take a little of time until the edo tensei makes them recover\\
mina: first I will go and create an opening!\\
hashi: in this case I have to go as well…\\
mada: I’m tired of waiting\\
mada: hashirama!\\
naru: w-what?\\
mina: I see… he still didn’t get accustomed to the juubi as his jinchuuriki!\\
mina: … I will defeat him… while he is still like that!\\
mina: my original body is here as well…\\
mina: I will use the rasen sekou chourin bukou sanseki(Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Participate Style) after a long time!\\
naru: under you gamachiki!!\\
kichi: guh!!\\
naru: uwaah!!\\
mina: he went underground…!?\\
mina: just with the upper part of his body…!!\\
mina: kuh!\\
mina: dammit…!!\\
naru: sasuke…\\
sasu: it will not be you…\\
sasu: the one who will cut down the past…\\
sasu: It will be me\\
mina: I have to make it in time!!\\
mina: hiraishin technique!!\\
inserted text: hurry up, minato!!\\

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