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Translations: Gintama 515 (2)

Naruto 652

Chapter 652: naruto’s track

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 29, 2013 08:55 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 652: naruto’s track\\
inserted text: finally…!!!\\
inserted text: the whereabouts of the dream…\\ will be decided now by putting the “shinobi” existence on the line…!!!\\
inserted text: his feelings pierce through!!\\
kura: just like I thought!\\
kura: they are acting in accord to the bijuu’s chakra you have received\\ let’s take out the bijuus’ chakra from him with this single attack!\\
naru: yeah!\\
kura: this is a trick impossible to use if naruto wouldn’t have obtained the bijuu’s favourite chakra\\
kura: … naruto you are really…!\\
naru: now!!\\
kura: you should know what to do from now on, naruto!\\
kura: it is the chakra pulling just like the other time!\\ extract the bijuu’s chakra just like that time!\\
naru: ok!!\\
kura: tsk! We are not able to connect to the ichibi and the hachibi’s chakra because we didn’t receive it!\\
gaara: originally the ichibi was connected to me\\
gaara: I will deal with him\\
naru: gaara!\\
gaara: come here shukaku!!\\
bee: we finally expose his weak point\\
bee: leave hacchan’s chakra to me\\
sfx: zen\\
naru: bee!\\
hacchi: let’s do it bee! We cannot lose!\\
kura: heh!\\
kura: pull it out!\\ if we able to do it he will just become an empty shell of the juubi’s power!\\
kura: and the great tree’s flower will not open!\\
obi: kuh…!\\
saru: … it stopped…\\
saru: this means… that he is not able to control the great tree anymore!\\
saru: in other words…\\
shika: everyone…\\
shika: I told you that we would be able to use our strength in the crucial moment even if it is so small\\
shika: now that moment has come!\\
shika: that strength will decide the future of this world… listen to me\\
kura: he is connected to that chakra!\\ don’t be swayed by his heart entering in you!!\\
obi: don’t underestimate the power of the juubi’s jinchuuriki that is on the level of the rikudou sennin!\\
naru: kuh…!\\
sasu: heh…\\
sfx: hand movements\\
sfx: zan\\
sasu: hurry up and pull, naruto\\
kiba: naruto! You are the one who lent an hand to us here!\\
kiba: be sure to not let our hands go to the end!\\
naru: everyone…!\\
shika: we are not the only ones\\
mina: everyone!\\
mina: connect to my chakra!!\\
?: this is it!!\\
naru: ok!!\\
naru: everyone!! Let’s pull together!!\\
everyone: pull~~~~~!!!!\\
obi: … I am…\\
obi: my own self is…\\
obi: does that mean that I have regrets…!?\\
nary: once you said to me that… you are no one and that you don’t want to be anyone\\
obi: stop… don’t come inside of my mind!\\
naru: but the truth is… you wanted to become hokage just like me…\\
naru: probably I would have chased behind you in that case…\\ because I admire the hokages\\
obi: it is my old naïve self that I threw away!\\ such a thing is…\\
naru: then why I look at you as…\\
naru: someone who wore a mask to hide his true identity\\ as one of kakashi-sensei’s friends\\ as a subordinate of my dad\\ as sasuke’s kin\\ and as senior ninja of konoha who had my same dream?\\
obi: …\\ what the…\\
obi: what the hell do you want from me!?\\
naru: I’m telling you that you are uchiha obito!\\
naru: I already told you! I will tear off that mask from your face!!\\
inserted text: the mask of lies… is finally exposed!!!\\

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