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Naruto 659

Chapter 659: linbo hengoku

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Dec 24, 2013 10:42 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 659: linbo hengoku\\
inserted text: flaming eyes!!\\
mada: the taste of blood…\\
mada: this pain…\\
mada: my body…\\
mada: ahahahahahahah\ahahahah\\
mada: finally… this is the real feeling of a fight!!\\
naru: what’s wrong, kurama!?\\
kura: … his blood…\\
kura: made me remember a bad feeling\\ that’s the repulsive blood… that summoned me in the past\\
shu: stop being frightened you stupid fox!\\ it is just a human!\\
kura: it is better if you don’t underestimate him by thinking that he is just a normal human\\
shu: heh\\
shu: this is not like you… I don’t like it!\\
mada: kuchiyose no jutsu!!!\\
mina: is he planning to fight with that thing!?\\ can you do it kakashi!?\\
kaka: yes! I should!\\
kaka: kamui!!\\
mina: did you do it!?\\
kaka: it seems…\\
around him: haa\\haa\\
kaka: that I failed\\
mada: he cut its left arm, huh…\\
mada: it seems that on that side there is another one with good eyes as well\\
mada: … oh well, it will not be such a big hindrance\\
mada: with this the shed for the pets is ready\\ I just need to throw them there\\
naru: that thing again!?\\
son: was he able to summon that thing even with the fake rinnegan of the edo tensei!?\\
neko: … he is bleeding and he is injured\\
neko: in other words he is not an edo tensei anymore…\\ probably he has the real rinnegan right now!\\
nana: how did he return back to life!?\\
mada: I’m grateful to you naruto…\\
mada: you even extracted the juubi from obito…\\
mada: you made me save a lot of time\\
naru: … impossible…\\
naru: did he use obito to…?\\
naru: then what about him!!?\\
around obi: haa\\haa\\haa\\pant\\
kuro: you are so stubborn…\\ even if you are on the verge of dying\\
kuro: this left eye was given to nagato and finally arrived to you… but it is supposed to return to its original place\\
kuro: the only two people who awakened the rinnegan in this world are the rikudou sennin and uchiha madara\\
kuro: they are not something that someone like you should have\\
obi: haa\\
obi: I hid the right eye…\\
obi: and kakashi now will destroy the left one\\
kuro: heh… the right eye was found by white zetsu a long time ago\\ and he already gave it to madara-sama\\
kuro: stop resisting me, you just barely escaped death and you are not of any other use anymore\\ if I would not be attached to your body you would be already dead\\
obi: …\\ then get away from me\\
obi: you can get the rinnegan after I die…\\
kuro: in the moment I leave you these guys will kill me…\\
kuro: even before I get the rinnegan\\
kuro: did you forget that I was the one who gathered information for the akatsuki?\\ I know very well the extent of their strength\\
mada: it seems that it will still take time for the left eye\\
zetsu: so it seems\\ but we will also need time on our side\\
mada: don’t put me together with that brat who took several years just to gather a few pets\\
zetsu: … but you are covered in blood…\\
mada: I lost my elegance in fighting…\\
mada: because I was aware that I have hashirama’s healing powers\\
mada: now I will go for it with a little more of caution\\
mada: I will show you a refined way of fighting by using the rinnegan’s original strength\\
mada: it will last just a few seconds… don’t even blink your eyes\\
mada: limbo hengoku\\
neko: he is doing something\\
neko: be careful\\
son: guah!!\\
six: oh!?\\
nana: guah!!\\
gaara: what was that!?\\
gaara: kuh!\\
gaara: what happened!?\\
naru: what…?\\
?: the bijuus went flying all of the sudden!!\\
mada: it seems that you became a little more docile now\\
mada: now I can put a leash on you\\
mada: first I will remove the hachibi and the kyuubi… from their jinchuurikis!\\
naru: kurama!!\\
kura: dammit!!\\
inserted text: madara unleashes his hellish chains…!!

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