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Naruto 664

Chapter 664: because I am his father

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 15, 2014 10:21 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 664: because I am his father\\
inserted text: a suspicious shadow appears in a cloud of dust…\\
tobi: who’s there!?\\
ju: … there is the possibility that orochimaru will steal sasuke’s body now that he is weakened…\\
ju: that was kimimaro’s desire… but Karin will probably not allow such a thing…\\
ka: there is someone near sasuke!\\
oro: do you recognize the chakra?\\
ka: …\\no!\\
ka: but…\\
sui: what?\\
ka: this chakra…\\
ka: gives me a really bad feeling!\\
oro: in that case we have to hurry\\
oro: we don’t know what such a suspicious person could do to sasuke-kun\\
oro: I wonder if his wind will stop here\\
ka: dammit…\\
sui: Karin! I told you that if you jump like that they will notice immediately your presence\\
guy: let’s go where everyone is with youth’s max power!! Lee!! Tenten!!\\
lee: yes!! But you are exhausted, guy-sensei!!\\
ten: your spirit and your body don’t match each other!\\
sfx: hyuuuuuuun\\
sfx: hyuuuuuuun\\
lee: that’s gaara-kun’s sand…\\
lee: I think that sakura-san was also with him…\\
ten: why are they retreating!?\\
guy: kakashi didn’t surpass us yet\\
ten: yes…\\
guy: the chakra naruto gave us disappeared… and sakura, a medical ninja, has been reallocated…\\
guy: it feels like something is happening on kakashi’s side…\\
guy: let’s go back, lee, tenten!! My blood is boiling!!\\
lee: you have a really bad feeling about this, right!?\\
ten: what~~~~~~~!!\\
neji: even if we are together with these two hot blooded airheads, nothing can go wrong!!\\
ten: neji! Why did you leave me alone!!\\
mada: my body is a little heavy\\ something is pressing on my chest…\\
sfx: zuuuuu\\zuuu\\
mada: the rikudou’s tools… I don’t need them\\
mada: but I don’t feel any lighter\\
guy: stop complaining tenten!!\\ I have the feeling that something frightful and strange is getting closer to us!!\\
lee: yes!!\\
lee: gyaaah!!\\
guy: guoooh!!!\\
ten: uwaaah!!\\
ten: are you alright…\\
lee: yes…\\
guy: uuh…\\
ten: eh…? Impossible!\\ these are…!\\
around them\\ haa\\haa\\pant\\
zetsu: you are persistent…\\
near him: haa\\haa\\
kaka: obito… is not conscious anymore…\\
mina: let’s go, kakashi\\
kura: wait minato!\\
kura: try to perceive the chakra around you!!\\
mina: i-impossible…!!\\
kura: we were too distracted\\
kura: … there is no doubt about it, they took my other half!\\
kaka: sensei…!?\\
sfx: boshuuu\\
saku: kakashi-sensei!!\\
kaka: what happened!?\\
saku: they took the kyuubi inside of naruto…\\ it things continue like this…\\
mina: naruto…!\\
gaa: naruto’s kyuubi told me that…\\
gaa: we should put your half of the kyuubi inside of naruto, fourth hokage!\\ in that way we can save him…!\\
zetsu: … I see…\\
mina: I leave him to you, kakashi\\
kaka: ok\\
gaa: I will go too\\
sfx: hand movement\\
mina: I’m going\\
ku: be careful\\
ku: you cannot die until you don’t look at your son’s face\\
ku: I will have two things to worry about when this child will be born\\
mina: It’s alright! I will protect our child!\\ I will use any mean, no matter what happens\\
ku: … but I think that you will be too busy with you work as hokage and this child will do many reckless things because he will want to become hokage as well and will not listen to me…\\
ku: my female instinct also says to me\\ that he will oppose to his teachers and…\\
mina: w-wait a moment!\\
mina: you are already worried even before he is born… you are worrying too much\\
mina: why are you so sure that the baby is a male and that he will want to become hokage even before he is born?\\
ku: well…\\
mina: I’m his mother after all\\
mina: anyway I am the hokage I will not die so easily\\
mina: I will protect this child also as an hokage no matter what happens! So it’s alright!\\
ku: it seems that you already know what will happen to this child!\\
mina: well, that’s because…\\
mina: I am his father\\
mina: … this time I can…\\
mina: for sure…\\
zetsu: kyuubi… I have finally…\\
zetsu: stolen you\\
saku: eh?\\
kura: you bastard!\\
gaa: what happened!?\\
mina: kuh!\\
sfx: zuuuu\\
gaa: what happened to naruto!?\\
saku: what happened!?\\
gaa: impossible…\\
zetsu: madara-sama\\
mada: you are late, black zetsu\\
mada: I came here to meet you\\
inserted text: rikudou madara arrives!!!\\

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