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Chrono Monochrome 8

Match 8: that “sound”

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 27, 2014 12:43 | Go to Chrono Monochrome

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Match 8: that “sound”\\
side: the servant combo has disappeared for a little, but they are on the stage again!!\\
an: perfect!\\ we were able to infiltrate well!\\
an: the performer plan was a success!\\ we have outsmarted even the guards!\\
an: are you saying that he will be angry because we decided to come without permission?\\ it’s fine, I prefer to be killed than something happens to the master.\\
an: the master entrusted the turk to him, but…\\
an: I cannot trust his desperation.\\
an: master…!!\\
inserted text: the turk first battle… the conclusion of the match is!?\\
?: incredible…\\
?. I cannot believe it!\\
an: hey! What are you talking about!?\\
?: I should be the one asking that! I was following the match and suddenly something happened…\\
?: but, the only thing I could understand is that…\\
?: the turk won!!!\\
?: incredible!!\\ a machine really won against a human!!\\
?: I will play next!\\
??: I want to try to!\\
?: it is not like amateurs can win!\\ even the famous duke Cobenzl lost!!\\
??: hey!\\ hurry up and bring here some chess sets!\\
?: did you see the last move!?\\
??: does someone have the records of the game!?\\
???: hurry up and place the pieces!!\\
lady: what are they doing?\\
lord: they are examining the match.\\
lord: at the end of the match, the players and the spectators talk in front of the pieces and the records of the match.\\
lord: it is the review and research of the match.\\
?: so this was the key after all…\\
??: the sacrifice…!!\\
an: what are they talking about?\\
lord: it means the sacrifice of the pieces.\\
lord: in chess every piece have a different value…\\
first row: type of piece | value\\
second row: king | it’s strength is considered as 4\\
lord: it indicates the strength values of the single pieces.\\
lord: the higher is the value, the more their moving range is broad…\\ in other words, it indicates how much powerful the piece is.\\
lord: it is true that according to the situation their values can change, but…\\
lord: normally it is easier to win if you have more high valued pieces left after the opening phase.\\
lord: but with the sacrifice you dare to sacrifice your own pieces in order to attack…\\
lord: it is a really high level technique!!\\
lord: and the turk performed that…\\
lord: three times!!!\\
?: first this sacrifice…\\ he lost a knight to get 2 pawns…\\
??: with this it was at -1.\\
?: then he lost a rook to get a knight…\\
??: he lost another 2 points of difference.\\
?: and I’m sure that the last move was…\\ to make his opponent take the queen for free and lose 9 points.\\
?: you can call it a 12 points sacrifice…!!\\
??: he rushed into that way to…\\
??: magnificently get the king!!\\
??: what Cobenzl used was a perfect philidor defence…\\
?: it should be really difficult to crush it so quickly…!\\
?: the turk has overthrown our common sense…!!\\
kuro: bishop in d3\\ knight in c5\\
kuro: then use the castling…\\
kuro: my body is so hot…\\
kuro: even if I’m inside of the turk,\\
kuro: I can feel the excitement outside.\\
kuro: to be under the same roof gives a totally different feeling that playing on the net.\\
kuro: the body temperature…\\
kuro: and the passion…\\
kuro: the victory and the defeat…\\
kuro: everything melts in the air and swells in my throat…\\
kuro: this is my battlefield!!\\
?: I’m next!\\
?: it is my turn!\\
jo: he got you cobenzl.\\
lud: when we were studying abroad we made kempelen suffer a lot with chess.\\ and now see how he is popular.\\
lud: this is all the result of my lack of skills… I cannot do anything about it.\\
lud: anyway Eysler, what do you think that things is?\\
text without bubbles: want some?\\ no thanks\\
lud: it oozed a desire for victory with every single move.\\ a heartless machine cannot play that kind of chess.\\
jo: but it is not a human either.\\
jo: a mere human cannot give birth to such sublime moves one after another.\\
lud: it is like a taboo box.\\
jo: no, it is the key to eden.\\
jo: I don’t want to play against it in this party, but I will wait for a better opportunity…\\
jo: because it is too much beautiful, right?\\
jo: something created by humans,\\
jo: will exceed humans who were created by god…\\
jo: and I want to see what lies beyond that point.\\
jo: I would also like to ask her majesty’s opinion about this.\\
sfx: katan\\
kuro: !\\ is this the next challenger…?\\
TLN: the sfx here and in the last 3 frames of the previous page is *creak*\\
kuro: ah…\\
side: that creaking sound makes kuromu’s terrifying memories resurface…!?\\

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#1. by Torca (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 27, 2014
Reserved?! Who is planning to scanlate it?

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