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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage 47

+ posted by Amzy as translation on Dec 20, 2009 20:01 | Go to Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

-> RTS Page for Dogs: Bullets & Carnage 47

Reserved for Inconnu

Dogs 47

― オーダー入ったわよ
We’ve got an order coming in!

― ボロネーゼとフェトチェーネを2皿と赤ワインをボトルで
2 plates of Bolognese and fettuccine and a bottle of red wine.

― あとサラダが遅れてるわよ
And you’re late with the salads.

― ハイ ただいま!
Alright! Coming right up!

― 先月 メニュー変えてからお客の入りがいいわね
Customers have been pouring in ever since we changed the menu last month.

― おかげさまで休みナシっスけどねー
We’ve also never had a moment of rest ever since.

― ザック君 手 動かして!
Zack, get those hands moving!

Small txt: イデデ
Ow ow

― ダンナも早く戻ってホール手伝ってくれないかなー
I hope Mihai comes back soon to lend a helping hand with the tables.

― あのぶっきらぼうに給仕なんて務まらないわよ
A gruff person like him would make a poor waiter.

― でもそろそろ帰る時間ね
He should be back around this time, though.

― また迷ってかしら
I wonder if he’s gotten lost again.

― なんとも平和じゃないか
Well, isn’t this a peaceful city.

― 今頃 地下は大騒ぎだろうというのに
Yet there’s chaos taking place right underneath it at this very moment.

― 呑気なものだよ
Talk about being carefree.

― その中心で見る この街はどんな眺めだい
Take a good look at this city from where you’re sitting…
― 市長サン
…Mr. Mayor.

― この街は素晴らしい
This city is magnificent.

― 善も悪も美も醜も 全て
Good, evil, beauty, ugliness…

― 全て街(ここ)にある
All of that is right here in this city.

― ひたすらに生を貪り狂い あるいは弱者を助け 守り
There are those who only indulge in the darker side of life. And there are those who help the weak and protect them.

― 「命」にしがみつく様はなんとも美しい
It’s quite amazing how strongly people cling to their lives.

― 全ての人々は気付くべきなんだ
They should all realize it.

― その自らの尊さと
In order to…

― 美しさに
…make their lives more beautiful…

― 僕はそのためにタクトを振ろう
…I wave my baton.

― そうだ
That’s right.

― 地上(ここ)もいずれそうなる
The surface will also see the same fate eventually.

― 楽しみに待つがいい
It’s something to look forward to.

― 御免よ ハイネ
Sorry, Heine.

― 時間切れだ
Time’s up.

― 何だと
What is this?

― 地上まで這い出てくるつもりか
So you’re trying to crawl out onto the surface now, are you…

― 魔女め
…you vile witch?

― …だ…

― ど…こ…だ

― どこ…行った
Where did….he go?

― ジョヴァンニィィィィ!!

txt: 咆哮は虚しく―――
His cry goes in vain.

small txt: 次号、休載いたします。何卒ご了承ください。
This series will not be appearing in the next issue. We hope you understand.

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