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Ghost Writer 3

what's wrong with being inexperienced?

+ posted by b3nriya as translation on Aug 3, 2012 08:32 | Go to Ghost Writer

-> RTS Page for Ghost Writer 3

Reserved for Kuudere

pg. 01
a startling awakening
panel 2/3: one day of a ghostwriter
panel 4: sometimes begins with the neighbour's crotch

pg. 02
what's wrong with being inexperienced?

pg. 03
panel 2: what are you doing Mikage-san!?
even if there is a robber so early in the morning...
panel 3: kyaaah!!

pg. 04
panel 1: Natsukawa-san! // you stepped in someone else's house again!?
uugh shut uup // it's only 7 o'clock
Natsukawa Haru (25)
Mikage-san's neighbour. occupation: event companion
panel 2: what would you do if something happened to you!?
it's just Mikage-kun nothing would happen
besides how come my door key also opens the room next door?
panel 3: so how many times did we even have this discussion?
you should fix your half of the door with...
that's impossible, i'm broke // you're supposed to repair it before the landlord returns
panel 4: right!

pg. 05
panel 1: ah
panel 2: well that's great
Mikage-kun as well as the manager
panel 3: turned out she was a pervert!
a slut
don't use my bath whenever you please Hikaru-san...
eh what? didn't you listen
panel 4: after all since we neighbours are like family 10.000 yen is cheap Mikage-kun!
you wanted sunlight tight? what was that again? // since your room doesn't let any in at all i'll let you borrow mine
(the mansion that was built afterwards)
the parts of Mikage-kun's room that aren't hit by the sunlight
Harukaze villa (our appartement)

pg. 06
panel 1: anyhow i'm working from morning to night
oh where are my panties?
panties ->
panel 2: leaving that aside Mikage-kun
panel 3: did you already do "IT" with Mabayu-chan?
panel 4: wha... // what is...!
ehh after all you like her right? // it seems like you two fit each other
panel 5: aah
won't you do it with Mabayu-chan Mikage-kun?

pg. 07
panel 1: your first time
i told you that you can give it to Haruka-san...
panel 2: i didn't... // i didn't promise you or anything
then why don't you promise me now
i'm getting a raging hard-on...
panel 3: i thought
you don't like me because my boobs aren't as big as Mabayu-chan's
i wonder...?
panel 4:'s... // not...

pg. 08
panel 1: ah! look...! i'm poor!
i can't work like this...
panel 2: fufufu...
i had a dream of the boy i love
panel 3: i don't really get serious literature but ...
i wonder how...
panel 4: Mikage-kun can write such amazing stuff in a place where the sun doesn't reach him
that hurt

pg. 09
panel 1: what are you hiding?
nothing! nothing at all! really!!
panel 2: that so? ufufu
haha ... yeah it's so ...!
panel 3: what
what is "SO"?
panel 4: why
was i slapped ...?

pg. 10
panel 1: ...Hikaru-san // yes
don't you have work to do // yes
do it quietly ok? // yes
panel 2: as i thought you can't have sex with Mabayu-san!
panel 3: th... the manuscript!!
well! if you can't do it then it's ok if i say this
panel 4: Instead of thinking about Mikage-kun's first time // all I was thinking about was doing a threesome right now.
please don't consider it

pg. 11
panel 1: why do you keep going on about that even though we aren't dating ...
panel 2: isn't sex
what men and women are all about?

pg. 12
panel 1: how naive, even if we started dating ...
wouldn't we surely have lewd sex?
panel 2: so
panel 3: even women
love sex
panel 4: even Mikage-kun and Mabayu-san ... right?
so why don't you do a lot of "training" with me?

pg. 13
panel 1: nh ... undressing me without a warning is not allowed
since it's on my clothes, gently without rushing ...
panel 2: my nipples are getting hard
if a woman's eyes get wet then she's begging for it ...
panel 3: now you forcibly rip off the clothes
with the saliva you hold in your mouth you stimulate her a lot with your tongue
panel 4: if her feet move hesitantly
you trace the shape of the top of her underwear with your finger many times over
her most sensitive place ... // right

pg. 14
panel 1:! not...there...!
if you grope them like that... // no more... ah... ah...n...
panel 2: look my underwear is getting wet...
you can hear the the rubbing noises, even though it's above the cloth
panel 3: but it's still not enough ...
so Mabayu-chan likes to be bullied
panel 4: oh does Mikage-kun like it as well?

pg. 15
panel 1: what would you do if she wanted to continue...
you should look at Mabayu-chan and make her say it...
panel 2: look...
what is Mabayu-chan saying?
panel 3: Ma...
Mabayu-san is...
Please do your best!

pg. 16
panel 1: Mikage-san!
the recent collection of short stories was very good!
panel 2: espacially "light snowfall"! i couldn't stop my tears at the end ...
panel 3: the scenes come to my mind ...
even though it's a literal world it was very vivid ...
panel 4: Mikage-san

pg. 17
panel 1: please do your best!
because certainly one day good things will happen ...
panel 3: ...sorry Hikaru-san...

pg. 18
panel 1: Hikaru-san is amazingly beautiful and charming however...
as i thought i // don't think i can have a "rehearsal"
panel 3: is that so...
panel 4: eh!?
it's ok to split the repair of the door in half!?

pg. 19
panel 1: it's ok, it's ok
as i thought, i don't know when Mikage-kun striked it down!
panel 2: even now it was hard
whose fault is that
panel 3: but
one suggestion!
Mikage-kun should have the other half

pg. 20
panel 1: ...huh?
panel 2: ah! that's right! // if it's three people the responsibility would become considerably lighter
right that would be amazing!?
panel 3: i'm going to make a call real quick
it's okay even if it's expensive // since Mikage-kun is paying 50%
panel 4: beh
if he had to pay anyway ...
would it have been good to "pracitce" at least once or would it not have been ...
Mikage Tarou, refusing the meal set before him

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