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Translations: Gintama 515 (2)

Kabu No Isaki 5

spring cabbage

+ posted by boke as translation on Oct 24, 2009 00:16 | Go to Kabu No Isaki

-> RTS Page for Kabu No Isaki 5

[boke's comment's in brackets like this]

Page 11 Panel 1
Spring Cabbage

122-1 Welcome back
You're early today

Today we were inspecting all the machinery
What are you doin' out in front of the shop?

122-2 Isaki, how about it?
Want a glass of something cold too?

Ah, sure
Thank you

123-1 Still drinking that ginger ale?


123-2 I had another six cases shipped over


123-3 This is all you're drinking, huh?

Yeah, I like it

Here [handwritten]

123-4 Thanks

Drink up!

124-3 Her bag's here, huh?
Is she home today?

125-1 Yeah. She's been sleeping off a cold since yesterday

Her fever's already come down, so she's faking it today, I'm sure.

125-2 Hmmmm

126-1 What's with all the cabbage?
Planning a yaki-soba cook-off?

Ah, no
I got it free

126-2 I'm gonna do hot pot
With just cabbage and pork, I heard you can make a nice hot pot

I asked the foreman about it

126-3 Hmmmmm
So you're cooking your own meals, huh?

I'm not sure you can say that
This is a hot pot for the lazy, it seems

127-2 Getting used to the cub?

I'm still nervous. Still not to the level where I can enjoy things

127-2 I'm happy to be able to fly
But just going and coming back is about all I can do

Oh my

127-4 Just doing my best to hang in there and
not get carried along by the wind

127-5 ...hmmm

128-1 Isaki

128-2 Why don't we go out someplace together

128-3 Eh?

128-4 The two of us? Where?


128-5 You don't want to?

129-1 It's not that...
What about Kajika

129-2 We'll leave her behind

Isn't that mean?

129-4 Zzz

129-6 Since you're always flying with Kajika
Every once in a while should be ok, hm?

I guess

130-2 Want some hari hari pickles? [thin, dried strips of daikon soaked in vinegar and other flavorings]


130-3 What do want to drink?

Ah, Um... Hoji tea

130-4 Ok, I'm having this

130-5 What's that?

I'm not sure if this goes with the pickles or not

sfx: glug glug glug

131-1 Mmm
What is it?


131-2 Try some

I'm underaged, you know...

131-3 I see
Well then, my own personal cocktail hour is starting

It's still three o'clock...

132-2 I had better get going home.
Thanks for the everything

132-3 Eh? You're going home?

Yeah, I was on my way home

133-3 You're not making dinner?

This is for my dinner!

133-4 Ok, I'll leave this here for you

I got too much and it's heavy

Oooo! Thanks!

134-5 Lookin' forward to that yaki sobaaaa

I'm having hot pot!

134-4 Slide

135-2 Let's go someplace, just the two of us!

135-5 Ah ha ha

136-1 Nnnn

135-2 Slide

136-3 Oh? Back on your feet?

Yeah. I think I'm mostly better

136-5 Sis?
You going someplace with Isaki?

Ah, you heard that?

137-1 It's a date

137-3 Hmmm
Good for you

137-4 I'm going back to sleep


138-3 Sizzle

138-4 Ah
I was going to make hot pot!

sfx: sizzle

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