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Translations: Gintama 507 by Bomber D Rufi

Status report.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as news on Aug 15, 2009 17:54 | Go to

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Hey ho fellow manga slaves. (I mean that in a friendly sense!) I thought I'd write a little bit about what's going on in the world of BDR.

I've been having health issues lately, which is why Translations have stopped outside of Aku and Gintama. Playing Doctor shuffle hasn't really helped much either ><.I hope to get to the bottom of my problems soon, and if it isn't too serious, get back to translating more stuff more often.

Speaking of which, I have noticed that Viz has started uploading translated Hyde onto a Shounen Sunday site. Save for my obligatory 'About damn time' comment, I know some have wondered what this means for Hyde and myself. Honestly I don't know. I have motivation issues, as such It's hard for me to really want to continue it when an official Viz version is out. (Yes yes, i know Gintama's the same way, but unless they do a Gintama Galaxy type promotion and release volumes 13-30 in the next few months, I'm still light years ahead of where they are. Besides Gintama's my most popular project, as painful as it can be to translate.) I don't like dropping things, but Hyde is in a precarious situation.

I've been in the mood to translate more Acro, but with no scans ANYWHERE, and no one willing to scan it, I'm afraid that's at a standstill too. If anyone can get their hands on scans, please let me know.

I recently Translated Yellow dragon, and I guess I'll do more if Clubsunday ups more raws. Hopefully someone will scan it, cause I see it being a fun series if it could be scantlated.

Coppelion's also in the air, as It takes me more time to translate that than Gintama (Amazing right?) Mainly because I'm terrible at Japanese and need that furigana crutch. I would like to do more sometime though.

Traumeister's hopefully in the works. (Hopefully being the key word.) Either way I think I may try to finish it, once I get the last few volumes in the mail. Speaking of which, I have one of Nakayama-sensei's previous oneshots, and I may post that, depending on how MBG feels about others using her scans.

Takkoku and Undead scans seem to have died. O_o Club sunday just uploaded a new chapter of both, so I know they haven't been canceled....has Heji grown tired of scanning them? If so, is someone else stepping in....or should I consider these dropped?

I'll get more Albatross out there ASAP. I promise. :-P

As for the new Sunday series, Jio was it? I'm not really finding anything particularly interesting about it, although the art is nice. So I'm gonna have to pass. I hope someone else will translate, since it deserves that much at least.

And as I said before, Gin and Aku are pretty much immune to being dropped for now. (Aku's heading into romance territory, which most who know me also know my feelings on that genre. I'm holding out that Fujiki won't drop us completely into that goo, but be forewarned that it's on thin ice.)

I am considering a new series however. できそこないの物語 or 'Tales of Failure Works' by Hakomiya Kei. I like the art, and the story seems interesting. I saw one volume on share, (But I don't know how to use it.) and another on Yesasia. If someone can get me that first volume, I'll at least translate the first one to see if it would be something with potential. Like I said, it is on share (or Winny?) and I'd appreciate the help ^_^.

I'll consider requests again, but as I said before. No romance, no hentai, no seinen, no Jump, (Square is okay though, as long as it's not something someone else is translating.) And no shoujo. I'll also throw in that I'm wary of gag series, mainly cause Gintama's already taking up so much room...but I'm not outright denying them either.

Thank you for listening~ Be sure to request in my forum and not by PM.

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