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Kokushi Musou!! 7

Shuffle game.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 20, 2013 00:12 | Go to Kokushi Musou!!

-> RTS Page for Kokushi Musou!! 7

Okay. I think I've finally reached the end of the extra long chapters. I mean I'm glad that it seems to get thse extra pages cause of popularity but it makes for more work. Anyway, hopefully I can catch up soon....not that anyone is scantlating...yet.

Not reserving for anyone until...

-First chapter is out.
-Schedule for releases has been established.
-Schedule is fairly consistent.

No asking when the next one will be out, ask me for permission before using, no non-English scantlations before an English one is done, and I give preference to those who will check the script for accuracy before scantlating.

(Side text- As the days go by and the training gets tougher, when will times to rest come to visit…? This week is a voluminous 22 pages!!)
Chapter 7: Shuffle game.

Kid: Someone in this class….
Will disappear…?
(Side text- Kid successfully enrolled but now he has to pair up with someone…but who?)
Kid: Wh—what does that mean?
Kujaku: That all depends on how you do in the game you’re about to play?
The shuffle game….better known under it’s under name ‘The game where the Shinigami dwells’.
Kid: S—Shnigami?

Kujaku: Yup…
The combination system that our temple is known for has a way to deal with times where there are an abundance of students.
And that’s a game that brings the number of people down to an even amount.
This way everyone’s able to have a partner right?
(Handwritten- Retires from the game…)
Kujaku: By the way, I don’t want to hear anyone say they’re not going to play the game.
When the entry contract was signed, being prepared for this became mandatory right?

Kid: Ohh?
Sounds awesome.
Kujaku: I’ll have all teams separate as of now.
During the game you will have to search for other partners…..that’s why this is called the Shuffle game.
If you were hoping to find even stronger partners than you had before then this is your chance.
Ro: Hmph.

Kid: You got it teach! When are we gonna do this?!
Kujaku: A very good question my dear disciple. The answer to that is of course…
Right now.
Students: NOOOOW?!
Kujaku: Ohohoho! Oh by the way we’ll be moving to where the game will start~

Someone: Hiiiii~!!!
Mugi: This is sooo high up…
This is impossible for me….I wanna go home….
Kid: Mugi!
(Handwritten- Mugiii~)
Mugi: Hiiii!!!

Mugi: Stop! Please! Don’t shake the bridge anymore!!
Kid: Oh? You’re scared of heights Mugi?
Sorry about that.
But dude did you hear?! We’re almost to the game’s starting point!! Let’s be the first there!!
(Handwritten- Gyaaaaaah!!)
Mugi: Stop it! Pleaaaase!!!
Kid: S’matter? You can’t run?
Mugi: Sorry….
But why are you so excited Kid-kun?!
Kid: I should be asking you why are you so un-excited Mugi?

Kid: Moreover….
All the guys around us have this dark look in their eyes…
Like they’re coming home from a funeral.
Mugi: Of course they do.
They’re about to play the shuffle game.
If someone here screws up then they’re going to disappear form here.
And then there’s you Kid who doesn’t know martial arts at all.
You seriously need to take this more…seriously!
You’re not listening!!!
Kid: Hey look! The fog is clearing up!

Kid: Whoooooah! It’s huuuge!!
Mugi: So we’re supposed to play the game in there?
Kid: I’m gonna be first!!
Mugi: Aaah!! Wait!!
Kid(?): That’s…

Someone: This place is huge!
So we’re gonna have a game in a place like this?
{Finally this chance has come…}
{I’ve had enough of being buddy buddy.}
{The path I’ve chosen is the path of carnage.}

{No matter what It takes…}
{I have to get the Scroll of secrets…!!}
???: Does your own weakness…
Bring you pain…?

Kid: Earth to Ro!!!
Ro: It’s you….
Kid: ‘Sup?
Ro: What do you want?
Kid: I just wanted to have a leisurely conversation with you.
First off thanks for giving me the name Kid!!
And I wanna thank you again for the stuff after that too!
Lets be cool from here on in too ‘kay?
Ro: Sure. Whatever.

Kid: Geez.
(Handwritten- Gonna give me the cold shoulder as usual?)
Ro: You said earlier that you’re gonna take the scroll of secrets….were you serious?
Kid: As serious as a heart attack!!
And I’m gonna take that thing in half a year!
There was a dude who managed to do it in a year way back when right?
So I’ll do it in half that!
Oh yeah! If you’re cool with it, why not team up with me?!
If you’re my partner Ro, then this will be even more of a breeze!!

Kid: Ro…?
Ro: ‘Even more of a breeze’?
A guy who’s never thrown a punch in his whole goddamn lifetime shouldn’t go leisurely talking about the scroll of secrets.
And then you think we’re just gonna team up?

Ro: If you want to be on MY team…
Become a guy worthy of being seen in my presence….
Kid: Whazzat?! Who the hell do you think you are?! As usual your whole damn demeanor sucks!
Ro: Shaddup.
Mugi: I think the same could be said about you too, Kid-kun…

???: What’s this? A dead end?
Where and when are we supposed to start the game?!
Huh? Where’s Kujaku?
Kujaku: Has everyone made it?
Someone: Ah! She’s up there!!!
Kujaku: The game’s gonna start…
But before we do that, how about a little pop quiz?
Kid: Wha….

Kid: What’s going on?! The ground is…
Kujaku: Hey, don’t space out down there! The game hasn’t even started yet?
Kid: Eh?
Kid: Wha…
Mugi: Kid-kun!!

People: Wh—what the heck is going on?!
Kujaku: And look at the weaklings fall~
Ro: Hmph..


Dude: Whew….that was close.
Mugi: Kid-kun!!
Just wait! I’ll do something about this rock….

Ro: Hmph…
Let’s go Kujaku.
You can leave those weaklings behind and take us to where the game is gonna start.
???: Wait.
Don’t go looking down on newbies…

Kid: Cause someday…
You’ll bow your head and beg me to….’Please be my partner’!!
Ro: Hmph…
Well, do your best.
(Side text- A declaration of war! A game of MAX dangerousness….Where will it all lead to?!)

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