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Translations: Bleach 600 (2) , Gintama 514 by Bomber D Rufi

Nejimaki Kagyu 69

Kamo VS Marble.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Apr 27, 2014 17:57 | Go to Nejimaki Kagyu

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Sometimes you don't need a special technique and years of training to be badass.

Mangaunlimited only.

Marble: If ya can’t represent why you’re tha better choice than Yoh…
Then die.
Chapter 69: Kamo VS Marble.
Kamo: Marble-san…

Kamo: You’re a failure as Kagyuu-chan’s family member.
Chapter 69: Kamo VS Marble.

Marble: What?

{No way!! Doesn’t he realize saying that is essentially suicide? What is he thinking…!?}
Kamo: Education is…
Something brings pain…
What someone I detest said.
BC: Hm?
Kamo: That is an undeniable truth…
But if taken too far,
It’s the same as unjust punishment or bullying.
Which brings me to you Marble-san..

Kamo: It’s as if you’re the complete opposite.
Your love of Kagyuu-chan, is borderline obsessive despite you only wanting to be her guardian.
That is you don’t even understand that you’re poisoning her more than helping.

Kamo: What is important for growth is…
And affection.
If you only partake of sweet foods…
You’re bound to become fat.
Marble: Hey Kamo..
I toldya right?
To exercise caution in what you say…
Well, I know it’s sudden an all so you probably got flustered, yeah?
OK, consider that one a freebie.
If ya take back what ya said I’ll forgive it.
Yer the sorta guy who can come up with good things once ya calm down and think.

Kamo: You might be her relative…
But that doesn’t give you the right to take away her freedom!
Why don’t you try having more faith in her?
Kagyuu-chan has things she wants to do for herself.
Don’t underestimate them….!
Those girls all have strength!
There may be walls in front of them…
But with their own will and desires they can overcome adversity.
Simply saying it’s dangerous….
Has the same adverse effect as taking scissors away from a child without explaining the reason.

Kamo: It’s when one is injured that they become stronger…
The flesh heals stronger than before.
I was like you at one time…
But when I witnessed them first hand I realized…
My own foolishness.
They laugh when they’re happy…
And cry when they’re sad.

{And Kagyuu-chan who lives her life to the fullest…}
{Is always full of radiance.}
Kamo: Perhaps I might even have admiration for her.
I am a teacher…
And I want to protect her maturation.

Kamo: Her right to love someone…
Does not belong to you.
I know you wanted me to say something…
Yoh: My own terrible position…
Tell me…

Kamo: The feelings you have for Kagyuu-chan..
Are they really just those of a guilty conscious?
And there isn’t just anyone who can decide that…
Don’t you think that’s something you should discover yourself?
Yoh: Kamo…

Marble: I’ve put up with enough of yer crap…
But I’ll tell Jyuubee..
That up until the end you were one hell of a guy.
(Sfx Meri meri meri meri meri *Griind griiind griiind*)

Marble: Seeya.
Marble: Neji..
(Sfx- Kiri kri kiri *grind grind grind*)

Marble: Zenmai kya…
Yoh: Guah….

Marble: Aaah!!
Why’d you…
Yoh: I..
I don’t know…
Even I don’t know why I did it..
Even though I hate him…
I don’t know what I’m doing anymore..
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)

Yoh: If Kamo-sensei were to die, I know Kagyuu-chan would be devastated…
The only thing I’m absolutely sure of now is…
That I don’t want to see her cry…
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)

Marble: Che…
There ain’t no end to this…
We’ll wait here until Jyuubee shows up.
Kamo: Sure.

Kojika: It’s all over…
For you dumb bitch.
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)
(Sfx- Hah)

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