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Translations: Gintama 490 (2)

Naruto 351

[Shonen] Naruto Ch351 by brucelee

+ posted by brucelee as translation on Apr 20, 2007 13:28 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 351

Translated By: Brucelee at Narutofan forum

NOTE : Not to be used for ANY scanlations, till further notice.

here it is EnJOY ^_^

Hi everyone. Before I translate this week, I have a request of all of you.

I am desperate to for more rep. I really want this more rep because I associate it with love and penis size. Therefore, I'm turning to all of you for rep. If every one of you reading rep me once that would mean I would be ‘ne plus ultra’ in no time at all and my internet penis would be massive!

page 1
An awesome kunoichi who wishes for Sasuke’s recognition. She sees everything with a cold delicate glance but lives boldly and passionately.

page 2
Tricked by Karin One guy is hanging around.
Suigetsu: Eh?
Suigetsu: I’m back here…
Suigetsu: Guess it was right back there.
Guy: Hey, what the hell did you guys come here for?
Suigetsu: We just came to get Juugo.
Suigetsu: We want him to join us.
Guy: Haha. You guys…
Guy: Do you any idea what you’re getting yourselves into?

page 3
Guy: If you let that guy loose on the world then…
Suigetsu: I feel the same way.
Suigetsu: But I was persuaded…or rather forced.
Guy: Even if you guys are strong, you’re nowhere near his level.
Suigetsu: If it wasn’t for what Sasuke said you’d be dead now.
Guy: Kukuku Go and get slaughtered by Juugo!
Suigetsu: …I don’t suppose ….Sasuke’ll miss one guy.
SFX: slash

page 4
Karin: Sasuke!!!
Juugo: Gehahaha

page 5
Juugo: I’m not done yet.
Karin: (Sasuke’s chakra is…)

page 6
Karin: He transformed!

page 7

Juugo: Another bastard copying me, huh?
Juugo: However, to be able to do partial transformation is pretty impressive.
Juugo: You use the cursed seal well.
Sasuke: I don’t want to fight you…
Sasuke: I only came to talk to you, Juugo.
Juugo: He’s strong!
Juugo: A copy cat bastard even better than Kimimaro.

page 8
Juugo: What the…
Suigetsu: You’re using a different ability than before, huh Juugo.
Suigetsu: That’s rock solid.

page 9
Suigetsu: sasuke leave him to me.
Suigetsu: And Karin, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!
Karin: Crap.
Sasuke: Cut it out suigetsu, we didn’t come here to fight.
Sauke: I’m gonna talk to him.
Suigetsu: He’s not the type you can talk to.
Suigetsu: We have to take him by force.
Juugo: Ah that’s it! You’re Suigetsu!
Juugo: I remember you.

page 10

Suigetsu: Ha!

page 11
Sasuke: Both of you, cut it out.
Karin: That’s it, finish each other off.
Suigetsu: ha!
Juugo: C’mon!

page 12
SFX hiss hiss hiss
page 13

Sasuke: guys…you want me to kill you?

page 14

SFX: hiss hiss

page 15

Suigetsu: (He was seriously ready to kill us)
SFX: gulp
Karin: Sasuke…You’re so hot!
Juugo: eh?
page 16

Juugo: aaaaaaaaaaaaah
SFX: clink
Juugo: quickly, lock the door!
Sasuke: Juugo, I came to get you out of here.
Sasuke: Come with me.

page 17
Suigetsu: He’s overdoing it a bit, aint he?
Karin: no, that’s not it.
Juugo: I don’t wanna kill anyone anymore.
Juugo: I don’t wanna go outside, just leave me here.
Suigetsu: Eh? What?
Suigetsu: Wow, total Schizo.*1
Karin: I told you right? Juugo can’t even help himself, he just has a murderous intent
Karin: He can’t control himself.
Karin: He really doesn’t want to be a killer.

As always your comments/corrections are appreciated.

*1 I know this is the wrong word but I don't think MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER would fit very well

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