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Translations: Gintama 516 (2) , Bleach 602 by BadKarma

Nori Tama 4

The Night Gathering for Cats

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 23, 2011 17:01 | Go to Nori Tama

-> RTS Page for Nori Tama 4

Translation reserved for Manga:Code

Page 57
Episode 4: The Night Gathering for Cats
Page 58
1. Tama~
2. Your subordinate is calling you.
(Sound: KARI KARI : sound of scratching window?)
3. Tama?
4. …it’s cold. I don’t want to.
Page 59
1. Then, why don’t you let him/her inside?
2. Nori, you go and do that.
3. No. It’s cold for me too.
4. ……
5. Don’t make someone do it; you go and do it.
(Sound of poking Nekotama over the blanket with a rolled magazine.)
(Sound of getting frustrated)
- A Nekotama curling up under Kotatsu?
**NOTE: Kotatsu: a blanket drawn around a table with a source of heat inside to keep one’s legs warm while sitting with legs curled under the table. “People” often get drowsy while sitting and fall asleep.**
6. How lazy you are.
How about this, then!!
(Sound of lifting kotatsu)
Page 60
1. It’s c~o~l~d~.
2. You give up now?
3. …Heh
4. Hekuchin (Sound of sneezing )
5. Zuzu… (Sound of the aftermath of sneezing)
6. …….
7. I guess it can’t be helped…
Page 61
(Sound of spinning window lock)
(Sound of opening sliding window)
(Sound of cat walking on tatami)

(nya~ : Sound of cat talking to Nekotama)
1. Oh, that’s right. Is it tonight?
(Sound of sudden realization)
2. ?
(Nya~ Nya~ : sound of cats’ discussing)
Page 62
(nya~ x 3)
1. Um?
2. You’re amazing, Tama.
You understand cat’s language.
- Were you a bilingual?
Page 63
1. Of course, Tama used to be a cat.
- I guess that’s how it was.
2. So, what did they say?
3. They said tonight is the meeting.
4. Meeting? At where?
5. They always do it here.
Page 64
1. At this mansion?
2. Huh…
3. I’ve never realized it.
4. Say,
can I go see as well?
- Nau
- Nein
- Nya~o
- Noao~
- Nah~
Page 65
- Ms. Tama, could you translate for me?
1. What did she/he say?
2. “I don’t really mind~ but” She/he said.
3. But?
(Sound of cats: meow, nya and such x 4)
Page 66
1. Wow
(Sound of cats meow, nya, and such x 3)
2. Indeed, this is like all the cats in the neighborhood at once place…
- That’s the cat I see in front of post office all the time.
(Sound of cats meow, nya, and such x 3)
3. Um.
4. Nya~
- Nyaoh
(Thump: Sound of hard stepping on floor)
5. Al~right, everyone.
Stray cats, lost cats, or house cats!
Mixed fur, spotty fur, or striped fur!
6. Ties from previous lives whose tale we pass by every other day.
7. under the shade of the moon waiting for the early morning to come,
we share the street.
8. Here all we are,
Tonight, please meet your neighbors~
Page 68
1. So, did you bring it with you, Nori?
2. Oh…yes, yes.
3. Good evening all.
I’m Norie.
- I was going to just peek, but,
- Hopefully, I’m not calling for a trouble.
4. Just as a customary of acquainting, please have some of these…
(Sound of leaving the plate on ground gently)
- they’re a little scary~
(Sound of all cats staring at Nori)
Page 69
(Sound: doki doki : nori’s heart’s pounding)
(Sound: the cat’s smelling the food)
(Sound: first bite)
(Sound: multiple bites)
Page 70
1. Uh..
2. Oh..
3. OhhWaaah!
(Sound: cats crowding in toward the bowl, the sound becomes louder and louder)
4. Hey, Tama.
5. What are they all talking about?
6. They’re saying “it’s cold…”
7. I meant…
did they say anything about tonight’s topic?
- like…a good place to find food or such?
Page 71
1. More importantly, why do they gather at all, in the first place?
2. You ask, why?
3. ?
4. Isn’t it just humans?
who need a reason to gather.
5. ….
….maybe you’re right.
Page 72
1. By the way, what time does the meeting end?
2. Who knows?
3. I thought you’d say that.
4. That’s nice~.
I want to become a cat, too.
5. …Hekuchin! **Sound of sneezing**

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