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D.Gray-Man 179

Timothy Innocence

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 5, 2009 17:27 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 179

179th Night: Timothy Innocence
[Insert text: Even if troubles stand bluntly in his way, a man must keep on walking straight ahead...!!]

[Insert text: Everything that he cares about...! Timothy screams!!]
Timothy: STOOOOOOOOOOP~~~!!! // (Why...?)

Timothy: (Why does Emilia have to die...?) // I'll never... // (No...!) // NEVER FORGIVE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!
Emilia: Timothy...
Timothy: (No...!)

Timothy: (I can't take this!!)

[Text: TSU-KI-KA-MI]

[no text just innocence]

[no text just possession]

Level3: Oi... // What are you playing at, Level 2?
Timothy!Level2: ...Emilia...
Emilia: ...?

Timothy!Level2: Don't touch Emilia!
OtherLevel2: Owww! // H - Hey, the kid's all glowing... // He's, like... / ...kinda going all... / ...pale............

[Kanji: ACTI // VATE]
Akuma: ??!

Tsukikami: Possessin' an Akuma, absorbin' it... // ...and convertin' it to Innocence. // Take a look... // at the true power of Tsukikami!
[TN: EDIT: Looks like I don't need to edit anything after all ^^]

Timothy: Innocence Conversion // Complete! // TSUKI // KAMI!!]
[TN: "Tsukikami" literally means "possession god/spirit"]

Timothy: Whoooooooaaa?!! // I TOTALLY MORPHED!!
Emilia: That voice...?! Is that Timothy?!!
Timothy: Wait... I can take over these guys too......?! // [aside]no wa~~~y![/aside]
Tsukikami: Little fool... your back's to the enemy!! Turn around!!
Timothy: Crap - !
Emilia: So you really do have some kind of strange power...?
Timothy: Did you just call me a fool?!
Emilia: I said no such thing! // [aside]not that I'm saying you aren't one![/aside]
Tsukikami: That was me! Over here!

Timothy: !
Emilia: Timothy?
Tsukikami: So ya can fi~nally hear me, can ya? // I've been right by ya all this time... // ...but you had to go o~n an' on possessing nothin' but humans, din'tcha? Not once activatin' properly... // An' since I'm insidea ya, I couldn' even take form 'til you noticed I was there... // Please ta meet'cha. / Guess I'd better introduce myself. // I'm the Tsukikami "Second".

Timothy: ...Me?
Tsukikami: Oh - this is just an image I borrowed from insidea your head. / Easier ta talk this way, y'know?
Emilia: T - Timothy, what on Earth are you doing...?!
Timothy: Check it out, Emilia - it's a grown-up me!!
Tsukikami: Ah... // I should probably mention, but as the compatible user of this Innocence, you're the only one who can hear or see me. No-one else can.
Timothy: Guahh!
Emilia: Timothy~~~!!
Level2: Ugh, that stings... you're not an Akuma any more, are you?!
Timothy: C - Can't see you...? Why?
Level2: Turning Akuma into Innocence... come on, that's just not right...!
Tsukikami: Well, I don't mind explainin', but is this really the time?

Timothy: ...Did you... // ...just say... "Innocence"...? // This power of mine... / it... Innocence...?
Emilia: !
Akuma: Huh?
Emilia: Innocence...
Flashback!Kanda: If it is Innocence... // ...He'll have to join up with the Black Order, and we'll make the brat an Exorcist.
Tsukikami: Sure is. // I mean, just take a look at yourself.

Timothy: Hey, uh......
Tsukikami: You can call me whatever you'd like, Master.
Timothy: Well then... Tsukikami. // Tell me how to beat these guys.
[Side text: A bond of resolve with the Innocence, "Tsukikami"!!]

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#1. by Miertje86 (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
Thnx for the translation, I'm very glad D.Gray-Man is back!!
#2. by fishbot (Intl Translator)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
Thanks a lot, Carlos! Looking after Naruto and Bleach!!!
#3. by Trent (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
WB d.gray!!!! ty as always
#4. by Lsshin (Intl Translator)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
thanks bro...
#5. by andrewsungchehau (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
Thanks a lot. Yes, glad D.Gray-Man return with awesomeness again.xD
#6. by Haynes (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
Well thank you very much Mr. Carlos Net. I haven't read it yet cause that would ruin the scan. I would scan it myself but I'm not that brave or stupid. I'm sure it's a great translation as always.

(I came up with something instead of that generic thanks. lol)
#7. by kewl0210 (Translator)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
I would've mentioned the giant kanjis on the pages.
Like page 5 the kanji on his forehead jewel says "open" and the one on his head says "possess" 憑 The first kanji in Tsukikami.

There's a full script sorta spoiler on this page:
If that helps. It seemed you were right on most of the places you were unsure.
#8. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 5, 2009
That script appears to be missing the word I couldn't see XD
#9. by gumin/zx (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 6, 2009
#10. by melric (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 6, 2009
the wait made me want a more epic d.gray-man; but still, its just good to see it back...

thanks for the translation!
#11. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 6, 2009
This wasn't an epic chapter? I thought this was a top-notch chapter! New, awesome Innocence for the win!
#12. by Godaime_Raikage (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 6, 2009
yay finally a new chapter of DGM. I was so lookin forward to this, thanks Cnet for your translation
#13. by Ariadne chan (Intl Translator)
Posted on Mar 6, 2009
at last is back!!!!
thanks CARLOS!!!
#14. by Dark Circuit (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 6, 2009
The break was a great thing if it meant bring in some epic new material, eagerly looking forward to the next 1. thanks 4 the quick translation
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