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Translations: Gintama 515 by kewl0210

Soul Eater 64


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 10, 2009 15:45 | Go to Soul Eater

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[TN: After returning from Japan, completing a hellish assignment (including losing about two hundred words in a crash and having to retype them from scratch), taking a breather and getting somewhat addicted to Tales of VS, I'm finally back and getting down to work on my backlog! Installment 10: a chapter each of Soul Eater and D.Gray-man!]

[Side text: Maka in flight training...]
Soul: ......

Soul Eater
Chapter 64: Readiness

Kim: Hey, Maka~? Can you not go a little faster?
Maka: Mm... I guess this might be our limit...
Soul: ...... // (Are you okay with this...? I'm meant to be a Death Scythe, you know...)

Maka: Papa... / What did you want to tell us?
DeathScythe: With Soul a Death Scythe now... and all the members of Spartoi upgraded to two-star teams... / All of Shibusen, including me, is expecting great things from you in the battle against the Kishin and Witches.

DeathScythe: But the enemy isn't going to just keep quiet and wait for you to come after them. / They're looking for any chance they can get to take you out before you get off the ground... // Their target, Maka... / going to be you...

Soul: The same reason that internal investigator was killed, huh...
DeathScythe: High-level soul perception abilities... / Our enemies are afraid of that kind of power. / We can't allow a second tragedy like BJ's to occur... // The soul perception abilities Maka possesses... // ...will be our trump card when it comes to tracking down the Kishin's hiding place. // Shibusen needs to protect you, no matter what it takes...

Maka: ...So you're more worried about losing my abilities than losing me.
Soul: ......
DeathScythe: Eehh?!! / O... Of course not! // D... Don't be ridiculous... / Maka-cha~~~n? / Papa... Papa...!
Maka: Let's go. / Soul.
DeathScythe: S... Soul~~~~ // [aside]you've got to help me do something about our father-daughter bond... pleeeease...![/aside]
Soul: ...... // (Why do I have to...?!)
DeathScythe: [aside]pretty please~~~~![/aside]

Soul: Hey, Maka... // I don't think your father really thinks your soul perception abilities are all that important...
Maka: What are you talking about? // I know that...
Soul: And I know the goal of all Shibusen students is the whole becoming a Death Scythe thing... but just because we've done that, doesn't mean it's over, you know?
Maka: Well, obviously. / We still have to save Kid, and there are tons of other things that we still have to do...

Soul: You just don't look like you're ready for all that to me...
Maka: What's wrong with you today?!! // Can you just tell me what you're getting at?!!
Kim: (Aahhh, here they go again... So awkward...)
Jackie: (There's still a way to go to Shibusen, huh, Kim...)

Maka: Kim... Jackie... you head on ahead back to Shibusen... // You'll only be late if you hang around with us, right?
Kim: ! / Huh?! Really?! You don't mind?
Jackie: (Thank God...)
Kim: Well, we'll just be going, then~!
Maka: Uh-huh! // ......
Soul: ...... // Did you sense something?
Maka: Yeah...

Maka: A wavelength with clear hostility directed at us...
Soul: Is it Justin?
Maka: No... / It doesn't seem to be him... // It's coming...
Soul: Coming...? // We're in midair up here...

Gopher: Die, Maka Albarn.

Noah: Maka Albarn's soul perception abilities may be key to finding the Kishin... / I care not if you kill her; just bring her soul to me.
Gopher: Yes... / Noah-sama...

Maka: !!
Soul: Maka!!

[no text just fight]

Maka: (So fast...!)
Gopher: How does it feel, hm? Being on the receiving end of a soul hunt for once...
Maka: Ugh...

Maka: Huh?!

Maka: Wha...?!
Gopher: What's this? Don't dodge...
Soul: What is this guy?!

Maka: He's... // A Grigori like me...?! // And he has magical power implanted into him...
Gopher: What an unpleasant girl, staring into people's souls like that... / You're a dangerous one...!

Tsubaki: Do you think Maka-chan's all right...? She's seemed a little off lately...
Liz: Mmm... I guess it's burnout syndrome, huh...
Patty: Hohoh~~!

Liz: I can understand how having turned Soul into a Death Scythe might kill her drive a little...
BlackStar: You've never had any to begin with, after all..
Liz: Are you even tasting that thing?
BlackStar: Well, it won't last long... // I'll be right back.

Gopher: Ahahahahah! Dance... dance!!
Maka: ...
Soul: We're not going to get anywhere just running from the enemy... // We need to attack!
Maka: Yeah!!

Maka: Take this~~~~~!
Gopher: Too slow...

Gopher: The Meister who defeated the witch Arachne... You'd piqued my interest all right, but what a disappointment... // It makes me laugh to think of the likes of you being a part of his Collection.
Soul: What now?! // We've tried attacking, but the gap in speed is too great for us to catch him...

Flashback!Soul: I know the goal of all Shibusen students is the whole becoming a Death Scythe thing... but just because we've done that, doesn't mean it's over... // You just don't look like you're ready for all that to me...
Soul: What do we do, Maka...?! // Are we going to draw him into a ground battle somehow...? // ?!

Maka: Angel, my ass... you idiot... // Come off it...

Maka: How the hell am I meant to fight with screwed-up wings like these?!!
Soul: Gotcha.
Maka/Soul: Soul Resonance!!!

Gopher: !!

Soul: Let's go, Maka!!

Maka: It's on.
[Insert text: Time to show you the power of a Death Scythe...!!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in the October issue (on sale Saturday 12th September)]

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