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Translations: Bleach 600 (2)

Fairy Tail 155

Last Man

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 13, 2009 16:21 | Go to Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
[Insert text: I am the star of my own life!! // My future is rosy!! / And my partner... Leon-sama!♡]

[Insert text: Erza, utterly outmatched!! Does her unwavering heart hold a chance of victory?!]
Midnight: Come, Erza. // Show me the best that you can do. // ...Although of course... // ...your attacks will never reach me.
Gérard: (It's true... his Reflector magic will deflect any and all attacks...)
[Chapter 155: Last Man]

Midnight: !!!
Gérard: (She's fast!!!)
Midnight: It matters not how quick your movements are... you cannot penetrate my Reflector.

Midnight: You see?

Midnight: What...?!

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings: Since I was making a TV appearance, I had to get made up. Man, that was embarrassing.]
Erza: Your magic possesses two great weaknesses.
Gérard: (Two weaknesses...? // In this short space of time, she...!)
Erza: The first is that although it can distort all manner of magic and weapons... // is unable to do the same to an actual human body.

Erza: If it could, then you would have targeted my body rather than my armour back then.
Midnight: Hah. // That may be so... but it does not prevent me from strangling you with your own clothing if I so choose.
Erza: And this is the second.
Midnight: !!!

Midnight: Wha - ?! // Guahhh!!!!
Erza: Whilst you were distorting my armour, you avoided the swords that I sent to attack you.
Midnight: !!!
Erza: Why did you not simply alter their paths?

Erza: Your power can only be focused in a single area at any one time. // Around yourself, or around your enemy, but never both at once. / Whilst you are using your magic upon me, you are unable to use your Reflector to defend yourself.
Midnight: Nghh...!
Gérard: (Her insight... // incredible...)
Erza: Furthermore, this Distant Garment I wear is a hugely flexible form of armour. Your magic is useless against it. // Hm? / I suppose including this armour... // ...that makes a total of three weaknesses.

Midnight: Ugh... // If only I had been quicker...
Erza: This is over.
Midnight: If only I had been a little quicker to kill you... // would not have been subjected to this terror...

Midnight: When midnight comes, my power of distortion reaches its ultimate level!
Gérard: What?!!
Midnight: Aaaaahhhhhh!!

Midnight: Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!

Gérard: Wha - ?!
Midnight: Don't blame me for anything that happens now! // Haaahhh!!!!!

Erza: Unghh!
Gérard: Guahh!

Erza: Gérard!!!! // Guahh!
Midnight: Dear, dear... don't be so quick to die, now! // The fun is just beginning!
Erza: Aaaahhhhh! // Nghahh!
Gérard: ERZA~~~~~~~!!!!
Erza: Nguaaaahhhhhh!!
Midnight: Hahahahahahah!!!!

[no text just owned]

Midnight: Wha - ?
Gérard: ?!! // (Wh... What just happened?! // I was sure my body was penetrated... and Erza...)
Midnight: M... My illusions do not... affect you...?

Gérard: (Illusions?!! // That was...?!!)
Erza: I'm afraid magic that acts upon the eyes will not affect me.
Midnight: Im... Impossible... // I am... the greatest... Greater even than my father... the greatest... of the Six... // The undefeatable... ultimate... mage...!
Erza: One who is able to laugh at the suffering of others... // ...could never hope to achieve such heights.

Midnight: (Unghh... // My prayer... // All I wanted was to sleep... // a quiet place...)
Gérard: (This is... // ...Erza...)
Erza: If you do not wish to be defeated... // should always be aware of your own weaknesses. // And always... // kind.
[Insert text: True strength resides... in the heart!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 156: "Zero"]

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#1. by Dark Sin (Scanlator)
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
the anime was a big disappointment
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Oct 14, 2009
Tell me about it. Substandard animation on top of all the miscasting? Come off it >_<
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Oct 13, 2009 155 th Ju-da-su
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Oct 13, 2009 155 es Gôthii
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Oct 15, 2009 155 id acosk
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