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Translations: Gintama 490 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 744 by cnet128 , Bleach 576 by cnet128 , Naruto 672 by aegon-rokudo

Bleach 511

To Die On One's Feet

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 20, 2012 16:58 | Go to Bleach

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[Insert text: ...Farewell, Genryuusai.]

Flashback!Shunsui: Hey, Yama-jii! // What's this?
Flashback!Yamamoto: Shunsui, is that you again?! // How many times do I have to tell you not to come into my room uninvited?!!
Flashback!Shunsui: Owowowowow!! Sorry, sorry - I'm sorry, okay?!
Flashback!Yamamoto: I've never heard such an insincere apology! You are NOT forgiven!!
Flashback!Shunsui: I mean it, really!! I'm sorry I came in without asking! It's just, that picture - it really caught my interest... // I never knew you were the type to hang up pictures and stuff. // So, what is it? / Some kind of fire god from an old legend?

Flashback!Yamamoto: Ah, that picture... / That is a monster that appeared in Soul Society long ago. // It appeared when Soul Society was in great need... / ...and only brought further turmoil. // It will not trouble us again. // If, someday... / ...that monster were to appear before us again...

Flashback!Yamamoto: I fear that will be the last day I am ever seen in this place.

Shunsui: Yama-jii!!!

Bleach 511
To Die On One's Feet

Juchabach: For the leader of the Gods of Death... // ...your own death was remarkably pitiful. // Yamamoto Shigekuni.

Juchabach: Let us move on. / Haschwald.
Haschwald: Yes, Sire.

Juchabach: Even in death, you mean to stop me? // A worthless notion. // Yamamoto Shigekuni... / You are a fool. // Why do you think... / ...I did not include you in my list of five notable threats? // Answer me this. / Why did you not heal your left arm?

Juchabach: You had only to give the order, and that human girl could have restored it. // Why did you not do so? // I know the answer. // You did not wish to use humans to your own ends. // I know full well... / even at the height of your battle with Aizen... // were hesitant to involve the human Kurosaki Ichigo in the conflict. // And still today... / Bearing the weight of not only Soul Society, but also the human world upon your shoulders, you stood before me... // And you were defeated. // You have become weak. / Yamamoto Shigekuni. // The old you would not have acted this way.

Juchabach: The original Gotei 13 that you established... / ...were "defenders" in name only. // They were nothing less than a brutal mob of killers. // But that is precisely why... // ...they were a force to be feared. // And you, Yamamoto Shigekuni, standing at the head of that group... / ...were a true demon of the sword. // You used whatever means available to defeat your enemies... / ...and the deaths of others, even your own subordinates, carried no more weight to you than a speck of ash. // But that all changed when you exterminated the Quincy. // You had won for yourselves a world of peace. / You found things that you desired to protect, to treasure... // And in doing so, you became a group of weaklings, ready to hesitate in the name of your meaningless justice or pride.

Juchabach: Allow me to tell you... // ...what you have failed to realise until the day of your death. // Soul Society will die here today. // But the Gotei 13... // ...died with us, a thousand years ago.

Juchabach: ...The final stage is upon us. // Send word to all of the Sternritter. // It is time... / crush Soul Society utterly.

Haschwald: Onward. // "Soldat".

Shinigami: Wh... // What the...?! // They're sending in reinforcements! // Don't falter! / Enemies of this level won't -

Shinigami: ...Aghhh... // Aa... / Aaaghhh...!! // Arghh!! // Ughh...! // I won't lose to- / Unrghh! // Th... / They're too strong... // Help... / Somebody, please...

Juchabach: ...It is over. // Let us move. // We have crushed the main forces of the Gotei 13. / Division Zero will no doubt show themselves soon enough. // We will withdraw and wait for them to assemble.

Juchabach: ..................... // ...What is that...............?
[Insert text: A thunderous explosion...!!]

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