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Translations: Gintama 490 by kewl0210

Bleach 517

The Stairway to Heaven

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 25, 2012 01:05 | Go to Bleach

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Guidelines For Using My Translations

[Insert text: We are the Royal Guard, Division Zero!!]

[Insert text: They make their appearance!!]

Someone: Awwwww yeahhhhhhhh~~~!!!!

Someone: We're here, we're here, we're finally here!! // Division Zero are officially in the HOUSE~~~~!! // Man, it sure has been a while!! How you hanging, kiddywinks of the Gotei 13?!! // Hope you've been eatin' well, sleepin' well, and stayin' healthy!
Shinji: ..................... // I gotta admit, this guy is not what I was expecting at all. // Aughhh!!!

Shinji: The hell was that for?!!
Hikifune: It's so good to see you again, Shinji!! / Is Hiyori-chan not with you today? How rare!
Shinji: See me..."again"?!! / Who the heck are you?! // .........Wait... // "Hiyori-chan"...?
Hikifune: Whatever are you talking about?! Surely you haven't forgotten little old me!! // It's me, remember?!! Kirio!
[Box: Division Zero / "Kokuou" / Hikifune Kirio]
[TN: The "Kokuou" part seems to be some sort of title. Literally "Grain King". Possibly a pun on the differently-spelled word "kokuou" meaning just "king" (of a country)?]
Shinji: Wait... / You're Kirio-san?! // You've certainly...ehhh?! / I'd say "changed", but that ain't the half of it!! Are you even the same person?!!
Hikifune: Oh, Shinji, you silly little dear! / I'm just the same as I always was!! // Dear me, I'm hungry!!
Someone: Hey.

Someone: It's been a while, eh?! Unohana. // So how's things? // I hope you're still makin' good use of them healing techniques I taught you!
Unohana: But of course.
Someone: You sure about that?! / Looks to me like there's been an awful lot of people dyin' around here lately! // Whaddaya got to say for yourself, eh?!

Oshou: Now, now!! // This is a joyful reunion! / I understand you have things to catch up on, but that can wait!
Someone: ...Tch.
Shunsui: Well, well...... // You Division Zero folks sure haven't changed a bit, eh, Oshou! // So... // On what business have you come here this time?

Oshou: ...You must be Kurosaki Ichigo. // We have come here... // rebuild the Gotei 13, by order of the Spirit King. // First of all, Kurosaki Ichigo... // ...we must take you to the Palace above.

Bleach 517
The Stairway to Heaven

Soifon: This is preposterous!!! // I don't know how distinguished this Division Zero are... / ...but after sitting around doing nothing in the Spirit Palace while Seireitei ended up in this state... // they think they can come and rebuild the Gotei 13?! / Preposterous is putting it lightly!!
Oshou: ...Allow me to continue. / Now then...
Soifon: Hey!!!

Someone: Oh, shut up.
Soifon: (How did he move like that............?!)
Someone: If anyone oughtta be complaining here, it's us. // What's your organisation called, eh? / The Gotei 13, right? You know what that means? / Eh?! // Our job is to defend the Royal Palace. // Your job is to defend Seireitei.

Someone: You call yourselves the defenders of Seireitei... / ...but you come crying to us 'cause you can't do your jobs? // "Gotei 13", my ass!
Soifon: Ngh...
Oshou: I told you already, idle talk can wait. // First, we must settle what we came here to do.
Shutara: That will not be necessary.

Shutara: I have already gathered all of the items... // ...that we were sent to retrieve.
People: !!!!
Shutara: All that remains, Kurosaki Ichigo...

Shutara: you.
Unohana: This will not do. // The individuals contained within those spheres... / ...are Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia, yes? // All three of those Shinigami are in far too delicate a state to leave Seireitei. // I cannot allow you to take them.
Someone: But that's exactly why we do gotta take 'em! // Ain't it?!

Someone: You oughtta have figured it out by now. // Your skills are never gonna be enough to bring these three back to full health! // Kuchiki Byakuya especially. // If he stays here in Seireitei, he'll die! I guarantee it! // You can't handle this. // I'll heal them! // ...You know I'm right. // Retsu. // I'm sure you understand what you oughtta be doing right now... // ...and healing the wounded ain't it.

Mayuri: That is Tensa Zangetsu inside that sphere, is it not? // So you infiltrated my laboratory? // You never did know how to show proper respect.
Shutara: Oh? // Why, if it isn't young Mayuri. // I see you, too... / ...have retained your propensity for exaggeration. // "Infiltrated", you say? I simply placed my hand against the door... / ...and it opened quite freely. / Although...

Shutara: I did note that the lock was rather looser... // ...than in the days when I was here.
[Box: Division Zero / "Oo-Origami" / Shutara Senjumaru]
[TN: "Oo-Origami" = "Great Weaving Guardian". Possibly some kind of pun on, you know, the other "origami"?]
Mayuri: ........................
Ichigo: H...... / Hold on a minute! // If you're taking those people to treat their wounds, why would you take me along?! // I'm not wounded as badly as any of them! / I can heal up just fine here in Seireitei! // And there are still things that I have to -

Oshou: This we know. // It is for a different reason that we must take you to the Palace.
Ichigo: A different reason...?
Urahara: Hellooooooo there~!! // Ah, thank goodness, thank goodness! Perfect timing! // It looks like everybody's here!!
[Side text: An emergency call from a certain someone in Hueco Mundo!!]

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