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Translations: Gintama 515 (2)

Bleach 548

The Thin Ice

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 14, 2013 22:29 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Wandenreich make their dramatic appearance...!!]
People: Get to the Division building! / Quick! // What the hell is going on?! // Which way even is the Division building?!
Oomaeda: (What's going on...?! What just happened...?! // Why has the mansion disappeared?! // I'm scared...This is too scary, too scary, too scary!! // Why does something like this have to happen the one time the Captain isn't around?! // What the heck am I meant to do now?!!!)

Mareyo: ...Onii-sama... // Are you going to leave us...? // ...Please don't go away... / I'm too scared... // I don't even mind if you won't play ball with me... / Just please don't go away...

Oomaeda: Sorry. // I've got to go out for a bit.
Mareyo: ......Onii-sama...
Oomaeda: Mareyo. / You're a smart girl, so you should understand. // I'm not leaving you behind because I want you to be scared. // I have to protect you... / To protect Saburou and our big sister and our father and our mother... / To protect Gondawara-san and Kanemitsu-san next door... // And of course... / protect Seireitei. / That's why I have to go. // All right?

Oomaeda: Because your brother... // a soldier of the Gotei 13. // H...Hey! Don't make that face! // I'll come back safe, I promise -

Oomaeda: ...It's you......! // You're the bastard who stole Captain Soifon's Bankai......!
[Bleach 548]

[The Thin Ice]
BazzB: Ahhhhhhhhhh~~~!! // That's right, I remember now! / I thought I'd seen you somewhere before!

BazzB: You're that icy Captain guy... // ...who got his Bankai stolen by Tsang Tu!
Hitsugaya: Captain of the Tenth Division, Hitsugaya Toushirou.
BazzB: I'm Sternritter H! / "The Heat"! // Bazz-B!

BazzB: Sounds like a pretty good matchup! // Don't ya think?!!
Hitsugaya: Indeed.

People: Guahhh!! // Nguaaahh?!
Rangiku: Fall back, all of you, and find another area to protect!
People: !
Rangiku: Me and the Captain... // ...can handle this one on our own!

People: Y... / Yessir! // Hey... / Take a look at this ice...... // The ice that protected us from those flames just now... Was it really this thin...?! // It's a miracle that such a thin shield was able to even stop that blast... // ...Captain Hitsugaya... // Can you really handle this guy......?!
BazzB: Hey, hey, hey, hey! // That's some pretty thin ice you've got there!!

BazzB: There's no point putting up sheets like that - my flames'll melt them in an instant! // You're just making the air more humid!
Hitsugaya: (...Just a little more...)
Rangiku: Captain! // I've finished clearing the other soldiers from the area! // Let me help you out!
Hitsugaya: Thank you... / I'm counting on you. // It looks like I haven't quite got the hang of controlling it on my own just yet. // ...What?
Rangiku: Oh, nothing~~!♪

Rangiku: I was just thinking... // Maybe you losing your Bankai wasn't such a bad thing after all~! // I mean... / You're so cute when you need my help~!♪
Hitsugaya: Wha... // Matsumoto~!!
Rangiku: Yes, yes, here I go! // Growl... // Haineko! // Let's do this! It's time for Operation Millefeuille!
Hitsugaya: I don't remember giving it a name like that!
BazzB: ...What's this now?

BazzB: It's just another measly wall of ice! // What's so special about that, eh?!
Rangiku: Haineko! // House!

BazzB: ...I can't melt it...?! // No... / The surface is melting... // What's going on here...?
Hitsugaya: It's a multi-layered vacuum barrier.
BazzB: !
Hitsugaya: First, we create a multi-layered wall from Haineko's ash. After covering the surfaces of that wall with thin layers of ice, Haineko returns to its blade. // This creates a wall of ice containing numerous thin layers of empty vacuum. // Amongst all of the blades of the Gotei 13 Captains, my Zanpakutou is most likely... // ...the blade with the least difference in ability between its Shikai and Bankai.

Hitsugaya: The only real difference... // in the far more limited volume of ice it can create. // In order to make up for that, I've been working out the most efficient ways to make use of that limited supply... // And it seems like just a little ice... // more than enough to block your feeble flames.
BazzB: Why, you...!!

Hitsugaya: ...I told you, it's no use. // Your flames... / ...can't penetrate this vacuum barrier. // Now...

Hitsugaya: Let me slice you apart... // ...with my blade of vacuum-ice.
[Insert text: The thin ice pierces its target...!!]

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