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Translations: Gintama 490 (2)

One Piece 721

Rebecca and the Soldier

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 14, 2013 22:30 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 721: Rebecca and the Soldier
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 38: Eat This, Leader Scotch!!

[Insert text: The tearful truth comes out...?!]
Rebecca: ......... // Mr Soldier's...going to die...!
Luffy: Mr Soldier...?
Rebecca: He's a one-legged...toy soldier...
Luffy: A toy? // I met a guy like that at the entrance to the Colosseum!
Flashback!OneLeg: Why, hello there, little old man!
Rebecca: Yes...That was probably him...
Prisoners: We can't leave the Colosseum... Even if we have business outside, / there's no way for us to do anything.

Luffy: So you're worried about a toy dying? / Me, I think it's weird that toys are alive in the first place...
Rebecca: ...I suppose you wouldn't understand, since you came from outside... / But they're no different from us humans. // They become friends with people who have no friends... // Become brothers to those who have no brothers... // Become lovers to those who have no-one to love... / It's hard to understand why toys and humans aren't allowed to live together. // As for me... Ever since I lost my mother, who was my only family... / It was Mr Soldier who looked after me. // He's like a father to me...!!

Luffy: That guy, a father...?
Announcer: The wait is over, folks!! The ring is all fixed up!!
Prisoners: Rebecca... It's time for your match!
Rebecca: ......Yes... // Eh...? Wh - What are you doing, Lucy?!!
Prisoners: !!
Luffy: ...I dropped these two Colosseum Lunches in the scuffle just now! / I'm real sorry about that! After you emptied your wallet to buy them for me, too!
Announcer: And the D Block is shaping up to be as brutal a fight as the three before it~~~!!!
Rebecca: .........
Luffy: Mmm, this is pretty tasty, even off the floor!! // You don't look much like a prisoner to me.
Rebecca: Let's meet in the final.

Rebecca: .........
People: The tournament is about to resume!! // All D Block contestants into the ring~~~!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Mother~~~!!
Rebecca: .........
Flashback!Rebecca: Look at all these flowers~~~!!
Flashback!Mother: Oh my, Rebecca! // Thank you for helping me with my work! // Now let's go into town and sell them.

Flashback!People: What has happened to the King?!! // No!! Stop~~~~!! // The Riku Royal Army have set the town alight!!!
Flashback!Mother: The on fire...!! / What is happening to this country......?!
Flashback!People: Run for it, Scarlet-sama~~!!! // Guahhh!!!

Flashback!People: Aghh!! // What is this little runt?!! // Outta my way!! // Run~~~~~~!! As far away as you can~~~!! // *pant* // *pant* // Waaaaahhh~! // Waaaa...hhh...!
Flashback!Rebecca: Mother, I'm really hungry...
Flashback!Mother: I know you are, dear. We haven't eaten anything for two days now... // Rebecca... Will you be all right on your own for a little while? / Promise me you won't go anywhere...
Flashback!Rebecca: Okay!
Flashback!Mother: I'll go and buy something for you to eat......
Flashback!People: Where did that scoundrel go~~?!! // *pant* // *pant*

Flashback!Rebecca: ! // Mother?!
Flashback!OneLeg: *pant*...!! *pant*...!! *pant*...!! // I failed... / I failed to protect her...!!!
Flashback!Rebecca: ?!!
Flashback!OneLeg: *pant* / I am so sorry!!! / I failed to protect your mother's life... // She said she wanted me to give you this... / She told me you were waiting for her, terribly hungry...!!
Flashback!Rebecca: !

DoubleFlashback!Rebecca: Mother, I'm really hungry...
DoubleFlashback!Mother: I'll go and buy something for you to eat.
Flashback!Rebecca: Aaaahhhhh...... // ......Waaa... / ...aaaa - // !!
Flashback!People: There were bloodstains on the stairs... / The scoundrel can't have gone far!!! Keep searching!!!
Flashback!Rebecca: ...............!!
Flashback!OneLeg: (I'm so sorry...) // (I'm so sorry......!! I'm so sorry......!!!)

Flashback!OneLeg: A long time ago... / Your mother was a woman of high status. // Do you know about the new King who has taken over this country? // The new King has been hunting down... / ...all the people who used to be nobles under the old King. / They mean to capture you as well... // ...because you share your mother's noble blood.
Flashback!Rebecca: ..................
Flashback!OneLeg: I may have failed to protect your mother......!! / But I swear, I will protect you if it costs me my life!! // Until the day comes when you can find happiness!! / I will stay by your side!!!

Flashback!Rebecca: I want my mother...!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: ..................
Flashback!Rebecca: I hate you, Mr Soldier!!! You couldn't even save my mother!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: H... How do you like this?!
Flashback!Rebecca: Waaaaaaahhhh~~~!
Flashback!OneLeg: Where are you going, Rebecca?!!
Flashback!Rebecca: I'm going home!
Flashback!OneLeg: You must not! Your old home, no, the whole town is crawling... / ...with allies of the new King!!
Flashback!People: Doflamingo-sama~~~~~!! // Doflamingo!! // Doflamingo!!
Flashback!OneLeg: .........

Flashback!Doflamingo: For hundreds of years, the Riku Royal Family have brought nothing but suffering to this poor kingdom! / In the end, they even had the gall to steal from their own subjects out of greed!!! // But I will bring this country... // ...wealth and riches!!!
Flashback!People: You're a pretty hard worker, little toy!
Flashback!OneLeg: I need the money.
Flashback!WildDogs: Grrrrrrr...
Flashback!Rebecca: Aaaahhhhh~~!!
Flashback!OneLeg: Wild dogs...!! Rebecca!!!
Flashback!Rebecca: ......!!

Flashback!OneLeg: Boo!! // Look!! My body is strong!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Waaaaahhhh~~!
Flashback!OneLeg: Soldiers like me~~~♪ are brave~~~♪ // I will always be by your side~~~~♪ // (It must be so cold... Though I can't feel anything with this tin body.)
Flashback!Rebecca: Eheheh! Does that feel warm?
Flashback!OneLeg: Soldiers like me~~~♪ are brave~~~♪ // I will always be by your side~~~~♪ // feels very warm.

Flashback!OneLeg: How much would it cost to rent this house?
Flashback!OldMan: The place is empty, you can use it for free. / Ever since this village was set alight by King Riku's army, there haven't been many people around these parts.
Flashback!Rebecca: It's so warm~~~!♡
Flashback!OneLeg: You should close the window.
Flashback!Rebecca: Nope! // There are lots of other toys around, huh?
Flashback!OneLeg: Many children, as well... / Many eyes to observe us. While we are in this village, we must obey the Toy Laws... // While you are asleep at night, I will go to the House of Toys... / But I promise to return when you wake. // As proof that I will always be by your side... / Each morning, I will drop a single flower petal... / ...through the window of your bedroom.

Flashback!Rebecca: Ahh! // Good morning, Mr Soldier!
Flashback!OneLeg: Good morning!

Flashback!Villains: That girl's an orphan. // No family to go looking for her. // Let's catch her and sell her!
Flashback!OneLeg: Ahh!!! // Haaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! // Rebecca~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Villains: Aaaarghhhhhhhh~~!!! // Blow that damn toy to pieces!!!
Flashback!OneLeg: !!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Mr Soldier~~~~!!
Flashback!OneLeg: I'm very sorry... It looks like I'm a wanted man now...
Flashback!Rebecca: Ahaha! Just like me, then! Let's find another place to stay!

Flashback!Rebecca: I hope one day... // ...we can live in a house together!
Flashback!OneLeg: Let me teach you how to fight!
Flashback!Rebecca: I don't need to fight! I have you!
Flashback!OneLeg: But what if something were to happen to me?!
Flashback!Rebecca: My mother always said I shouldn't hurt people...
Flashback!OneLeg: I must teach you so that you will not be hurt yourself!! // Come at me!!
Flashback!Rebecca: Yahhh!!
Rebecca: .................. // (He always stayed by my side... // Protected me time and time again...) // ..................

Announcer: Here she comes, folks!! // Are you all feeling ready?!! // It's the most beautiful gladiator in the history of our colosseum!!! / The "Phantom Princess"!!! // Has there ever been another gladiator... / ...who has provoked more heated reactions from our crowd?!!
Rebecca: (Don't die, Mr Soldier...!!)
People: Ahhhh...!!
Rebecca: (I can fight, too...)
People: BOOOOOOOOO~~~~~!!! // Drop dead, Rebecca~~~~~!! // Why don't you get chopped to pieces already~~?!!
Rebecca: (I won't lose!!!)
People: Drop dead~~~~!!! // Filthy Riku Royal~~~~!! // Daughter of scum~~~~~!!
Luffy: Ehhhh?! Why do they all hate her so much?! / She's a really nice person!! What a nasty bunch!! // She bought me a tasty lunch!
Prisoners: We know that. // But Rebecca's grandfather is the previous King who earned himself the hatred of this whole country!!!
Luffy: .........
[Insert text: Cruel voices rain down...]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 44.]

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