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Translations: Gintama 515 (2)

One Piece 729

Shichibukai Doflamingo VS Shichibukai Law

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 24, 2013 01:26 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 729: Shichibukai Doflamingo VS Shichibukai Law
Caribou’s Snickerings in the New World
Vol 44: Live A Long Life, Granny!! Gable The Revolutionary Returns to The Realm of Legend

[Insert text: Bellamy approaches Luffy from the shadows!!]
Bellamy: (If I take his life... / ...I can become a big shot in the Family...! // Sorry about this, Straw Hat!)
Dellinger: Ooh~~~! There you are, Bellamy!!
[Box: Donquixote Family / (♦Diamante Army) / Soldier / Dellinger]
Dellinger: Are you done with the assassination? Ohh...still taking your time?
Bellamy: (Dellinger! / What do you want?!)
Dellinger: Mmmm...well, the young master was saying, since you’re sure to screw this up... / And since you’re just an eyesore in general... / ...I should just finish you off right now! / Oopsy! I wasn’t supposed to tell you that!! // Ooh, I’m so sorry!
Bellamy: ...............!! // What did you say......?!!

[Box: Near Dresrosa - atop the Steel Bridge]
Law: !!! // “Scalpel”!! // !!

Law: !!!

Doflamingo: “Tamaito”!!!
[TN: “Bullet-thread”]
Law: Guahh!!! // Unghh... // ...............!! // *pant* // *pant*...
Doflamingo: So...what now, Law......? // Dresrosa is right there...

Diamante: Hey, Dofi!
Doflamingo: !
Law: ..................
Doflamingo: Ah, yes... I’m sorry. // We were in the middle of a discussion, weren’t we?
Diamante: Violet has gone and betrayed us.
Doflamingo: I see... I thought something must have happened, since Black Leg showed up here...
Diamante: As a result, we still don’t know anything about the Straw Hats’ plans.
Doflamingo: Oh, no need to worry about that. / Tell Lao G and the others to guard the entrance to the Smile Factory.
Law: !!
Diamante: You’ve gotta be kidding. / Those guys are about to take part in the final. Who’s going to please the crowd without them?!
Doflamingo: You should be able to take care of that on your own.
Diamante: Ah, c’mon, don’t say that. What do you take me for -

Doflamingo: You’re a genius, aren’t you?
Diamante: If you really insist, I’ll take care of it!!!
Law: ...............!!
Doflamingo: Law... / I’m guessing you’re the distraction... // While you’re distracting me, the Straw Hats... / ...are meant to destroy the factory, yes? // So even if you die...I’ll still be at the mercy of Kaidou. // That’s your scenario, isn’t it? // But you failed to buy as much time as you would have liked...and the Straw Hats still haven’t found their target. / You say you’re only “using” them...... // But this plan requires you to place an awful lot of trust in their abilities. / Why do you have so much faith in the Straw Hats?!
Law: ...*pant*...*pant*... “D will bring a storm once more”......!!! / *pant*
Doflamingo: !!!

Luffy: So what did you want, Zoro~~~~?!!
Zoro: I’ve got a bone to pick with you! If you knew about this tournament... / Why didn’t you invite me to fight too?!!
[Box: Dresrosa - in front of the Corrida Colosseum]
Luffy: Good point. Sorry!
Zoro: While we’ve been rushing all about town, you...!
Kin’emon: Ahem!! That is not what we wanted to say, is it?!!
Marine: (......Zoro...) // Vice Admiral Bastille!! It is as we suspected - that man is the Pirate Hunter!! / It seems likely that the man inside the Colosseum is Straw Hat!
Bastille: “Lucy”... That explains why he was so strong. So he really was in this country...!!

Bastille: But we won’t go after him just yet. / If we cause a ruckus trying to capture that crew... // The villains emerging one after another from that Colosseum... / ...will surely notice our presence.
Marine: The competitors eliminated so far are... / Don Chinjao from C Block...and... // Hmm...? // (...? I don’t recognise any of these names I’ve noted down...) // Ermmm... Let’s see... ......?
Bastille: ? // ...Hmmm?! Who are to...try and capture...?
Kin’emon: ...Is this how it works?
Zoro: What are you doing?
Kin’emon: Sanji-dono instructed us to contact him if we found Luffy-dono...
Zoro: Oh, right... / Yeah... I guess I’d better mention - Luffy, this Colosseum is surrounded by the Marines.
Luffy: Oh, okay.
Kin’emon: Why so casual?!! That was our important message!!

[Box: The waters near Dresrosa]
[BubbleSFX: Brrrrrrng...]
Sanji: It’s from Kin’emon. / Chopper, you connect to Usopp over there.
Chopper: Right!
[BubbleSFX: Ka-chunk!!]
Luffy: Is that Sanji~?! / It’s me~~~~!!
Nami: Luffy!!
[BubbleSFX: Ka-chunk!!]
Usopp: This is Uso~~~~pp!!
Sanji: Right, we should have everyone here except for Law. / Everyone report on the current situation!!
Franky: Auwww!! This is Franky...!! / I’m with Usopp and Robin! // Right now, the three of us... / ...are in the company of the Riku Royal Army, a rebellion force working against Doflamingo!
Sanji: An army?!
Franky: Of dwarfs.
Sanji: Dwarfs?!!

Usopp: This is a special hero meeting!! Don’t listen in!
Leo: As you wish, Usoland!!
Franky: Luffy, you remember we met a weird soldier in front of the Colosseum, right?
Luffy: Yeah!! But what are these dwarfs?!
Franky: Well, it turns out he was a captain in this army!! / They’re planning to take down Doflamingo this very day!!
Luffy: Ohh!! That’s right!! The toy soldier!! / That’s who Rebecca was wanting to stop!! Hey, Franky!! // You have to stop that army!!
Zoro: ?
Franky: Don’t be stupid!!! // What I’m trying to say is the exact opposite!! // Have you spoken to that Rebecca?
Luffy: Yeah, she’s a really nice person too!! / She bought me three lunches even though she doesn’t have any money!!
Sanji: .........
Luffy: But then the moment she went out in the arena... / The crowd were really nasty to her!! They’re so annoying!!!
Franky: I’m with you on that one!!!

Franky: Now, I haven’t forgotten about Tra-dude’s plan. We’re meant to destroy the factory... / ...but leave Doflamingo alive because he’s still useful. // But in that case, what happens to the people trying to take Doflamingo down today? / Is it more convenient for us if Doflamingo wins this battle?
Luffy: .........
Franky: Luffy... No matter what you say, I’m going to take him down!!! // This country may look happy, but there’s a deep, deep darkness lurking beneath!!! // This army of tiny little men... // ...are bravely standing up... // a foul and powerful evil!!

Franky: I can’t stand by and let them die!!!
Sanji: ...Right. Let’s turn back!!
Nami/Chopper/Brook: Ehhhhhh~~~?!! I knew you’d say that!!
Luffy: Franky!!
Usopp: !
Flashback!Rebecca: Mr Soldier’s... // ...going to die...!
Luffy: Go as wild as you like!!! // We’ll be with you soon!!!
Franky: Auwww!!! Thanks, Luffy!!!

[Box: The coast of Dresrosa]
Marines: Isshou-san!! // There’s a big battle happening in the city!!
Fujitora: ......We should hurry.
Zoro: Hm?
Usopp: There’s some kind of huge noise coming from over there!!
Zoro: What the...?! The city is...
Kin’emon: Hmmm??
People: ?!! // Guaaaahhhh~~!!

People: ...............!!
Marines: Vice Admiral Bastille! // That’s...!!
Luffy: What is it?!!
Zoro: Oi...
Kin’emon: Ahh!!
People: Tra-dude!! // Doflamingo!!!
Law: *pant*... // *pant*...
Luffy: Hey!! Tra-dude, why are you fighting Mingo...?!!!
Doflamingo: Little brat... You’re getting a bit too cocky!!

Law: Aaghh!!
People: !!! // !!!
Luffy: ??!!
Law: (Cora-san...!!)
Luffy: Tra-dude~~~~~~!!!
[Insert text: Deadly bullets pierce their target...!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Issue 2 of the new year.]

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