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Translations: Bleach 600 by BadKarma

Bleach 592

Marching Out the Zombies 3

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 15, 2014 17:50 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Gigi’s next “puppet” is…]
Yumichika: It can’t be……
Ikkaku: That’s………!
[Bleach 592]

Ikkaku: Captain Hitsugaya……!!!
[Marching Out the Zombies 3]
[Insert text: Those empty eyes…]

Ikkaku: …I’d been wondering why his reiatsu had practically vanished, but…
Yumichika: This is terrible…! // ! // Bakudou……
Ikkaku: You idiot! // You think simple Kidou will be enough to stop him?!

[no text just ice]

Yumichika: Urgh… // *cough* / *cough* // That’s Ikkaku for you…always pushing himself over the limit… // ! // Ikkaku!
Ikkaku: Dammit… / Corpse or no corpse, he’s still the Tenth Division Captain all right… // I’m lucky a single leg was all I lost…

Yumichika: !!
Ikkaku: Damn… / …it all… // Ungh!

Yumichika: ……………… // …How dare you…!! // Ruriiro…

[no text just slaughter]

Mayuri: I see… / I see… // Though his body is dead, his combat abilities seem unchanged from before.

Mayuri: Although… // Considering the zombie girl over there seems to have free will, while you have none… // Perhaps you were turned into a zombie… / …before you died?
Giselle: You got it~~~~~~~! // Turning people into zombies without killing them first… / …means the cells are fresher, giving them more agility… / …and their personality vanishes completely, so I can control them however I like! So many advantages~~!
Mayuri: I see. // How very comical.
Giselle: ?

Mayuri: Where is the fun in controlling… // …someone with no will of their own, might I ask?
Giselle: I’m not a sadist like you, so I’m not sure how to answer that one…

Charlotte: So with that zombie girl defeated, our next target is this boy, hmm…? // Not bad… // You are quite beautiful… // I’m so glad I get… // …to be your enemy!
Mayuri: You fool. Fall back!

Charlotte: Wha……?!

Mayuri: Utter idiocy… // Can you not at least tell when an opponent’s strength far exceeds your own…? // As punishment…
Charlotte: Haahhh… // Haahhh… / Shit… // Haahhh… / That bastard…
Mayuri: I’ll leave you lying there half-dead for a while. // …Now then. // Captain Hitsugaya.

Mayuri: I’m afraid I really… / …can’t have you slaughtering my experimental subjects. // Ah, but of course. / There’s no point trying to talk to you. // Oh well. / So be it. // As an upstanding gentleman whose body is covered in decency instead of skin… // …it would go against my beliefs to put another person through an ordeal without their permission. // Captain Hitsugaya.

Mayuri: I have a few… // …new medicines I would like to test on you. / I trust you have no objections now, yes? // Don’t worry… / There’s no need to be afraid. / This is all… // …for the sake of Seireitei.
[Insert text: A twisted experiment begins?!]

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